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Til Ezer

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Til Ezer

Til Êzêr

Til Ezer is located in Iraq
Til Ezer
Til Ezer
Location in Iraq
Coordinates: 36°12′7″N 41°41′13″E / 36.20194°N 41.68694°E / 36.20194; 41.68694Coordinates: 36°12′7″N 41°41′13″E / 36.20194°N 41.68694°E / 36.20194; 41.68694
Country Iraq
DistrictSinjar District
 (July 2014[1])
 • Total28,000

Til Ezer (Kurmanji: Til Êzêr, Arabic: القحطانية‎, also known in Arabic as al-Qaḥṭānīya or Qahtaniyah, also spelled Giruzer, Kar Izir, Kahtaniya) is a Yazidi village located in the Sinjar District of the Ninawa Governorate in northern Iraq. The village is located south of the Sinjar Mount. It belongs to the disputed territories of Northern Iraq. It was one of two villages targeted in the 2007 Yazidi communities bombings against the local Yazidi community.[2][3][4][5]

Til Ezer has exclusively Yazidi population.[1]

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