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Colored triangles with EOB and Earth in opposite bottom corners
Studio album by
Released17 April 2020 (2020-04-17)
GenreAlternative rock
ProducerFlood, Catherine Marks
Singles from Earth
  1. "Brasil"
    Released: 5 December 2019
  2. "Shangri-La"
    Released: 6 February 2020

Earth is the debut solo album by English musician Ed O'Brien, released under the name EOB. O'Brien is best known as one of the guitarists of alternative rock band Radiohead. The album was produced by Flood and Catherine Marks and features musicians including drummer Omar Hakim, Invisible members Nathan East and Dave Okumu, folk singer Laura Marling, Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley, Wilco drummer Glenn Kotche and Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood.[1] It will be released worldwide by Capitol Records on 17 April 2020.[2]

Writing and recording

O'Brien had been writing music for years, especially around the time of Radiohead's 1997 album OK Computer, but had never written lyrics. He said: "I was a bit like a dog at the Battersea dog’s home – I had no self-confidence, I was slightly beaten up."[3] O'Brien wrote "Banksters" in 2009 in response to the 2007-2008 financial crisis.[3]

In 2012, O'Brien and his family moved to Brazil, living for a year on a farm near Ubatuba. O'Brien initially planned to create electronic music using Ableton Live, inspired by dubstep and electronic musician Burial, but found it "didn't resonate with me in Brazil". Instead, he was inspired by the Primal Scream album Screamadelica (1991): "I put [it] on for the first time in years and I had a fucking eureka moment ... It was rave, and it was connectedness, it was hope, it was powerful."[3] He described attending Carnival as another "eureka moment",[4] and said the album was inspired by "the spirit and being in Brazil, [of] open-heartedness, rhythm, colour".[3]

O'Brien initially planned to have someone else sing the songs, and considered asking his Radiohead bandmate Thom Yorke. He decided to sing them himself after he was pleased with his demo recordings.[3] Recording for Earth began in late 2017 and ended in early 2019.[3] Work took place in the Cambrian Mountains in Wales and Flood's Assault & Battery studios in London.[3]

O'Brien wanted to call the album Pale Blue Dot, in reference to the space photograph, but was prevented by copyright problems. He chose Earth as it was "direct" and he did not want anything ironic, obtuse or mysterious.[3]

Promotion and release

Throughout 2017 and 2018, O'Brien teased a solo album he had been recording.[5] In September of 019, O'Brien launched several social media accounts teasing the release of new music under the moniker EOB. Shortly following this, O'Brien released the non-album ambient track "Santa Teresa" on 4 October 2019.[6]

The first single from the album, "Brasil", was released on 5 December 2019, with a video directed by Andrew Donoho. Donoho's video treatment shows humanity's response to an alien force that brings about a greater sense of collective cohesion and understanding as a species.[7] Donoho said, "Ed and I both shared a love of space and the abstract concepts surrounding time, so I started building a narrative around transcending the physical barriers of our bodies and the temporal barriers of linear experience."[8] The single was released on a limited 12" vinyl containing "Santa Teresa" as a b-side and the second single "Shangri-La" as a hidden track.[9] "Shangri-La", was released on 6 February, alongside the announcement of the album's title, release date, and tracklist.[10]

O'Brien began a North American tour in February 2020, premiering songs from the album at four dates in Toronto, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.[11] A more expansive tour, with performances at larger venues and music festivals worldwide, is planned for mid-2020.

Track listing

All tracks are written by Ed O'Brien.

3."Deep Days"4:59
4."Long Time Coming"2:50
7."Sail On"3:27
9."Cloak of the Night"2:33
Total length:45:59


Additional musicians


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