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<nowiki>~~~ te to Allho Akbar mosque,was </nowiki></br>
<nowiki>~~~ te to Allho Akbar mosque,was </nowiki></br>
'''mosque,was''' <nowiki>built by [[Miangul Abdul Wadud(Badshah Sahib)|Miangul Abdul Wadud]] (Wali of Swat) 1927. The building consisted of an OPD, and one Medical Officer l ~~~</nowiki>
'''mosque,was''' <nowiki>built by [[Miangul Abdul Wadud(Badshah Sahib)|Miangul Abdul Wadud]] (Wali of Swat) 1927. The building consisted of an OPD, and one Medical Officer l ~~~</nowiki>
== [[Nkanya Nkwai]] ==
Nkanya,was-><!--Nkanya, was-->Nkanya, was? context:
<nowiki>~~~ Nkanya,was </nowiki></br>
'''Nkanya,was''' <nowiki>born in Dumbo-Berabe, Donga Mantung Division in [[Cameroon]] into a [[Polygamy|polygamous]] family. He went to Presbyterian primary School (PS) Dumb ~~~</nowiki>
== [[Lab quarters]] ==
== [[Lab quarters]] ==
Prasad,wasankar,Neelang-><!--Prasad, wasankar,Neelang-->Prasad, wasankar,Neelang? context:
Prasad,wasankar,Neelang-><!--Prasad, wasankar,Neelang-->Prasad, wasankar,Neelang? context:

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Forbes Marshall

children,training->children, training? context: ~~~ privileged children,training
children,training for women's' groups and meetings.<ref>{{Cite web|url= ~~~

École nationale des sciences appliquées de Tanger

establishment,training->establishment, training? context: ~~~ ublic establishment,training
establishment,training state engineers with general specializations in : telecommunication systems & networks, Computer Engineering, Electronic Systems Engineering and C ~~~

Comptroller and Auditor General of India

professionalism,training->professionalism, training? context: ~~~ its professionalism,training
professionalism,training & infrastructure by its US counterpart<ref>{{}}</ref>= ~~~


Butler,trans->Butler, trans? context: ~~~ Mankind. A. J. Butler,trans.
Butler,trans. London: Macmillan.[[Category:Anthropology]]</text> <sha1>8wonhrcffkysgpz1oitp2rzmmmsvxih</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> <title>Wikipe ~~~

Budapest School

démocratie,trans->démocratie, trans? context: ~~~ arxisme et démocratie,trans.
démocratie,trans. Anna Libera. Paris: Maspero, 1981.# Lukács, George. "The Development of the Budapest School," The Times Literary Supplement, No. 3615 (Jun ~~~

Human epigenome

Indeed,trans->Indeed, trans? context: ~~~ ly deleterious. Indeed,trans-
Indeed,trans-acting factors are expected to be caused by mutations in chromatin control genes or other highly pleiotropic regulators. If trans-acting variants do e ~~~


trans,trans->trans, trans? context: ~~~ his enzyme are [[trans,trans-
trans,trans-farnesyl diphosphate]] and [[isopentenyl diphosphate]], whereas its two [[product (chemistry)|products]] are [[diphosphate]] and [[geranylgeranyl diph ~~~


trans,trans->trans, trans? context: ~~~ diphosphate + trans,trans-
trans,trans-farnesyl diphosphateThus, the two [[substrate (biochemistry)|substrates]] of this enzyme are [[geranyl diphosphate]] (a 10 carbon precursor) and [[iso ~~~


trans,trans->trans, trans? context: ~~~ hosphate]] and [[trans,trans-
trans,trans-farnesyl diphosphate]] (a 15 carbon product).<ref name="F. Lynen">{{cite journal | date = 1959 | title = Zur Biosynthese der Terpene. ~~~

Trichodiene synthase

trans,trans->trans, trans? context: ~~~ )|substrate]], [[trans,trans-
trans,trans-farnesyl diphosphate]], and two [[product (chemistry)|products]], [[trichodiene]] and [[diphosphate]].This enzyme belongs to the family of [[lyase]]s, ~~~

Vetispiradiene synthase

trans,trans->trans, trans? context: ~~~ )|substrate]], [[trans,trans-
trans,trans-farnesyl diphosphate]], and two [[product (chemistry)|products]], [[vetispiradiene]] and [[diphosphate]].This enzyme belongs to the family of [[lyase] ~~~

Fedot Sychkov

tones,transfers->tones, transfers? context: ~~~ een and blue tones,transfers
tones,transfers a hot haze of the southern air in which as if outlines of monuments of an antiquity melt.However at doubtless art advantages of these landscapes, the ~~~

Cheeta-eh, Ganda Lalake?

it,transforming->it, transforming? context: ~~~ s to swallow it,transforming
it,transforming him into Cheetae Ganda Lalake in Amazon costume. As the Amazon's rivals try to find the last of their enemies,they ~~~

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe

one,transforming->one, transforming? context: ~~~ te the real one,transforming
one,transforming her into Copycat.With enough power, Inday, Jay and Copycat duels with Ingrid and her demonic minions. Defeating her and driving her to die in the alta ~~~

Dharmasena Pathiraja

paramo,translation->paramo, translation? context: ~~~ * Pedro paramo,translation
paramo,translation of a novel, 2012==References=={{Reflist|2}}==External links==*[ Sri Lanka Sinhala Films Database - Dharma ~~~

Subodh Sarkar

editor,translator->editor, translator? context: ~~~ gali poet, editor,translator
editor,translator and Associate Professor in English at City College, Calcutta University. His first book of poems was published in the late 70s and now he has 29 books ~~~


Historian,translator->Historian, translator? context: ~~~ umarn - Historian,translator.
Historian,translator.*Moorkoth Ramunni - First malayalee fighter pilot==Access==* Road :Kanyakumari-Mumbai NH 66 (previously NH 17) passes through Dharmadam. Dharmadam is ~~~

Požega, Croatia

poet,translator->poet, translator? context: ~~~ (1902-1980), poet,translator
poet,translator *[[Boris Ćiro Gašparac]] (born 1945), musician==International relations=={{Refimprove|date=October 2015}}Požega is [[Twin towns and sister cities|t ~~~

Operation Sassoon

authority,transport->authority, transport? context: ~~~ f local authority,transport
authority,transport and police representatives led by a senior MPS officer working closely with colleagues in the South East and East of England Regions. The first versio ~~~

Love on Line (LOL)

Samson,trapped->Samson, trapped? context: ~~~ 's body,while Samson,trapped
Samson,trapped in Tot's body could do nothing but curse him.Until one day,Samson tried to explain what happened,when ~~~

Danny Boome

art,traveling,->art, traveling,? context: ~~~ zing, movies, art,traveling,
art,traveling, skiing and Ice Hockey.On February 17, 2009, Boome appeared on ''Live! with Regis and Kelly'' as the bachelor featured in their "Dating with the S ~~~

Timeline of Guntur

Family,travelled->Family, travelled? context: ~~~ only Indian Family,travelled
Family,travelled in the [[RMS Titanic|Titanic]] on the way to United States and survived from the sinking accident.<ref>[ ~~~

Ghilamara Town HS School

biography,travelogue,->biography, travelogue,? context: ~~~ novel, biography,travelogue,
biography,travelogue, essays etc.==Hostel==A hostel is under construction.==Internet==It is perhaps the first government school in Assam to go online with a [http://gthss.o ~~~


plants,trees,->plants, trees,? context: ~~~ or research of plants,trees,
plants,trees,& crops.[[Category:Cities and towns in Satna district]]</text> <sha1>f5rdb1n96rg26fzyxeuh8tdksg2ewf1</sha1> </revision> </page> <page> ~~~

Gurbaksh Singh

thought,trends->thought, trends? context: ~~~ ns of western thought,trends
thought,trends as well as sought to reinvent indigenous institutions in the same,i.e., modern light.The family members of Gurbakhsh Singh supported his efforts and ~~~

Mexican mask-folk art

ranches,tribes->ranches, tribes? context: ~~~ part parts on ranches,tribes
ranches,tribes and neighborhoods to large town and city comicons for the major events of the Catholic calendar such as Christmas, Carnival, Holy Week, [[Feast of the ~~~


kattumavidi,Trichy,pattukottai,->kattumavidi,Trichy, pattukottai,? context: ~~~ tumavidi,Trichy,pattukottai,
kattumavidi,Trichy,pattukottai, Thanjavur .==References=={{Reflist}}{{Thanjavur district}}[[Category:Cities and towns in Thanjavur district]]{{Thanjavur-geo-stub}}</text> <sha1> ~~~

Plain Tribals Council of Assam

demand,tried->demand, tried? context: ~~~ ive to the PTCA demand,tried
demand,tried to defuse by lingering and taking time.In the mean time the [[All Bodo Students Union]] was emerging with a political aspiration to move for [[Bodolan ~~~


him,tried->him, tried? context: ~~~ a difference from him,tried
him,tried to take time on it over.Now after coming back Rumki and Jion got a hot discussion about Srimoti, like a typical house wife she wanted to protect her h ~~~

Roger Ekins

Thyroxine,Triiodothyronne,free->Thyroxine,Triiodothyronne, free? context: ~~~ yroxine,Triiodothyronne,free
Thyroxine,Triiodothyronne,free thyroxine,and ~~~

Tecno Mobile

screen,triple->screen, triple? context: ~~~ had a 6.6 inch screen,triple
screen,triple cameras,2gb ram== References =={{Reflist}}==External links==*{{official website | }}{{Electronics industry in China}}{{Ma ~~~

Walco Bead Co.

coasters,trivets->coasters, trivets? context: ~~~ ord to make coasters,trivets
coasters,trivets and baskets.==1950s Bead Embroidery Kits==* No. 132 uses Crystal Leaf Jewels, Simulated Gold (or White) Round Pearls, Silver Beads and Silver Bugles ~~~


temle,trivini->temle, trivini? context: ~~~ emple,baldauji temle,trivini
temle,trivini river and many other temple.[[File:Vindyvashni with columns.jpg|thumb]]===Thubonji Sidhdha Kshetra===In Thubonji Sidhdha Kshetra, there are a group of ~~~

Jet ski fishing

boards,trolling->boards, trolling? context: ~~~ a tubes,bait boards,trolling
boards,trolling rod holders,storage ~~~


bass,trombone->bass, trombone? context: ~~~ bass, electric bass,trombone
bass,trombone * Paolo Tofani – guitar, synthesizer, flute* Piero Bravin – engineering* Ambrogio Ferrario – engineering== References =={{reflist}}{{Area (band) ~~~

Lars-Erik Larsson

trumpets,trombones,->trumpets, trombones,? context: ~~~ nis, for trumpets,trombones,
trumpets,trombones, doublechoir,boys ~~~


Muhajir,troops->Muhajir, troops? context: ~~~ th 70, mostly Muhajir,troops.
Muhajir,troops.<ref name="Mubarakpuri, The Sealed Nectar p. 127"/> It is said that twelve months after moving to Medina, Muhammad himself led a carav ~~~

USS General William Weigel (AP-119)

up,troops->up, troops? context: ~~~ iers were all tied up,troops
up,troops did not disembark until 11pm the next day. Once there, the troops disembarked the ''Weigel'' and they went to [[Phù Cát Air Base]] and flew on C-130 ~~~

