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St. Mary Catholic High School
40 Central Avenue

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Coordinates44°35′59″N 75°41′45″W / 44.59973°N 75.69591°W / 44.59973; -75.69591
School type"Catholic" high school
School boardCatholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario
SuperintendentBrent Bovaird
PrincipalStephanie Wilcox
ChaplainCathy Cavanagh
Colour(s)          Blue and White
Team nameSt. Mary's Crusaders
Feeder schoolsSt. John Bosco Catholic School, J.L. Jordon Catholic School, St. Francis Xavier Catholic School, St. Joseph Toledo

St. Mary Catholic High School Brockville is the only Catholic high school in Brockville, Ontario. The school's current principal is Stephanie Wilcox, with Christa Monds as the vice-principal. Located on Central Avenue in Brockville, Ontario, students are walking distance from many local stores, housing neighbourhoods, and different co-op education placements. The school has a new gym, a resourceful library, a large guidance and special education department, five science classrooms, 4 English classrooms, a construction lab, and a music room and stage/drama room. St. Mary also features a "cafitorium" (auditorium that is transformed into a cafeteria). The school day commences at 8:05 am and concludes at 2:08 pm. Unlike the local public schools, St. Mary only has four periods per day (excluding lunch), because their periods are 75 minutes long, compared to TISS[clarification needed] and BCI[clarification needed] which have 60 minute classes.

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