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(Kannada is the official language of Karnataka... so it becomes important to add a translated name.)
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{{short description|State government agency}}
{{short description|State government agency}}
{{Infobox government agency
{{Infobox government agency
| name = Karnataka Public Service Commission<br/>
| name = Karnataka Public Service Commission<br/>ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ‍‍ ಲೋಕ ಸೇವಾ ಆಯೋಗ
| native_name =
| native_name =
| native_name_a = KPSC
| native_name_a = KPSC

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Karnataka Public Service Commission
ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ‍‍ ಲೋಕ ಸೇವಾ ಆಯೋಗ
Commission overview
Formed18 May 1951; 68 years ago (1951-05-18)
HeadquartersUdyog Souda, Ambedkar Veedhi, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Commission executive
  • Shadakshari Swamy, (Chairman)
    G.R.J.Divya Prabhu(Controller examination)
    Raghunandan Ramanna(Member)
    Gyanendra Kumar (Member)
    Lakshmi Narasaiah(Member)
Parent departmentUnion Public Service Commission

Karnataka Public Service Commission,[1] chiefly known as KPSC is a government agency of Karnataka state, aimed to make recruitments to various civil services through competitive and departmental examinations in its jurisdiction under the area of 191,791 km2 (74,051 sq mi).[2]


Karnataka state was initially serving without having any recruitment agency. But in 16 May 1921, the government laid the foundation of Central Recruitment Board. It was headed by a commissioner secretary in 19 January 1940 when the country was under British rule. After 5 years of the independence, the Public Service Commission was constituted on 18 May 1951 under the provisions of the Constitution of India and Public Service Commission Regulations 1950. At the time of its initial formation, the commission served under 13 Chairmen and 64 members.[3]

Duties and functions

The commission perform its duties and functions in accordance with the Article-320 and Government of India act 1935.[4] In case, the commission lack recruitment transparency or perform its duties arbitrarily, it is responsible to follow the judicial proceedings in order to determine and enforce legal rights.[5][6]

  1. To conduct examinations including civil and departmental for appointments in the state.
  2. To advise the state government on all matters relating to the methods of recruitment.
  3. To make appointments to civil services and promotions.
  4. To advise the state government in transferring the officers from one service to another.
  5. To grant pensions and awards in respect of injuries sustained by a person while serving under the Government in a civil capacity.
  6. To consult the Union Public Service Commission in framing the rules and recruitment procedures.[7][8]

Commission profile

The KPS Commission is headed by a Chairman, Secretary and other members for their specific roles.[9]

Name Designation
Shadakshari Swamy Chairman
Sathyavathi Secretary
G.R.J.Divya Prabhu Controller examination
Raghunandan Ramanna Member
Lakshmi Narasaiah Member
Dr. Chandrakant D.Shivakeri Member
S.H. Duggappa Member
Dr. H Ravikumar Member
Dr. R Lakshmi Narayana Member
Shrikanthrao Member
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