Baku Slavic University

cups,trophies->cups, trophies? context: ~~~ honoured with cups,trophies
cups,trophies and medals in recognition of their sport skills.BSU students’ teams on football, basketball and volleyball took active part and have won cups and me ~~~

Iraq at the 1948 Summer Olympics

shirt,trousers->shirt, trousers? context: ~~~ e and a white shirt,trousers
shirt,trousers and shoes. [No source]==Athletics=={{main article|Athletics at the 1948 Summer Olympics}}Iraq sent 2 athletes in their inaugural appearance in Olympic ~~~

Harold Rhodes (inventor)

instrument,true->instrument, true? context: ~~~ hodes analog instrument,true
instrument,true to the classic design but with improvements such as weight reduction,pre ~~~

Crna Glava

Serbia,true->Serbia, true? context: ~~~ pirit of life in Serbia,true
Serbia,true the centuries, not much is changed from old days to present time.In [[village]] today live this families:Trifunović,Vukosavljević,Josijević,Matić, ~~~

David F. D'Alessandro

Commerce,trustee->Commerce, trustee? context: ~~~ Chamber of Commerce,trustee
Commerce,trustee of Syracuse University, trustee of Brigham Women's Hospital, trustee of Partners Healthcare Network, board member Red Aurebach Foundation and a number ~~~

Consumer Bill of Rights

complete,truthful->complete, truthful? context: ~~~ always be complete,truthful
complete,truthful and also appropriate. Aiming to achieve protection against misleading information in the areas of financing, advertising, labeling, and packaging, the ~~~

St George's School in Switzerland

improvement,trying,->improvement, trying,? context: ~~~ al work, improvement,trying,
improvement,trying, kindness, helpfulness etc. Each House Point is coloured in on the child’s House Point Sheet and when 15 have been reached the child receives a ‘Dr ~~~

Arson, Inc.

warehouse,trying->warehouse, trying? context: ~~~ fire to the warehouse,trying
warehouse,trying to trap Joe and Jane inside. Fire trucks get the alarm and comes to the warehouse, and Fender crashes his car on the way, driving too fast. With the h ~~~

Goncha Siso Enese

,Tsiwa,Chiye,and->,Tsiwa,Chiye, and? context: ~~~ ina ,Azuari ,Tsiwa,Chiye,and
,Tsiwa,Chiye,and Tigdar,are ~~~


Paddy,tuber->Paddy, tuber? context: ~~~ Paddy,tuber
Paddy,tuber crops and coconut, has given way to monocultivation of natural rubber, making it perhaps the most visible feature of the flora of the village. The ste ~~~


outlets,tuckshops->outlets, tuckshops? context: ~~~ fast-food outlets,tuckshops
outlets,tuckshops and other small business ventures.===Effects of economic decline===The Mabvuku-Tafara towns have been seriously affected by the decline of the economy ~~~

Sheep–goat chimera

fleece,tufts->fleece, tufts? context: ~~~ areas of their fleece,tufts
fleece,tufts of goat wool (angora type) grew intermingled with ordinary sheep wool, even though the goat breed used in the experiments did not exhibit any wool wha ~~~

Botorrita plaque

licere,tum->licere, tum? context: ~~~ ibus rivom facere licere,tum
licere,tum quos magistratus Contrebiensis quinque:13. ex senatu suo dederit eorum arbitratu pro agro preivato q[u]a rivos ducetur Salluienses:14. publice pequnia ~~~


temple,tuppadamadu->temple, tuppadamadu? context: ~~~ ara swamy temple,tuppadamadu
temple,tuppadamadu ==Demographics=={{As of|2011}} India [[census]],<ref>{{cite web|url=|archiveurl ~~~

Bangladeshi cuisine

ginger,turmeric,->ginger, turmeric,? context: ~~~ lic, onion, ginger,turmeric,
ginger,turmeric, ghee, sumac, coriander, cumin, drybay leaves, chili pepper, and chili powder.The pãch poron is a general purpose spice mixture composed of fennel see ~~~

Pazham pori

salt,turmeric->salt, turmeric? context: ~~~ purpose flour, salt,turmeric
salt,turmeric powder and sugar. This is then deep fried in oil until golden brown.<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=Paz ~~~

Santa María de Ostuma

Sandinistas,turned->Sandinistas, turned? context: ~~~ ed by the Sandinistas,turned
Sandinistas,turned it over only reluctantly, there were incursions by machete-armed men, and vandalism had ruined the property.<ref>{{cite news |first=Roberto |las ~~~

Concio (Venice)

assembly,turning->assembly, turning? context: ~~~ change the assembly,turning
assembly,turning the [[monarchy]] from being an [[Elective Monarchy|elective]] into a [[hereditary]] arrangement. One strategy chosen was to circumvent the electoral p ~~~

Kent Fine Art

Stout,tuttle,->Stout, tuttle,? context: ~~~ *Metaphor: Stout,tuttle,
Stout,tuttle, Wentworth, Knowlton Curated By Susan Harris (1987)*[[Muntadas]]: Eleven (2012)*Of Absence And Presence Curated By D. K. Walla (1987)*[[Meret Oppenheim ~~~

Institution Saint-Louis de Gonzague

eleventh,twelfth->eleventh, twelfth? context: ~~~ opped). The eleventh,twelfth
eleventh,twelfth and thirteenth (Seconde,Rhéto, Philo) generally have three classes (yellow is dropped). Students are required to choose a section (B,C or D) when the ~~~

St. Francis Regional Medical Center (Minnesota)

procedures,twelve->procedures, twelve? context: ~~~ itions and procedures,twelve
procedures,twelve patient safety indicators and the percentage of patients giving the hospital a 9 or 10 (the two highest possible ratings).For inpatient conditions and ~~~

Triumph Thunderbird 900

filter,twin->filter, twin? context: ~~~ eese grater' air filter,twin
filter,twin disc front brakes and fully adjustable sports suspension, added to this were the twin silencers on the one side. Its styling was intended to recall th ~~~

Lola B2K/40

Archangel,two->Archangel, two? context: ~~~ ionship winner Archangel,two
Archangel,two for Porschehaus, and one for Rand Racing. In Europe, SportsRacing Team Sweden would take four class victories and also take the SR2 championship. Un ~~~


bank,two->bank, two? context: ~~~ y and Bank,one HDFC bank,two
bank,two main gurudwara's,one mosque and one suvidha kendra.==Gallery==<gallery>File:Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib.jpg|Gurudwara Dukh Niwaran Sahib, Harya ~~~

Tungipara Upazila

building,two->building, two? context: ~~~ ore) two stored building,two
building,two hospitals and a highway.It has a Government University College named Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman University college. It also has a Government high School n ~~~

Barisal Engineering College

buildings,two->buildings, two? context: ~~~ hers dormitory buildings,two
buildings,two sttaf dormitory buildings & principal house . There are also power station, a pond and a playground.<ref>{{cite news |title=Name of Enginee ~~~

Barisal Engineering College

cafeteria,two->cafeteria, two? context: ~~~ or students, a cafeteria,two
cafeteria,two teachers dormitory buildings,two ~~~

SSVM Institutions

captain,two->captain, two? context: ~~~ ains, one sports captain,two
captain,two vice house captains.==See also==* [[International Community School and Junior College]]== References =={{Reflist}}{{coord missing|Tamil Nadu}}[[Catego ~~~


Chakra,two->Chakra, two? context: ~~~ hakra,six Shaurya Chakra,two
Chakra,two Yudh Seva Medals, twelve Sena Medals, one Bar to Sena Medal, two Vishishtha Seva Medals, ten Mention-in-Despatches, one Bar to Mention-in Despatches a ~~~

Hosne Ara Wahid

children,two->children, two? context: ~~~ They have four children,two
children,two boys, two girls.== References =={{Reflist}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Wahid, Hosne Ara}}[[Category:1955 births]][[Category:Living people]][[Category:Women members ~~~

Maurice Batho, 2nd Baronet

children,two->children, two? context: ~~~ they had four children,two
children,two sons and two daughters. During [[World War II]] he served with the [[King's Royal Rifle Corps]]== Notes =={{Reflist|2}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Batho, Maurice Be ~~~


colleges,two->colleges, two? context: ~~~ two Polytechnic colleges,two
colleges,two Engineering colleges and three Arts & Science colleges are located around this village.==Economy==The major business is [[Agriculture]]. Industri ~~~

Jhajha railway station

counter,two->counter, two? context: ~~~ ity, reservation counter,two-
counter,two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicle parking.<ref name=computerized_list>{{cite web|title=List of Locations (Irrespective Of States) Where Computeri ~~~

Lublin R-XVI

covered,two->covered, two? context: ~~~ e-piece, plywood covered,two-
covered,two-spar wing of wooden construction. The tail was of steel construction, canvas covered. It had a conventional fixed [[landing gear]], with a rear skid, ~~~

Rajputana Rifles

Cross]]es,two->Cross]]es, two? context: ~~~ six [[Victoria Cross]]es,two
Cross]]es,two [[Military Cross]]es, one [[Param Vir Chakra]], two [[Ashok Chakra Award|Ashok Chakra]]s, one [[Padma Bhushan]], fourteen [[Param Vishisht Seva Medal] ~~~

Phillips Panda

cylinder,two->cylinder, two? context: ~~~ -cooled, single cylinder,two-
cylinder,two-stroke*bore 40.5 mm*stroke 38.25 mm*capacity 49 cc*compression ratio 6:1*Single Gear Ratio 17.3:1'''Clutch''' *Rex Dry multi-plate'' ~~~


elections,two->elections, two? context: ~~~ 2014 municipal elections,two
elections,two of the four vice mayors elected( Stavros Ziakas and Viron Katsivelos)come from and live in Gomfoi. They are thought to be the more active members of t ~~~


Festivals,two->Festivals, two? context: ~~~ Multi-cultural Festivals,two
Festivals,two Shell Folkloric Concerts and World Expo ’88. "OBERTAS" teaches its members the basics of classical dance as the foundation for a vast repe ~~~

Mal Moore

finalists,two->finalists, two? context: ~~~ an of the Year finalists,two
finalists,two Campbell Trophy finalists, a Campbell Trophy winner and a Wuerffel award winner.<ref> ~~~

Brassware Industry in Bangladesh

Generally,two->Generally, two? context: ~~~ Generally,two
Generally,two processes are used for making brasswares based on their size and shape:'''The lost wax process:''' Small objects that have solid brass inside are made ~~~


hand,two->hand, two? context: ~~~ On the other hand,two
hand,two nobles of the court, Kammaran ([[Mammootty]]) and Perumana Kuruppu ([[N. Govindan Kutty]]) were upset by Udayan's ascension. Cashing on Devan's frustr ~~~

Pakowki, Alberta

high,two->high, two? context: ~~~ ng year, with hopes high,two
high,two regular grain elevators were built in the hopes of handling the crops covering nearly 1,400 square miles of [[Dominion Lands Act|homestead]] land. One ~~~

Crookstown, County Cork

houses,two->houses, two? context: ~~~ It has two public houses,two
houses,two grocery shops and a housing estate. Home to the famous Robbie Mac.It is 20 minutes away from Cork City,{{fact|date=March 2019}} and 3 miles from [[Bea ~~~


husband,two->husband, two? context: ~~~ his family shows husband,two
husband,two wives and ten children. There is also a monument of W.Seymour (d. 1801) in Coade stone and of Viscount Boringdon, the 11-year-old heir to the Earl of ~~~

