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{{nat fs start}}
{{nat fs start}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Aung Aung Oo]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=1|pos=GK|name=[[Aung Aung Oo]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1982|6|8|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Min Thu]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=2|pos=DF|name=[[Min Thu]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1979|7|27|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Soe Myat Min]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=3|pos=FW|name=[[Soe Myat Min]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1982|7|19|df=y}}|caps=|club=[[Finance and Revenue FC]]|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Soe Naing]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=4|pos=DF|name=[[Soe Naing]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Thet Naing Soe]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=5|pos=DF|name=[[Thet Naing Soe]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1982|7|4|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Tin Myint Aung]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=6|pos=MF|name=[[Tin Myint Aung]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1967|3|25|df=y}}|caps=|club=[[Finance and Revenue FC]]|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Zaw Htike]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=7|pos=FW|name=[[Zaw Htike]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1983|7|28|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Lwin Oo]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=8|pos=MF|name=[[Lwin Oo]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1983|3|8|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=FW|name=[[Myo Hlaing Win]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=9|pos=FW|name=[[Myo Hlaing Win]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1973|5|24|df=y}}|caps=|club=[[Finance and Revenue FC]]|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Win Htaik]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=10|pos=FW|name=[[Win Htike]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1982|1|1|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Aung Kyaw Moe]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=11|pos=MF|name=[[Aung Kyaw Moe]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1982|7|2|df=y}}|caps=|club=[[Finance and Revenue FC]]|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Min Min Aung]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=12|pos=DF|name=[[Min Min Aung]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1977|1|8|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Min Zaw Oo]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=13|pos=|name=[[Min Zaw Oo]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1976|11|12|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Zaw Lin Tun]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=14|pos=DF|name=[[Zaw Lin Tun]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1982|10|20|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Aung Kyaw Myint]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=15|pos=FW|name=[[Aung Kyaw Myint]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Nay Thu Hlaing]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=16|pos=MF|name=[[Nay Thu Hlaing]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1982|12|1|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Aung Soe Moe]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=17|pos=|name=[[Aung Soe Moe]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Zaw Myo Latt]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=18|pos=GK|name=[[Zaw Myo Latt]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1979|7|3|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Maung Maung Gyi]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=19|pos=|name=[[Maung Gyi (footballer)|Maung Gyi]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Win Min Oo]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=20|pos=|name=[[Win Min Oo]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Aung Khaing]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=21|pos=FW|name=[[Aung Khine]]|age={{birth date and age2|1999|7|30|1973|8|28|df=y}}|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=|pos=|name=[[Kyaw Kyaw Tun]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs player|no=22|pos=|name=[[Kyaw Kyaw Tun]]|age=|caps=|club=|clubnat=Myanmar|natvar=1974}}
{{nat fs end}}
{{nat fs end}}

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Below are the squads for the Football at the 1999 Southeast Asian Games, hosted by Philippine, which took place between 1 and 14 December 1999.

Group A


Coach: Songphu Phongsa

No. Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Club
1 1GK Valiya Sychanthongthip Laos
2 2DF Khamsay Chanthavong (1972-03-28)28 March 1972 (aged 27) Laos
3 2DF Sonephet Phetsalath Laos
4 2DF Phoukham Phetnantho Laos
5 3MF Chalana Louang-amath (1972-05-10)10 May 1972 (aged 27) Laos
6 2DF Ananh Thepsouvanh (1981-10-21)21 October 1981 (aged 17) Laos
7 3MF Saysamone Phothilad Laos
8 2DF Bounmy Thamavongsa (1971-12-22)22 December 1971 (aged 27) Laos
9 4FW Bounlap Khenkitisack (1966-06-18)18 June 1966 (aged 33) Laos
10 3MF Sisath Singsavanh Laos
11 3MF Sithiphong Sayamounkhoun Laos
12 2DF Phou Vong Samounty Laos
13 4FW Keolakhone Chinniphone (1970-01-10)10 January 1970 (aged 29) Laos
14 2DF Vilayphone Xayavong (1973-09-04)4 September 1973 (aged 25) Laos
15 3MF Kholadeth Phonephachanh (1980-10-20)20 October 1980 (aged 18) Laos
16 4FW Soubinh Keophet (1981-01-20)20 January 1981 (aged 18) Laos
17 4FW Sa Vat Mixay Souk Laos
18 1GK Somsack Douangdala Laos



No. Pos. Player Date of birth (age) Caps Club
1 1GK Aung Aung Oo (1982-06-08)8 June 1982 (aged 17) Myanmar
2 2DF Min Thu (1979-07-27)27 July 1979 (aged 20) Myanmar
3 4FW Soe Myat Min (1982-07-19)19 July 1982 (aged 17) Myanmar Finance and Revenue FC
4 2DF Soe Naing Myanmar
5 2DF Thet Naing Soe (1982-07-04)4 July 1982 (aged 17) Myanmar
6 3MF Tin Myint Aung (1967-03-25)25 March 1967 (aged 32) Myanmar Finance and Revenue FC
7 4FW Zaw Htike (1983-07-28)28 July 1983 (aged 16) Myanmar
8 3MF Lwin Oo (1983-03-08)8 March 1983 (aged 16) Myanmar
9 4FW Myo Hlaing Win (1973-05-24)24 May 1973 (aged 26) Myanmar Finance and Revenue FC
10 4FW Win Htike (1982-01-01)1 January 1982 (aged 17) Myanmar
11 3MF Aung Kyaw Moe (1982-07-02)2 July 1982 (aged 17) Myanmar Finance and Revenue FC
12 2DF Min Min Aung (1977-01-08)8 January 1977 (aged 22) Myanmar
13 Min Zaw Oo (1976-11-12)12 November 1976 (aged 22) Myanmar
14 2DF Zaw Lin Tun (1982-10-20)20 October 1982 (aged 16) Myanmar
15 4FW Aung Kyaw Myint Myanmar
16 3MF Nay Thu Hlaing (1982-12-01)1 December 1982 (aged 16) Myanmar
17 Aung Soe Moe Myanmar
18 1GK Zaw Myo Latt (1979-07-03)3 July 1979 (aged 20) Myanmar
19 Maung Gyi Myanmar
20 Win Min Oo Myanmar
21 4FW Aung Khine (1973-08-28)28 August 1973 (aged 25) Myanmar
22 Kyaw Kyaw Tun Myanmar









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