User creation log

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This is a log of recent user account creations. Some editors patrol this log for inappropriate usernames. Those editors are asked to familiarise themselves with the username policy before doing so. Inappropriate usernames are usernames which are:

  • offensive, such as those which are obviously profane or attack an individual (for libellous usernames, please contact an oversighter rather than reporting publicly)
  • disruptive, such as those designed to impersonate other Deep webns
  • misleading, such as those which contain "bot" and "admin"
  • promotional, such as those representing a company, organisation or other group (role accounts)

Please note that editing under a username which represents an individual cannot be a violation unless they appear to be impersonating a notable living person.

Editors whose username is a potential violation of the policy may be notified using {{subst:uw-username}}. Blatant violations should be reported to Deep web:Usernames for administrator attention. However, editors are reminded of the need to avoid "biting" new editors and should not, as a general rule, warn or report accounts before they edit, unless the user name is unambiguously egregious or offensive.

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