List of Kriegsmarine ships

inch,two->inch, two? context: ~~~ armed with one 5.9 inch,two
inch,two 37mm (1×2) and six 20mm (6×1) guns.* August 400 tons Launched 1936* Berkelstrom* Cascade 338 tons Launched 1937* Globe 314 tons Launched 1937* Hast ~~~

Picture Perfect (1995 film)

Malone,two->Malone, two? context: ~~~ Ric Reid as Agent Malone,two
Malone,two FBI agents who are investigating Ernie Barrett, Michelyn Emelle as FBI Agent Ella, Bill Copeland and Maggie Howard as Harvey and Rachel Blanford, Bob' ~~~

Prakash Punj

park,two->park, two? context: ~~~ It will have theme park,two
park,two exhibition halls, Auditorium and four commemorative gates in the name of four sons of the [[Guru Govind Singh]]. Will known as [[Baba Ajeet Singh]] Dw ~~~

Engineer Battalion (Estonia)

platoons,two->platoons, two? context: ~~~ , two telegraph platoons,two
platoons,two sapper platoons and a park platoon. By 1918, the company had 25-30 officers and up to 400 soldiers. Because of [[German occupation of Estonia during W ~~~

Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

programs,two->programs, two? context: ~~~ ments in master programs,two
programs,two departments in PhD programs,and ~~~

Water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia

regions,two->regions, two? context: ~~~ e country's nine regions,two
regions,two city administrations and water desks in the 550 [[districts of Ethiopia]] (''woreda''s); insufficient cost recovery for proper operation and maintenan ~~~

Star Singer

season,two->season, two? context: ~~~ elected. In this season,two
season,two prizes were awarded, one each for a male and female contestant. The prize was an apartment either [[Thiruvananthapuram]] or [[Dubai]] City, each value ~~~

History of the Belfast Fire Brigade

street,two->street, two? context: ~~~ n working in York street,two
street,two of only three or four Firemen, depending on the viewpoint, killed in the line of duty in the history of the BFB. Over 100,000 people were left homeles ~~~

Château La Gurgue

Successively,two->Successively, two? context: ~~~ of Margaux. Successively,two
Successively,two owners of the vineyard raced for the Town Hall of Margaux and won.<br>The first was a wealthy Portuguese banker, Mr. Peixotto. In 1871, he added ~~~

List of alumni of Clemson University

linebacker,twoAll->linebacker, twoAll? context: ~~~ former AFL linebacker,twoAll-
linebacker,twoAll-Star (1960), two-time AFL Champion (1960–61)*[[Antuan Edwards]], former NFL cornerback/safety*[[John Edwards]], played for one year before transferr ~~~

2016–17 UConn Huskies women's basketball team

game,tying->game, tying? context: ~~~ consecutive road game,tying
game,tying the NCAA record set by UConn in 2004.<ref>{{Cite news|url= ~~~

Sthala Vriksha

them,tying->them, tying? context: ~~~ y doing poojas to them,tying
them,tying sacred thread and bells during days of religious importance==Footnotes=={{reflist}}==References==*[[Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend]] ({{ISBN|0-50 ~~~

Terrance Shaw

Trinity,Tylend,and->Trinity,Tylend, and? context: ~~~ Tierney, Trinity,Tylend,and
Trinity,Tylend,and daughter Timberlynd.<ref>[ Patriots Biography]{{dead link|date=Decembe ~~~

Intersection algorithm

offset,type->offset, type? context: ~~~ offset,type
offset,type>. For each interval there are three entries: the lower endpoint, the midpoint and the upper endpoint, labelled with types −1, 0 and +1 re ~~~

Marzullo's algorithm

offset,type->offset, type? context: ~~~ offset,type
offset,type>. One tuple will represent the beginning of the range, marked with type −1 as <c−r,−1> and the other will repre ~~~

Infant Jesus School, Kollam

entrepreneur,uae->entrepreneur, uae? context: ~~~ ffy shams , entrepreneur,uae
entrepreneur,uae * Jithesh John IES* Syam Sundar IPS* [[Suresh Babu]] - Olympic athlete* [[Alphone Earayil|Alphonse Earayil]] - former DGP of Kerala* [[Eugene Pandala] ~~~

The Rough Kutz

skatalites,ub40,and->skatalites, ub40,and? context: ~~~ udes the skatalites,ub40,and
skatalites,ub40,and many more.the roughkutz 5th album "dirty sex at midnight"is due to be released in oct album launch and 20th anniversary gig is takin ~~~


Chate,Uchale,Narsale,shinare,Lokhande,Vadne,Khamkar,Khomane,Lonkar,Ghode,->Chate,Uchale,Narsale, shinare,Lokhande,Vadne,Khamkar,Khomane,Lonkar,Ghode,? context: ~~~ hamkar,Khomane,Lonkar,Ghode,
Chate,Uchale,Narsale,shinare,Lokhande,Vadne,Khamkar,Khomane,Lonkar,Ghode, yede etc...== Economy ==The majority of the population has farming as their primary occupation.Along with farming near about 60% population is doing d ~~~

Sivakasi (film)

Next,udhayappan->Next, udhayappan? context: ~~~ her property.Next,udhayappan
Next,udhayappan arranges for a corpse with the features of muthappa and makes the entire village believe that it is actually muthappa.However,sivakasi ~~~

Sivakasi (film)

day,udhayppan->day, udhayppan? context: ~~~ The next day,udhayppan
day,udhayppan tries to sell his ancestral property.However,sivakasi ~~~

Sivakasi (film)

on,udhayppan->on, udhayppan? context: ~~~ Later on,udhayppan
on,udhayppan signs his name for the elections but is surprised to see his sister,Vairam also participating in the election with sivakasi and his 1 million rupees a ~~~


Home,udma]]->Home, udma]]? context: ~~~ eciality nursing Home,udma]]
Home,udma]] * [[Udma post office|post office,udma]] ~~~


institute,udma]]->institute, udma]]? context: ~~~ food craft institute,udma]]
institute,udma]] * [[PHC UDUMA|PHC,udma]]*Sri Ramachandra Ayurvedics,Ak road==Well known persons==* Dr.[[Ambikasuthan Mangad|AmbikaSudhan Mangad]], Novelist* [[K Kunhi ~~~


office,udma]]->office, udma]]? context: ~~~ st office|post office,udma]]
office,udma]] * [[Ranjees theatre|Ranjees theatre,udma]] ~~~


theatre,udma]]->theatre, udma]]? context: ~~~ eatre|Ranjees theatre,udma]]
theatre,udma]] * [[Govt. Food craft institute|Govt. food craft institute,udma]] ~~~

Mahakala-Mahakali Temple

deity,udyota->deity, udyota? context: ~~~ ur armed female deity,udyota
deity,udyota simha, amlaka etc.== References =={{reflist}}<!--- After listing your sources please cite them using inline citations and place them after the info ~~~

Francisco Ugarte

years,Ugarte,now->years,Ugarte, now? context: ~~~ . In recent years,Ugarte,now
years,Ugarte,now known as “Pancho” is the director of coaching at UFA Lawrenceville and has had some success with his under-18 side and his under-15. He is known f ~~~


,Ugwuagba,Okpoko,Enekwasumpu,OmabaI,OmabaII,Achaputa,Nkpikpa,Ozala,and->,Ugwuagba,Okpoko,Enekwasumpu,OmabaI,OmabaII,Achaputa,Nkpikpa,Ozala, and? context: ~~~ I,Achaputa,Nkpikpa,Ozala,and
,Ugwuagba,Okpoko,Enekwasumpu,OmabaI,OmabaII,Achaputa,Nkpikpa,Ozala,and Little Wood. The school of health technology, Electrical Material Dealers Market,Anambra Broadcasting Service Awada Obosi,and ~~~


school,uhuru->school, uhuru? context: ~~~ endeleo primary school,uhuru
school,uhuru primary school,umoja ~~~

Dandelion and burdock

Huddersfield,uk->Huddersfield, uk? context: ~~~ en Shaw from Huddersfield,uk.
Huddersfield,uk. Established in 1871. Produce 5 flavours Dandelion & Burdock, cloudy lemonade, bitter shandy cream soda and root beer.[[Fentimans]], a beverage c ~~~

Gudang language

munya,ulkin,->munya, ulkin,? context: ~~~ yi, Y munya, At munya,ulkin,
munya,ulkin, A —, WCL dhe, mòòs ''saliva''G ''agura'' ''stringy bark'', Y winhthi, At winhthi, A winhthi, ''uran'' ''paper-bark'', WCL ubu ''tea-tree' ~~~

Istanbul Technical University

archery,ultimate->archery, ultimate? context: ~~~ wrestling, archery,ultimate
archery,ultimate frisbee and sailing.===Social Life===[[Image:Itu golet.jpg|thumb|250px|ITU Lake at the [[Maslak|Ayazağa]] campus]]ITU offers many options to students ~~~


Ballistet,ultras->Ballistet, ultras? context: ~~~ rivals with Ballistet,ultras
Ballistet,ultras of [[KF Shkëndija]] and with Shvercerat who support [[FK Shkupi]].==References=={{Reflist}}==External links==*[ Official Websi ~~~


Shivajinagar,ulwe->Shivajinagar, ulwe? context: ~~~ rchange at Shivajinagar,ulwe
Shivajinagar,ulwe and it will be extended upto Chirle nearby Dronagiri node. ==Ulwe Port==Ulwe is situated at the Panvel creek and is at a distance of 6 miles from [[Pa ~~~


school,umoja->school, umoja? context: ~~~ l,uhuru primary school,umoja
school,umoja primary school,also ~~~


Umuehi,Umuakali,Umuokoro,Umuakwali,umuobilugwu->Umuehi,Umuakali,Umuokoro,Umuakwali, umuobilugwu? context: ~~~ uokoro,Umuakwali,umuobilugwu
Umuehi,Umuakali,Umuokoro,Umuakwali,umuobilugwu and Umuotunwanyi. {{Populated places of Imo State}}[[Category:Populated places in Imo State]][[Category:Villages in Igboland]]{{Imo-geo-stub}}</text> ~~~

Cyprian Michael Iwene Tansi

University,umunya->University, umunya? context: ~~~ # Tansian University,umunya
University,umunya 11 Blessed Michael Tansi Catholic Church Aba12. Blessed Tansi Catholic Church pipeline new-rumuokwurusi Port-Harcourt Rivers state==References==<re ~~~

Nitrogen dioxide poisoning

rate,un->rate, un? context: ~~~ led with rapid heart rate,un
rate,un leabered breathing and severe seizure of breath. Other effects include diaphoresis, chest pain, and persistent dry cough, all of which may result in w ~~~

Proteas (rugby union)

short,unbeaten->short, unbeaten? context: ~~~ undertaken a short,unbeaten
short,unbeaten seven match tour to the Republic and whilst the headlines in the UK were undoubtedly linked to his side's 18–9 test match victory, the Proteas versu ~~~

De pura sangre

Homero,uncle->Homero, uncle? context: ~~~ Homero,uncle
Homero,uncle of Leonardo interested as he performs plans for Alberto is arrested for drug trafficking on the way to Mexico. Meanwhile, Leonardo married Florencia a ~~~

Uche Jombo

fight,unconditional,a->fight, unconditional,a? context: ~~~ er’s fight,unconditional,a
fight,unconditional,a time to love, be my wife, celebrity etcHaving started executive producing her own film through her Uche Jombo studios production company since 2008 Uc ~~~

Muhammad Kurd Ali

But,under->But, under? context: ~~~ ded its own press. But,under
But,under the Ottoman rule, he was subject to continuous harassment and restriction in the form of censorship and close monitoring of his writing and thinking; ~~~

Errol Flynn

canyon,under->canyon, under? context: ~~~ is trapped in a canyon,under
canyon,under attack by Murrell's banditos. Irby is fatally wounded, but Bradford's superior military skills and the rebels' long guns eventually drive off the band ~~~

Fire safe cigarette

cigarettes,under->cigarettes, under? context: ~~~ strength of cigarettes,under
cigarettes,under the auspices of the CPSC. This reported to US Congress in 1987 that it was technically feasible and maybe commercially feasible to make a cigarette t ~~~

Indira Gandhi Technological and Medical Sciences University

diploma,under->diploma, under? context: ~~~ s certificate, diploma,under
diploma,under graduate, post graduate diploma and post graduate programmes in engineering, management , nursing, sports, paramedical sciences and engineering progr ~~~

Alma Redlinger

entrance,under->entrance, under? context: ~~~ ound from the entrance,under
entrance,under the impact of the images, impressed by the magnitude and beauty that the figures shapes or objects included in her compositions gets. There is a self- ~~~


estate,under->estate, under? context: ~~~ y Naginijan Tea estate,under
estate,under Assam Tea Corporation)near Nakachari in Jorhat district of ASSAM, valuable scarves and shawls made of finest silk, steel doors, Ahom hats (Japees) gol ~~~

Manoel de Castro Villas Bôas

Fausta,under->Fausta, under? context: ~~~ Conceição and Fausta,under
Fausta,under the care of his grandfather Manoel de Azevedo Barbosa and grandmother Maria Teixeira das Neves and his preferred aunt Carolina. He studied at the Inst ~~~

Bobby Lewis (basketball, born 1945)

Georgetown,under->Georgetown, under? context: ~~~ oys Club in Georgetown,under
Georgetown,under the tutelage of Joe Branzell.He played in high school at DC's [[St. John's College High School]], playing for coach Joe Gallagher.In his junior year, ~~~

It Happened in Broad Daylight

Hofmann,under->Hofmann, under? context: ~~~ rected by Nico Hofmann,under
Hofmann,under the original title ''Es geschah am hellichten Tag'' was released. In 2001,an English remake,directed ~~~

Murambinda Mission Hospital

hospital,under->hospital, under? context: ~~~ ral community hospital,under
hospital,under [[Ministry of Health]] owned and administered by the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, under the endorsement and supervision of the Roman Catholi ~~~

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe

Kokang,under->Kokang, under? context: ~~~ ntil they found Kokang,under
Kokang,under the spell. She dispels it and runs away from the demons. She tried to transform into Super Inday,but ~~~

It Happened in Broad Daylight

kumar,under->kumar, under? context: ~~~ ,directed by Ram kumar,under
kumar,under the title ''[[Ratsasan]]'' was released. In 2019,a Telugu remake of the above mentioned movie ''[[Ratsasan]]'',directed by Ramesh Varma,under the ~~~

Harriet Stirling

lessons,under->lessons, under? context: ~~~ ], and had art lessons,under
lessons,under [[Mary Anstie Overbury]] (died 1926), and became interested in several philanthropic causes, particularly those dealing with orphans and children of [ ~~~

Bodo Sahitya Sabha

Moreover,under->Moreover, under? context: ~~~ [Kokrajhar]]. Moreover,under
Moreover,under the aegis of the commission for Scientific and Technical terminology, HRD Ministry, the Govt. of India, the Bodo Sahitya Sabha is preparing more than ~~~

Wissam Tarif

organisation,under->organisation, under? context: ~~~ . The new organisation,under
organisation,under the name of 'INSAN' ([]) is a fully registered NGO with its headquarters in Spain. INSAN thus builds on the ~~~


Previously,under->Previously, under? context: ~~~ , and '80s. Previously,under
Previously,under Mr. Norman's tenure, the station had played a wide range of true golden oldies and had a considerable audience. Also, Mr. Norman was active in the com ~~~

Ermenek Dam

project,under->project, under? context: ~~~ ancing for the project,under
project,under terms agreeable to the Turkish Treasury.==Erik Regulator and HEPP==[[File:Ahmet Keleşoğlu Moschee und Ermenek Barajı (Stausee).jpg|thumb|left|Ahmet ~~~

Hero (2015 Hindi film)

Sooraj,under->Sooraj, under? context: ~~~ during a party. Sooraj,under
Sooraj,under instructions from his gangster father, Suryakant 'Pasha' Ranade, kidnaps Radha because Shrikant brought evidence against Pasha in court, and kidnaps R ~~~

Microcellular plastic

Waldman,under->Waldman, under? context: ~~~ artini and F.A Waldman,under
Waldman,under the direction of Professor Nam P Suh, are both accredited with the invention of microcellular plastics, or microcellular foams.<ref name=":1&q ~~~

Monster High: Fright On!

werewolves,under->werewolves, under? context: ~~~ ampires and werewolves,under
werewolves,under the pretense of maintaining peace. Clawdeen and Clawd's insecure younger sister, Howleen, gets caught up in the middle of it. The two start [[support ~~~

Emmanuel Mission High School

facilities,underground->facilities, underground? context: ~~~ ernet facilities,underground
facilities,underground library, science labs are provided. Few classrooms are fitted with Smartclass facilities. A large playground is available with basket ball court for p ~~~

Music of Washington, D.C.

music,underground->music, underground? context: ~~~ onic dance music,underground
music,underground dance,and ~~~

Forbes Marshall

dropouts,underprivileged->dropouts, underprivileged? context: ~~~ ool dropouts,underprivileged
dropouts,underprivileged children,training ~~~

Methodist Girls' School, Ipoh

peace,understanding->peace, understanding? context: ~~~ otion of peace,understanding
peace,understanding and achievement.==School Song==Shout all hail for the <br />Methodist Girls' School <br />Shout it loud and long <br />Our beloved a ~~~


received,underwent->received, underwent? context: ~~~ hile well received,underwent
received,underwent several script revisions by the author and director in order to streamline the piece. The revised version which opened in [[Scranton]] ran 15 minutes ~~~


chikki,undhiyu->chikki, undhiyu? context: ~~~ ly kites, eat chikki,undhiyu
chikki,undhiyu and enjoy)*Navratri(traditional Garba festival of Gujarat)*Dusherra==School & colleges==*raviraj Secondary and Higher Secondary school Education D ~~~

Backyard Baseball

fake,unhittable->fake, unhittable? context: ~~~ f which is a fake,unhittable
fake,unhittable baseball.* Fireball: The Fireball is so fast it can burn a hole in your catcher's glove.==Installments=={|class="wikitable"!width="150& ~~~

SMK Seri Saujana

societies,uniform->societies, uniform? context: ~~~ ps, clubs, societies,uniform
societies,uniform bodies, and external groups in SMKSS. Every student must join 3 such group to have a well-rounded school life and expose themselves to leadership oppo ~~~

Greater Nagoya Initiative

companies,universities,->companies, universities,? context: ~~~ 400 companies,universities,
companies,universities, and research institutes have been registered in GNI Partners Club.==External links==*[ Greater Nagoya Initiative]*[http://www ~~~


institutes,universities->institutes, universities? context: ~~~ for institutes,universities.
institutes,universities. The size above 180 liter is application for manufacturing.{{disambig}}</text> <sha1>4jf8y1vt4bcutrn4ftmqknmdu8r7h3p</sha1> </revision> </pag ~~~

Münstertal, Black Forest

Münsterhalden,unknown->Münsterhalden, unknown? context: ~~~ k and Münsterhalden,unknown
Münsterhalden,unknown persons set up a life-size deer sculpture on a rock during the [[Walpurgisnacht|Nacht]] (Walburgis night) night of May 1, 2016.<ref>{{cite web|t ~~~

List of German combat vehicles of World War II

demolition,unmanned->demolition, unmanned? context: ~~~ used for demolition,unmanned
demolition,unmanned Vehicle*[[Panther tank|Bergepanther]] - armoured recovery vehicle based on the Panther chassis==Sd. Kfz. numbers=={{main|List of Sd.Kfz. designations} ~~~

Mark Quigley

short,unsuccessful->short, unsuccessful? context: ~~~ After a short,unsuccessful
short,unsuccessful spell at [[Derry City F.C.|Derry City]] Quigley returned to Dublin and [[Bohemian F.C.|Bohemians]] in December 2015. He made his second debut for the ~~~

New Plymouth Airport

airport,until->airport, until? context: ~~~ s based at the airport,until
airport,until it ceased operations in 2014. Previously it carried out charter work and air ambulance services as well as providing a well recognised flight trainin ~~~


area,until->area, until? context: ~~~ al finds from the area,until
area,until that function was transferred in 2012 to another location.<gallery>File:Tokat Ali Pasha Mosque 2419.jpg|Tokat Ali Pasha MosqueFile:Tokat Ali Pas ~~~

2017 Asian Winter Games

Cauldron,until->Cauldron, until? context: ~~~ er Olympics]] Cauldron,until
Cauldron,until the hours before the Closing Ceremony, on February 26.<ref>{{cite web |url= ~~~

List of Septimus Heap characters

father,until->father, until? context: ~~~ e that it's his father,until
father,until when, the Wendron Witch mother, Morwenna Mould shows him his father's location. Septimus and Nicko met their ''Grandpa Benji'' while they were in the ~~~

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe

investigate,until->investigate, until? context: ~~~ y tries to investigate,until
investigate,until they found Kokang,under ~~~

Mo' Money

job,until->job, until? context: ~~~ hnny how to do the job,until
job,until Keith threatens Chris in the men's restroom making him feel scared. Lt Walsh ([[Joe Santos]]) asks Chris questions about Keith,Chris is stabbed and ki ~~~

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe

like,until->like, until? context: ~~~ real mother looks like,until
like,until she found her in a market. She tracks her and rents a room nearby and lives their daily lives by selling eggs painted gold and scavenging for recyclab ~~~

Super Inday and the Golden Bibe

recyclables,until->recyclables, until? context: ~~~ enging for recyclables,until
recyclables,until she has enough courage to confront her. The mother told the truth and introduces her to her father.Kokang, suspicious of what's happening,stalks ~~~

Million Dollar Mystery

skeptical,until->skeptical, until? context: ~~~ ers are very skeptical,until
skeptical,until Rollie turns on the television which is playing the news talking about Sidney Preston and the buried money. The newsman talks about his life and says ~~~

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1979 TV series)

smoothly,until->smoothly, until? context: ~~~ ory continues smoothly,until
smoothly,until an incident occurs. To pay his mother's (Tang Pik-wan) gambling debts, he embezzles company funds and is reported by the cunning Yuen Kei-cheung (Lee ~~~

Shannon Gaels GAA

success,until->success, until? context: ~~~ rs without any success,until
success,until 1900 when a parish team under the name St. Patricks captured the county title from Kilmihil by a winning margin of six points. It wasn't until 1930 th ~~~


time,until->time, until? context: ~~~ see him till such time,until
time,until Bahlol Khan was re-captured. Prataprao realised his mistake and was so upset about what he had done that he now wanted to capture Bahlol Khan at any c ~~~

Rift (Nigeria film)

together,until->together, until? context: ~~~ leaving happy together,until
together,until the man started to be distance himself from the woman.The wife felt her husband was cheating on her so she decided to get closer to him but to no avai ~~~

Andy Stochansky

years,until->years, until? context: ~~~ a year for seven years,until
years,until he felt it was time to start expressing himself beyond the drums.==Solo recording career==Splitting amicably with Difranco, he forged ahead on his own ~~~

Royal Australian Survey Corps

Australia,unveiled->Australia, unveiled? context: ~~~ wealth of Australia,unveiled
Australia,unveiled a plaque at the Australian War Memorial to commemorate Royal Australian Survey Corps units which served in war. In his address the Governor-General pr ~~~

Immigration to Germany

aftermath,up->aftermath, up? context: ~~~ r II,and in its aftermath,up
aftermath,up to 12 million refugees of [[ethnic Germans]], so-called "[[Heimatvertriebene]]" (German for "expellees", literally "homeland ~~~

Queen's Ambulance Service Medal

England,up->England, up? context: ~~~ p to 4 Medals for England,up
England,up to 2 Medals for Wales, up to 2 Medals for Scotland, up to 1 Medal for Northern Ireland, and up to 1 Medal for the Channel Islands.==Design==* The med ~~~

National Oil Corporation of Kenya

Kenya,up->Kenya, up? context: ~~~ ail stations across Kenya,up
Kenya,up from 115 in May 2017.<ref>{{cite web| last=Rubadiri|first=Victoria|title=Fuel just got cheaper at National Oil stations | location=Nairobi | dat ~~~

Conservation and restoration of copper-based objects

objects,up->objects, up? context: ~~~ quered or painted objects,up
objects,up to 50 lux in case of objects with light sensitive materials).==See also==* [[Conservation and restoration of metals]]* [[Conservation and restoration ~~~

Richard Walker (footballer, born 1977)

seaton,up->seaton, up? context: ~~~ Beer Albion(btech seaton,up
seaton,up the greens)After having played less than a season of [[Conference North]] football, he opted to move with his family to [[Devon]] in April 2012.He end ~~~

Raghopur, Vaishali

mandir,uparki->mandir, uparki? context: ~~~ vireshwar nath mandir,uparki
mandir,uparki tola, birpur2.Maa Kaali mandir, birpur purbi3.janakeshwar nath mandir, birpur, Purbi4.Maa durga mandir,saat ~~~

Rollback (data management)

access,update->access, update? context: ~~~ nguage used to access,update
access,update and manipulate database.In [[SQL]], <code>ROLLBACK</code> is a command that causes all data changes since the last <code>[[Begin wor ~~~

Inland Electronic Navigational Charts

board,updating->board, updating? context: ~~~ ganization on board,updating
board,updating etc.*[ ECDIS in operation] -colour settings,content ~~~

Eastwood, Nottinghamshire

shops,uphill->shops, uphill? context: ~~~ d contains many shops,uphill
shops,uphill to the east, it leads to the A610 to Nottingham, the [[M1 motorway]], and Giltbrook Retail Park, which is home to a large [[IKEA]] store, and various ~~~

Gatundu North Constituency

town,upon->town, upon? context: ~~~ km south of Thika town,upon
town,upon completion by year 2020 the dam is expected to serve Kiambu County and its environs with water for Irrigation and domestic use.== NARIGP (National Agr ~~~

Theatre in the Victorian era

front,upper->front, upper? context: ~~~ wer class in the front,upper
front,upper class in the back and middle class in the middle==Playwrights in the Victorian era==[[Oscar Wilde]] is one of the most prominent [[playwright]]s of th ~~~

Río Grande, Puerto Rico

size,upper->size, upper? context: ~~~ stripes of equal size,upper
size,upper one is green with lower one been blue, and united by a white triangle placed on the side of the mast. On the white triangle is a Puerto Rican parrot.= ~~~

Charles Hector Fernandez

assembly,urban->assembly, urban? context: ~~~ ng freedom of assembly,urban
assembly,urban settler rights, worker and trade union rights, women rights, indigenous peoples rights, land rights, administration of justice and also migrant/refuge ~~~

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Kodagu

rural,urban->rural, urban? context: ~~~ rvations for 75% rural,urban
rural,urban 33%, 33% girls, 15% SC, 7.5% ST, and 3% Physically Handicapped students. The unique feature of Navodaya Scheme is the migration system for promoting n ~~~

The Bridge (2017 film)

differences,us->differences, us? context: ~~~ due to tribal differences,us
differences,us result of this they got married secretly, this lead things to fall apart in their lives<ref>{{Cite web|url= ~~~

Treaty of Hudaybiyyah

Quraysh,use->Quraysh, use? context: ~~~ st points to the Quraysh,use
Quraysh,use the name of Allah and call himself the Messenger of God. That led to [[Umar]] questioning about Muhammad's resolve.<ref>{{cite book|last1=Razwy| ~~~


Scotland,used->Scotland, used? context: ~~~ West coast of Scotland,used
Scotland,used in John Buchan's novel 'John Macnab'.==References=={{reflist}}[[Category:Populated places in Sutherland]]{{Highland-geo-stub}}</text> <sha1>1y2ww ~~~

Bionicle Adventures

plan,uses->plan, uses? context: ~~~ hots. Matau,with a plan,uses
plan,uses his to reach Vakama. They fight, while Matau apologizes to Vakama for his rash words,and ~~~

Love on Line (LOL)

site,uses->site, uses? context: ~~~ ular in the dating site,uses
site,uses her Thai cousin Paula's ([[Paula Taylor]]) picture to get known,which ~~~

Perfect Hat-Trick

match,using->match, using? context: ~~~ oals in a single match,using
match,using their left foot for one, right foot for another and their head for the other one in any order.</text> <sha1>px9nbisbonioojf54qcwcg1czuzgzz7</sha1 ~~~

Id Gah Mosque

mosque,using->mosque, using? context: ~~~ builder of this mosque,using
mosque,using local quarries and materials as Kabul was a key mughal city works of art were often commissioned here. [[Afghan history]] records indicate that in 190 ~~~


music,using->music, using? context: ~~~ entually, oldies music,using
music,using many of the personalities from its beautiful music days as a new airstaff was assembled to take over the rock music now the norm on the FM. The stati ~~~

Love on Line (LOL)

Tot,using->Tot, using? context: ~~~ as set up again by Tot,using
Tot,using his face on the chat and online dating site. Angry, Samson chains Tot once again,forcing ~~~

Qayamat Ki Raat

witch,using->witch, using? context: ~~~ the ceremony the witch,using
witch,using Raghav's sister as bait kidnaps Raghav.gauri completes the rituals with Raghav's photo and recognises herself as his wife. She ,with the help of pries ~~~

Zimbabwean hip hop

countries,usually->countries, usually? context: ~~~ with most countries,usually
countries,usually mirrors the trending sound in America,and ~~~

Spanish cuisine

crêpes,usually->crêpes, usually? context: ~~~ (similar to crêpes,usually
crêpes,usually filled with cream or apple jam), [[rice pudding]] (white rice cooked with milk, lemon zest and sugar), and [[carbayones]] ([[puff pastry]] cakes fille ~~~

Electric motorcycles and scooters

outlets,usually->outlets, usually? context: ~~~ rdinary wall outlets,usually
outlets,usually taking about eight hours to recharge (i.e. overnight). Some manufacturers have designed in, included, or offer as an accessory, the high-power [[CHAde ~~~

Avionics software

programmers,usually->programmers, usually? context: ~~~ group of programmers,usually
programmers,usually independently) that did not write it originally (another legal requirement). Special organizations also usually conduct code reviews with a checklist ~~~

Sidh Bawa Balak Nath

kant,uttam->kant, uttam? context: ~~~ Guru shri krishan kant,uttam
kant,uttam nagar, mohan garden,Nanak Pura Moti babh delhi.Laxmi nagar Mandir famous person Sh.Prateek Ji takes care of temple and visites regularly there.<ref ~~~

List of human stampedes and crushes

Pratapgarh,uttar->Pratapgarh, uttar? context: ~~~ e, in Kunda Pratapgarh,uttar
Pratapgarh,uttar Pradesh, India, in a stampede after the gates of the temple collapsed.* May 4, 2010: 63 people were injured when a panic-driven stampede broke out dur ~~~

Stella Ella Ola

lo,va->lo, va? context: ~~~ Va lo,va
lo,va ken (and no, and yes)Tzolea oo-misken (limping and miserable)Zaken (old man)1, 2, 3, 4, 5</poem>''New York City:''<poem>QuackdiddliosoQuac ~~~

Pulse Polio

India,vaccination->India, vaccination? context: ~~~ India,vaccination
India,vaccination against polio started on 1978 with Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI). By 1999, it covered around 60% of infants, giving three doses of OPV to e ~~~

Branches of microbiology

vitamins,vaccines,->vitamins, vaccines,? context: ~~~ enzymes, vitamins,vaccines,
vitamins,vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products and that cause pharmaceutical contamination and spoil.* [[Industrial microbiology]]: the exploitation of microbes fo ~~~


bhel,vada->bhel, vada? context: ~~~ mous for its spicy bhel,vada
bhel,vada pav,puri ~~~

Vadakarai Keezhpadugai

kovil,vadakarai->kovil, vadakarai? context: ~~~ udathi amman kovil,vadakarai
kovil,vadakarai == Demographics =={{bar box|title=Religious census|titlebar=#ddd|left1=Religion|right1=Percent(%)|float=left|bars={{bar percent|[[Hinduism|Hindu]]|Ora ~~~

Chavara Thekkumbhagom

temple,vadakkumbhagam->temple, vadakkumbhagam? context: ~~~ a devi temple,vadakkumbhagam
temple,vadakkumbhagam [[File:St.Joseph Church Chavara Thekkumbhagom view from Pallikkodi Dalavapuram Bridge.jpg|thumb|St.Joseph Church located southern most part of Chavara ~~~


Keeshil,vadakumbad->Keeshil, vadakumbad? context: ~~~ Kunhalin Keeshil,vadakumbad
Keeshil,vadakumbad juma masjid etc. are the main holy places.Poomalakavu is famous for "Paatulsavam", Poorakali and Marathukali.There are many clubs and social ~~~

Thirumandhamkunnu Temple

Pundarikkapuram,vaikom->Pundarikkapuram, vaikom? context: ~~~ dram, Pundarikkapuram,vaikom
Pundarikkapuram,vaikom and Guruvayoor were executed in 1944.Thirumandhamkunnu Pooram, the annual festival of the temple is an 11-day-long celebration which is a major festiv ~~~


arts,vairag->arts, vairag? context: ~~~ andhi college of arts,vairag
arts,vairag 10 .Savitribai phule primary school,vairag ~~~


engineering,vairag->engineering, vairag? context: ~~~ ollege of engineering,vairag
engineering,vairag 13 BAMS college14 Vidya Sadhna Prashala, Vairag[[Category:Villages in Solapur district]]</text> <sha1>ozay28v7l3qmfroteh61c6vuzsbztfx</sha1> < ~~~


Prashala,vairag->Prashala, vairag? context: ~~~ hidas Jadhav Prashala,vairag
Prashala,vairag 2 . Vidhyamandir high school,vairag ~~~


school,vairag->school, vairag? context: ~~~ phule primary school,vairag
school,vairag 11 .Arnav modern high school, vairag{{Solapur-geo-stub}}12. Indira college of engineering,vairag ~~~


school,vairag->school, vairag? context: ~~~ .Navin marathi school,vairag
school,vairag 8 .Shardadevi high school,vairag ~~~


school,vairag->school, vairag? context: ~~~ fodils primary school,vairag
school,vairag 7 .Navin marathi school,vairag ~~~


school,vairag->school, vairag? context: ~~~ hardadevi high school,vairag
school,vairag 9 .Suvarnlata gandhi college of arts,vairag ~~~


school,vairag->school, vairag? context: ~~~ hyamandir high school,vairag
school,vairag 3 .Vidhyamandir all girls school,vairag ~~~


school,vairag->school, vairag? context: ~~~ ndir all girls school,vairag
school,vairag 4 .Sadguru Anuradhatai institute, vairaga) primary and secondary high schoolb)BA and B Ed5 .Polytechnique college(engineering) ,vairag6 . Daffodils pr ~~~

Vaishali district

college,vaishali->college, vaishali? context: ~~~ ,Raj narain college,vaishali
college,vaishali mahila college<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=Vaishali college|last=|first=|date=|website=|u ~~~


Edappuzha,valathode,->Edappuzha, valathode,? context: ~~~ * Edappuzha,valathode,
Edappuzha,valathode, [[uruppumkutti]],valayamkode,Angadikadavu and inthumkary arethe nearest places.==Transportation==The national highway passes through [[Kannur]] town. ~~~


Temple,valluvally,Koonammavu->Temple, valluvally,Koonammavu? context: ~~~ Temple,valluvally,Koonammavu
Temple,valluvally,Koonammavu ==Education Institutions==*St.Philomena's H.S.S, Chithira Jn., Koonammavu.*St.Joseph's H.S.S, Chithira Jn., Koonammavu.*St.Joseph's Technical School, ~~~

German Hospital in Tirana

disease,valve->disease, valve? context: ~~~ oronary artery disease,valve
disease,valve disease and heart rhythm disorders,==Career==Currently the German Hospital is searching for doctors.Open positions are:* [[Cardiologist]] (Chief & ~~~


Jain,Vanik,Kumbhar,Mena,Darji,dmami->Jain,Vanik,Kumbhar,Mena,Darji, dmami? context: ~~~ nik,Kumbhar,Mena,Darji,dmami
Jain,Vanik,Kumbhar,Mena,Darji,dmami and Rabari. The mother tongue of the majority of people in Bharunda is Rajasthani ( read '''Marwari'''). Bharundaites are one of the thirteen million ~~~


gas,vapour->gas, vapour? context: ~~~ s where flammable gas,vapour
gas,vapour or dust hazards may result in an explosive atmosphere==Sport==* [[Hoosier Athletic Conference]]* [[Hóquei Académico de Cambra]], a Portuguese rink h ~~~

List of educational institutions in Varanasi

lashkarpur,varanasi,Up->lashkarpur, varanasi,Up? context: ~~~ a P.o.lashkarpur,varanasi,Up-
lashkarpur,varanasi,Up- 221101==I C S E Schools==*[[St. Joseph's Convent School, Varanasi|St Joseph's Convent School]]*[[St. John's School, Varanasi]]*[[St. John's School, M ~~~

Shava Totem

Majakatira,vari->Majakatira, vari? context: ~~~ anodana vari Majakatira,vari
Majakatira,vari Chishanga vari Mashakazhara who are direct descendants of Mutunhakuenda(sometimes referred to as Mutunhakwenda or just Mutunha) , a great- grandson of ~~~

List of bamboo species

Yellow,variegated->Yellow, variegated? context: ~~~ se Karr. Yellow,variegated
Yellow,variegated with dark green stripe on yellow 2” bamboo==Species=={{Expand list|date=August 2008}}{| class="wikitable sortable"|-! Species! English nam ~~~

Devan Ramachandran

companies,various->companies, various? context: ~~~ and Public companies,various
companies,various banking and financial institutions, including the Indian Banks Association, the principal financial advisory mechanism to Reserve Bank of India.== Ach ~~~

Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

fowl,various->fowl, various? context: ~~~ include jungle fowl,various
fowl,various sparrows.The sanctuary contains various variety of trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses and climbers which include Acacia catechu (Khair), Acacia Arabica (Ki ~~~


market,various->market, various? context: ~~~ a large daily market,various
market,various primary,secondary, ~~~


rice,various->rice, various? context: ~~~ s of income are rice,various
rice,various vegetables, including [[tomato]]es.{{coord missing|Gujarat}}[[Category:Villages in Valsad district]]{{Valsad-geo-stub}}</text> <sha1>htpqivzo18mq ~~~


School,varkkara->School, varkkara? context: ~~~ Antony's LP School,varkkara
School,varkkara *Lord's Academy ICSE School,Varandarapilly*B.B.L.P.S Manjoor*ICC Central School, Velupadam (Pound)*MAHMOODIYYA PUBLIC SCHOOL, VETTINGAPPADAM*Governmen ~~~


city,vattiyoorkavu->city, vattiyoorkavu? context: ~~~ nt of the city,vattiyoorkavu
city,vattiyoorkavu became one of the most sought after residential areas in the city mostly for middle-class people due to the availability of most city facilities in a ~~~

List of educational institutions in Tiruchirappalli

Vaikkal,vayalur->Vaikkal, vayalur? context: ~~~ ool, Erratai Vaikkal,vayalur
Vaikkal,vayalur Road.[CBSE] * SRV Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Samayapuram*Akara world school, KK Nagar*Government ADW Boys Higher Secondary School,KATTUR.= ~~~

Mikko Heiniö

vl,vc,->vl, vc,? context: ~~~ and ensemble: fl, cl, vl,vc,
vl,vc, pf*Treno della notte, for clarinet, cello and piano (2000)*Café au lait, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2006)*Canzona per trio d'archi ~~~

Mikko Heiniö

vl,vc,->vl, vc,? context: ~~~ and ensemble: fl, cl, vl,vc,
vl,vc, pf*Treno della notte, for clarinet, cello and piano (2000)*Café au lait, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2006)*Canzona per trio d'archi ~~~

Miriam Gideon

vla,vcl->vla, vcl? context: ~~~ mez sop,vln, vla,vcl
vla,vcl 36 SONNETS FROM SHAKESPEARE (1986)medium low voice, piano37 SONNETS FROM SHAKESPEARE (1986)high or low voice, trumpet (Bb), string quartet OR string o ~~~


ishlendiyini,ve->ishlendiyini, ve? context: ~~~ pe menasinda ishlendiyini,ve
ishlendiyini,ve bu kendin ilkin olaraq 4 tepe ehatesinde oldugu barede bildirilir,bezi ~~~

Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

brother,veera's->brother, veera's? context: ~~~ eher's elder brother,veera's
brother,veera's husband) * [[Meher Vij]] as Meher Juneja(heer's younger sister,harman's ~~~

Borbon, Cebu

machinery,vegetable->machinery, vegetable? context: ~~~ ure,farm machinery,vegetable
machinery,vegetable and fodder.:*Fishing==Silmugi Festival==*Silmugi Festival is a celebration to honor the patron saint St. Sebastian Martyr. The highlight of this event ~~~

Kusile Power Station

alight,vehicles->alight, vehicles? context: ~~~ ock were set alight,vehicles
alight,vehicles stoned, and offices and stores looted.<ref></ref>* ~~~


scholl,vellani->scholl, vellani? context: ~~~ St. Dominic scholl,vellani
scholl,vellani ==Healthcare==PRIMARY HEALTH CENTER-Pullathara,kizhuthani ~~~


vaayanasala,vellikkeel->vaayanasala, vellikkeel? context: ~~~ irali vaayanasala,vellikkeel
vaayanasala,vellikkeel * Vellikkeel river* Vellikkeel cultural center* Karshaka vayanashala & granthalayam, Paliyathuvalappu* Athikulangara Temple, Paliyathuvalappu* Pan ~~~

Saphan Lek

merchants,vendors->merchants, vendors? context: ~~~ tries. The merchants,vendors
merchants,vendors and hawkers built a marketplace illegally by covering the entire canal using iron plates for making the floor of the market. This caused the area to b ~~~

Shoolagiri block

village,venkatesapuram->village, venkatesapuram? context: ~~~ ggili village,venkatesapuram
village,venkatesapuram post, Vepanapalli taluk, krishnagiri district.[[Category:Revenue blocks of Krishnagiri district]]{{Krishnagiri-geo-stub}}</text> <sha1>mj1jne2puk ~~~


finance,very->finance, very? context: ~~~ vernment 2 self finance,very
finance,very high education is this village,now ~~~

Luhya people

gentle,very->gentle, very? context: ~~~ g described.very gentle,very
gentle,very confident,humble,guider, mentor,Visionary,Courageous,very ~~~

Luhya people

Integrity,very->Integrity, very? context: ~~~ urageous,very Integrity,very
Integrity,very Humiliate,the ~~~

Saath Saath Banayenge Ek Aashiyaan

Singh,very->Singh, very? context: ~~~ n of Mr. and Mrs. Singh,very
Singh,very manipulative and coldhearted) and Rama(humble and respectful of her elders, fears her husband), he returns home for his Grandparents's anniversary, af ~~~

Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao

spot,very->spot, very? context: ~~~ nt and died in the spot,very
spot,very next day Venkata Ramana's Wife also died. DVR'S unidentical twin daughters Snigdha and Pragya stay with Uma.==References=={{Reflist}}{{DEFAULTSORT:Rao ~~~

Écouché in the Second World War

was,very->was, very? context: ~~~ Therefore, there was,very
was,very little traffic on the roads.<ref name="Delozier_b" /><ref name="Vinen_b" />Even walking posed problems, as shoes were ~~~


Worldwide,very->Worldwide, very? context: ~~~ Worldwide,very
Worldwide,very common. [[Pacific Ocean|Pacific]], [[Atlantic Ocean|Atlantic]], and [[Indian Ocean|Indian]] oceans, [[Mediterranean Sea]], [[North Sea]], [[Red Sea]]. ~~~

Kot Fatta

Dispensary,veterinary->Dispensary, veterinary? context: ~~~ Health Dispensary,veterinary
Dispensary,veterinary hospital.A municipal council office is located in grain market. a bus stand with shops on Bathinda Mansa Road. The main Jat Sikh Community are Dhillo ~~~

Thomas Case

Case,vicar->Case, vicar? context: ~~~ the son of George Case,vicar
Case,vicar at [[Boxley]]. He was educated at [[Canterbury]] and [[Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood|Merchant Taylors' School]]. A student of [[Christ Church, ~~~

Shamrock Club of Wisconsin

Bartlet,vice->Bartlet, vice? context: ~~~ Adam Bartlet,vice
Bartlet,vice president; trustees Sean McNichol, Pam Canon and Mary Moze. Their terms are from July 1, 2018 until June 30, 2019.<ref>{{Cite web |url=http://sh ~~~

David Mach

magazines,vicious->magazines, vicious? context: ~~~ se include magazines,vicious
magazines,vicious teddy bears,newspapers, ~~~


button,video->button, video? context: ~~~ ler, and the 12-button,video
button,video game Keyboard Controllers. Each input has a drop transistor, which can be set on or off from software. The timers can also be used to support a [[li ~~~

Manav Gupta

canvases,video->canvases, video? context: ~~~ e platform of canvases,video
canvases,video installations and performances<ref></ref ~~~

Kanagawa University

engineer,video->engineer, video? context: ~~~ , scientists, engineer,video
engineer,video game developer. Among notable alumni are [[Hideo Kamio]], vice-president of [[Toyota]]; [[Takeo Masuda]], vice-president of [[ITOCHU]]; [[Yuuhei Sat ~~~

Maasai Mara University

phone,video->phone, video? context: ~~~ the evidence of phone,video
phone,video conversations and financial records and forwarded it to the Kenyan DCI for investigation. ==References=={{reflist}}==External links==*{{Official webs ~~~

Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences

system,video->system, video? context: ~~~ and reservation system,video
system,video solution etc.)* Content management system* Web application development* e-Commerce development* PC services, maintenance and repair* Software installa ~~~

Nokia N79

pictures,videos->pictures, videos? context: ~~~ of captured pictures,videos
pictures,videos and view them on a map* Organize photos by albums and tags, as well as synchronize with PC* Upload and share pictures and videos directly to Ovi and o ~~~

Tamir River

strength,vigor->strength, vigor? context: ~~~ Tamir = strength,vigor
strength,vigor == References =={{reflist}}[[Category:Rivers of Mongolia]]{{Mongolia-river-stub}}</text> <sha1>l893hc6d1jqag5jjw9rb28iwitlgckd</sha1> </revisi ~~~


Clg,vijayatalkies->Clg, vijayatalkies? context: ~~~ i Vikas Jr Clg,vijayatalkies
Clg,vijayatalkies Rd,hanamkondaAddress : Vijayatalkies Rd;hanamkondaSchools in KadipikondaViswashanti High SchoolAddress : kadipikonda, hanamkonda, warangal, Andhra Pra ~~~


Mathukkur,vikramam,Vattukudi,Thamarankottai,Sengapaduthankadu,Mannangadu,->Mathukkur, vikramam,Vattukudi,Thamarankottai,Sengapaduthankadu,Mannangadu,? context: ~~~ engapaduthankadu,Mannangadu,[
Mathukkur,vikramam,Vattukudi,Thamarankottai,Sengapaduthankadu,Mannangadu,[ Kasangadu], Moothakuruchi, Silambavelankadu,Nattuchalai,Vendakkottai,[[Category:Villages in Thanjavur district]]</text> ~~~


Patua,vill->Patua, vill? context: ~~~ Father'Name Badam Patua,vill-
Patua,vill-Karbelia,p.o.-Kantur,PS -Barwan Dist Murshidabad,PIN 742132. He is originally A great Sapuria.[[Midnapore District|Midnapore]], [[Birbhum District|Bhi ~~~

Villa rustica

Valjevo,villa->Valjevo, villa? context: ~~~ ornja Bukovica.Valjevo,villa
Valjevo,villa rustica IV century A.D.]]<ref>[ Rimski lokaliteti valjevskog kraja] {{webarchive |url= ~~~

List of tourist attractions in Udaipur

Jharokha,village->Jharokha, village? context: ~~~ ous for Ram Jharokha,village
Jharokha,village of notable saint Sri Guman Singh ji, 25 km east from Udaipur* Nauwa - near Khemli 20 km from udaipur, self -realization place for yo ~~~


temple,vinayaka->temple, vinayaka? context: ~~~ eswara swamy temple,vinayaka
temple,vinayaka temple and some other churches.Village has the educational sources with m.p .u.p school and Z.P.H school run by state government,Rushi Model EM School ~~~

Luboš Sluka

violino,viola,->violino, viola,? context: ~~~ o per flauto, violino,viola,
violino,viola, violoncello (Partitura e parti)*0010 Sunset suite for string quartet (The second version for string quartet + contrabass) (Partitura e parti)*0011 ~~~

Eduard Hayrapetyan

violin,viola->violin, viola? context: ~~~ le Concerto for violin,viola
violin,viola and chamber string orchestra,1997,27’, performed by “Alan Hovhannes Chamber Orchestra”, 2007*String quartet #4 “Theater music”, 1994, 1 ~~~

Orange Farm

,violence,alcohol->,violence, alcohol? context: ~~~ angsterism ,violence,alcohol
,violence,alcohol abuse and drug abuse and the SAPS is trying to minimize those situations but they are failing dismally, approximately the crime rate in Orange Farm is ~~~

Detlef Sack

Ville,violence->Ville, violence? context: ~~~ nt urbain. In Ville,violence
Ville,violence et dépendance sociale. Les politiques en Europe, ed. J. Donzelot, 157–182. Paris: PUCA.*2006. Gouvernementalität der Partnerschaft: Aspekte einer ~~~

List of Casper's Scare School characters

white,violet->white, violet? context: ~~~ single line of white,violet
white,violet eyes,pale ~~~

List of people from West Bengal

piccolo,violin,->piccolo, violin,? context: ~~~ itar, flute, piccolo,violin,
piccolo,violin, mandolin, banjo, sanai, naquara, tiquara and jagajhampa from Hazari Ustad and pakhawaj, mridang, tabla veena)* [[Radhika Mohan Maitra]], Sarod and Moh ~~~

Bratislav Anastasijević

Nis,violinist->Nis, violinist? context: ~~~ Serbia,city of Nis,violinist
Nis,violinist [[Leonid Kogan]] and Bolshoi Teatre from Moscow.Musical works of classical music: ballads of Southeast Serbia no.1 e minor; no.2 F sharp minor; no.3 g ~~~

Luboš Sluka

violino,violoncello->violino, violoncello? context: ~~~ flauto, violino,violoncello
violino,violoncello e pianoforte*b) per orchestra d´archi (Partitura e parti)*c) per pianoforte*0094 Lento affabile per grande orchestra d´archi(Partitura e parti)*0095 ~~~

Symphony No. 8 (Haydn)

bassoon,violone,->bassoon, violone,? context: ~~~ l, with the bassoon,violone,
bassoon,violone, and strings taking up the theme in the trio. In the final movement, ''La tempesta'' (the storm), the strings have a series of descending figures which ~~~

List of Coptic saints

ascetic,virgin,->ascetic, virgin,? context: ~~~ ronia]], the ascetic,virgin,
ascetic,virgin, martyr *[[Pope Felix I|Felix the Pope of Rome]]<ref></ref>*[[Felix and Regula]], members ~~~

Virtual geographic environments

technology,virtual->technology, virtual? context: ~~~ computer technology,virtual
technology,virtual reality technology, network technology, and geographic information technology, VGEs are built with the objective of providing open, digital windows in ~~~


college,viruhuni,->college, viruhuni,? context: ~~~ anta inter college,viruhuni,
college,viruhuni, Auraiya*Gautam Buddha adarsh public inter college auraiya==References=={{Reflist}}==External links==* [ Official website]* {{W ~~~

La Tour-d'Aigues

Bolliers,viscount->Bolliers, viscount? context: ~~~ Antoine de Bolliers,viscount
Bolliers,viscount of Reillane, inherited La Tour d'Aigues. They brought farmers from their lands in Piémont to enrich the land. The town then passed on to the d'Agoult ~~~


ayurveda,vishachikitsa->ayurveda, vishachikitsa? context: ~~~ e and ayurveda,vishachikitsa
ayurveda,vishachikitsa and in some places were affluent and were landlords==References=={{Reflist}}[[Castes and Tribes of Southern India]][[Edgar Thurston]][[Castes And Tri ~~~

Luhya people

mentor,Visionary,Courageous,very->mentor,Visionary,Courageous, very? context: ~~~ or,Visionary,Courageous,very
mentor,Visionary,Courageous,very Integrity,very ~~~

Fujian Medical University

hospital,visit->hospital, visit? context: ~~~ of these ten hospital,visit
hospital,visit<nowiki/>(Chinese)==Faculty==There are over 5304 staff members on post, among which there are over 736 teacher ~~~

Emmanuel Arthur

McCaine,visit->McCaine, visit? context: ~~~ ween Obama and McCaine,visit
McCaine,visit to the Canadian Parliament, ECOWAS Summits, among others.==Management career==In 2009, he was appointed the Senior Communications Officer [[World Visi ~~~

Science and technology in Morocco

experts,visited->experts, visited? context: ~~~ six Moroccan experts,visited
experts,visited Morocco with the aim of integrating Moroccan researchers into the global climate change initiative, [[Space weather|Space Weather]].<ref>[http:/ ~~~

KPC Medical College and Hospital

hospital,visited->hospital, visited? context: ~~~ cialised TB hospital,visited
hospital,visited by Mahatma Gandhi for the last tіme on 26 August 1947. Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhas Chandra Bose аlsо frequently visited the hospital. Set up in 192 ~~~


Romgaz,visited->Romgaz, visited? context: ~~~ Transgaz and Romgaz,visited
Romgaz,visited Azerbaijan's Energy Ministry to discuss the potential participation of Romania in the [[Southern Gas Corridor]].<ref>{{Cite web|url=https://www. ~~~

Supercollider (film)

Natalie,visiting->Natalie, visiting? context: ~~~ ies to find Natalie,visiting
Natalie,visiting her house; the investigators follow and attack him. He sets the house on fire, creating an explosion which stuns them, allowing him to escape.He finds ~~~

David Selbourne

widely,visiting->widely, visiting? context: ~~~ so travelled widely,visiting
widely,visiting China during the Cultural Revolution and writing ''An Eye to China'' (1975), and to India during its political emergency of 1975–77, about which he ~~~

South African Education and Environment Project

writing,visual->writing, visual? context: ~~~ ding creative writing,visual
writing,visual art, drama, dance, and music, and takes participating learners on cultural excursions. * The Environmental Education Programme, which runs after-schoo ~~~

Information processing

buffer,visuospatial->buffer, visuospatial? context: ~~~ episodic buffer,visuospatial
buffer,visuospatial sketchpad, verbal information, long term memory, and visual information (Sternberg & Sternberg, 2012). The central executive is like the secretar ~~~


temple,vitthal->temple, vitthal? context: ~~~ mple, Hanuman temple,vitthal
temple,vitthal temple, mahadev temple, janai-muktai temple, Gajanan Maharaj temple, indradev temple,Shani Maharaj temple, Balaji temple. Jain temple is very old and ~~~

Cuthbert Ormond Simpkins

is,vivacellebio->is, vivacellebio? context: ~~~ any web page is,vivacellebio.
is, Vivacelle Bio, Inc. was organized for the purpose of commercializing a new resuscitation fluid, developed by Dr. Simpkins, that is based on phosp ~~~

Sri C. Achutha Menon Government College

courses,viz->courses, viz? context: ~~~ r 1972. Two more courses,viz.
courses,viz. B.A English and B.Com were started in 1976 and 1978respectively. The introduction of the M.Com course in 1984 added a feather to the cap of the coll ~~~

Darlong people

districts,viz->districts, viz? context: ~~~ ipura in three districts,viz.
districts,viz. [[Unakoti|Unokoti]], [[Dhalai]] and [[North Tripura]].===Horticultural activities===Traditionally the Darlong people practised shifting cultivation. ~~~

Miriam Gideon

sop,vln,->sop, vln,? context: ~~~ mez sop,vln,
sop,vln, vla,vcl ~~~

Peter Dickinson (musician)

Blue,vn,->Blue, vn,? context: ~~~ *Bach in Blue,vn,
Blue,vn, cl, pf, 2012*Three Early Pieces, arr. recorder, piano, 2012''Keyboard''*A Cambridge Postlude, organ, 1953*Postlude on ''Adeste Fideles'', organ, 1954* ~~~


guitar,vocal,->guitar, vocal,? context: ~~~ buras - Bass guitar,vocal,
guitar,vocal, baroque flute ([[Recorder (musical instrument)|recorder]]) * Sakalas - Drums==External links==* [ Diktatura ~~~


Sarod,vocal->Sarod, vocal? context: ~~~ * Farhan - Sarod,vocal
Sarod,vocal * Shafin - Drums==References=={{reflist}}== External links ==*[ Jahahee] at Shironamhin discography*[https://ww ~~~

List of The Brian Jonestown Massacre members

organ,vocalist->organ, vocalist? context: ~~~ Lead guitar, organ,vocalist
organ,vocalist Currently with Las Cruxes- (post-punk/rock'n roll)Frontman in psychedelic/folk/pop band PA (guitarist/vocals/lyrics [[country music|country]]-[[pop m ~~~

Nadaun, Himachal Pradesh

painter,vocalist->painter, vocalist? context: ~~~ , lyricist, painter,vocalist)
painter,vocalist), Mr. Ajay Dogra are associated with Saregama Sangeet Academy and mentoring music and arts in Nadaun.Nadaun like many other parts of the country has s ~~~

All-Night Lotus Party

bass,vocals,->bass, vocals,? context: ~~~ eff Weigand – bass,vocals,
bass,vocals, photography*Jon Williams – guitar, vocals, engineer==References=={{Reflist}}{{Volcano Suns}}[[Category:1986 albums]][[Category:Volcano Suns albums]] ~~~

Ian Siegal

bass,vocals,->bass, vocals,? context: ~~~ n]] – guitar, bass,vocals,
bass,vocals, mandolin* Cody Dickinson – drums, guitar, vocals* [[Carwyn Ellis]] – bass, vocals* Duane Betts - guitar, vocals* Lightnin' Malcolm - guitar, bass, ~~~

The Intercontinentals

guitars,vocals,->guitars, vocals,? context: ~~~ and acoustic guitars,vocals,
guitars,vocals, drums, percussion*[[Christos Govetas]] – oud, vocals, bouzouki*[[Greg Leisz]] – slide guitars, pedal steel guitar*[[Jenny Scheinman]] – violin== ~~~

King Fox

bass,vocals->bass, vocals? context: ~~~ |Billy Field]] - bass,vocals
bass,vocals *Peter Muller - organ, vocals*Andy Evans - drums==History==King Fox came to prominence in Sydney in mid-1969 after entering a talent competition run b ~~~

Last Days of Humanity

bass,vocals->bass, vocals? context: ~~~ *Rogier Kuzee - bass,vocals
bass,vocals (2004-2006)*Bas van Geffan - bass (2004)*Emil - drums*Niels Bonneveld - drums*Joep van Raak - drums*Roel Nijdam - guitar*Melanie Stamp - bass (2010-20 ~~~

The Rabble

bass,vocals->bass, vocals? context: ~~~ ie Douglass) – bass,vocals
bass,vocals ==Discography=====Studio Albums<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Discography}}</ref>===*''[[ ~~~

Welcome to My Party

bass,vocals->bass, vocals? context: ~~~ trick Norman – bass,vocals
bass,vocals * Liz Berlin – vocals* [[Jim Donovan (musician)|Jim Donovan]] – drums, percussion* John Buynak – guitar* John McDowell – keyboards* [[Bill Bot ~~~

Wild Cherry (band)

bass,vocals->bass, vocals? context: ~~~ Michalchick – bass,vocals
bass,vocals <small>(1978–1979)</small>*Ronald Beitle – drums, percussion <small>(1975–1979)</small>*[[Mark Avsec]] – keyboards &lt ~~~

Pete Barnacle

drums,vocals->drums, vocals? context: ~~~ Pete Barnacle - drums,vocals
drums,vocals *Masaki Fujii - lead vocalsThis band was formed in Okayama, Japan, in 2002. They have released one CD, ''Fighting to Survive'', on Storm Force Records ~~~

Rudy & Blitz

drums,vocals->drums, vocals? context: ~~~ ante Cimino – drums,vocals
drums,vocals ==Discography==*1995 – [[Thanksanyway Vinyl|Thanks Anyway 7” Vinyl]]*1997 – [[Reverb on the Click]] (re-released 2003)*2009 - [[Distant Recordin ~~~

Sunflowers (band)

Drums,vocals->Drums, vocals? context: ~~~ Mahinda silva - Drums,vocals
Drums,vocals * Paul Fernando -saxophone* Marlon Dileepa Fernando - bass guitar* Manjula Gamage – lead guitar, vocals* Christopher Liyanage - vocals* Noel Raj – ~~~

Here Today (David Grisman album)

fiddle,vocals->fiddle, vocals? context: ~~~ m Buchanan – fiddle,vocals
fiddle,vocals *[[Vince Gill]] – guitar, vocals*[[Emory Gordy, Jr.]] – bass, vocals*[[Herb Pedersen]] – banjo, guitar, Vocals, 5-string Banjo'''Production note ~~~

Pete Barnacle

guitar,vocals->guitar, vocals? context: ~~~ ie Malmsteen - guitar,vocals
guitar,vocals *Goran Edman - lead vocals*[[Svante Henryson]] - bass*Mats Olausson - keyboards*Pete Barnacle - drums==With Soldiers of Fortune==Soldiers of Fortune a ~~~

The Humans (Romanian band)

Guitar,vocals->Guitar, vocals? context: ~~~ *Adrian Tanase-Guitar,vocals
Guitar,vocals *Pedro Adi Tetrade-Drums,percussion ~~~

Thulsa Doom (band)

guitar,vocals->guitar, vocals? context: ~~~ guitar,vocals
guitar,vocals * Angelov Doom ([[Egil Hegerberg]]) – bass, keyboards,vocals ~~~

What Is Not to Love

guitar,vocals->guitar, vocals? context: ~~~ – guitar,vocals
guitar,vocals *[[Will Schwartz]] – guitar,vocals ~~~

What Is Not to Love

guitar,vocals->guitar, vocals? context: ~~~ – guitar,vocals
guitar,vocals *Jone Stebbins – bass, backing vocals*[[Lynn Truell]] – drums, backing vocals===Technical staff===*[[Mark Freegard]]  ~~~

Embodiment: Collapsing Under the Weight of God

guitars,vocals->guitars, vocals? context: ~~~ on Anderson - guitars,vocals
guitars,vocals *Jason William Walton - bass*[[Andy Winter (musician)|Andy Winter]] - keyboards*[[David Murray (drummer)|David Murray]] - drums*Thomas Walling - lead ~~~

Hazardous Mutation

Guitars,vocals->Guitars, vocals? context: ~~~ [Ryan Waste]]-Guitars,vocals
Guitars,vocals *[[Land Phil]] (Phillip Hall)-Bass Guitars,vocals ~~~

Hazardous Mutation

Guitars,vocals->Guitars, vocals? context: ~~~ ip Hall)-Bass Guitars,vocals
Guitars,vocals *[[Dave Witte]]-Drums== Cultural reference ==The song "Guilty of Being Tight" opens with a quote from the horror movie [[Phantasm (film)|Pha ~~~

The Spear of the Lily Is Aureoled

guitars,vocals->guitars, vocals? context: ~~~ on Anderson - guitars,vocals
guitars,vocals *Jason William Walton - bass*[[Andy Winter (musician)|Andy Winter]] - keyboards*[[David Murray (drummer)|David Murray]] - drums*Thomas Walling - lead ~~~

Live at Deeply Vale

keyboards,vocals->keyboards, vocals? context: ~~~ na Barrat - keyboards,vocals
keyboards,vocals *Hari Williamson - guitar,sarcofagus ~~~

Thulsa Doom (band)

keyboards,vocals->keyboards, vocals? context: ~~~ bass, keyboards,vocals
keyboards,vocals * Fast Winston Doom ([[Halvor Winsnes]]) – drums==Discography=====Albums===*''[[The Seats are Soft But the Helmet Is Way Too Tight]]'' (2001 ~~~

The Fabulous Counts

organ,vocals->organ, vocals? context: ~~~ Davis (hammond organ,vocals)
organ,vocals), Leroy Emmanuel (guitar, vocals), Demo Cates (saxes,vocals), Jimmy "Junebug" Jackson (drums,vocals) and Jimmy Brown (saxes,voc).The band's ~~~

David Karsten Daniels

percussion,vocals->percussion, vocals? context: ~~~ n - drums, percussion,vocals
percussion,vocals <br>Ben Jousan - guitar, vocals <br>Lex Land - vocals <br>-topic - vocals <br>K8 - vocals <br>K. - vocals <br>Dash ~~~

He Reigns: The Worship Collection

percussion,vocals->percussion, vocals? context: ~~~ – drums, percussion,vocals
percussion,vocals *[[Bryan Olesen]] – guitars, vocals on tracks 4–6, 9, and 11*[[Rebecca St. James]] – vocals on Blessed Be Your Name== References =={{Reflist}}{{ ~~~

The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries

her,voice->her, voice? context: ~~~ Fan]] (Before see her,voice
her,voice is [[:zh:陳彥銘 (製作人)|B2]]) as Dongfang Bu Bai (東方不拜)===Additional Cast===*[[:zh:馬幼興|Eric Ma]] as Ren Hantian (任撼天) [Ren ~~~


Diptera,vol->Diptera, vol? context: ~~~ e of Palaearctic Diptera,vol.
Diptera,vol.10, Budapest.*Papp, T.,1978. Some cavernicolous Diptera of the Geneva Museum. ''Revue Suisse de Zoologie'' 85: 99-106.*Papp, T., 1998. Heleomyzidae. C ~~~

FAM control of induction motor

Japa,vol->Japa, vol? context: ~~~ motor”Trans.BIEE Japa,vol.
Japa,vol.104-B,p. 449,1984.[[Category:Electric motor control]]</text> <sha1>5objhmwgvo5pnx9zcebg990px909p89</sha1> </revision> </page> <page ~~~

FAM control of induction motor

Japan,vol->Japan, vol? context: ~~~ tion motors”JIEE Japan,vol.
Japan,vol.75,p. 493,May 1955.* S.Yamamura, S.Nakagawa,”Voltage type control of induction motor”Trans.BIEE Japa,vol. ~~~

Economic Warfare School

Journal,vol->Journal, vol? context: ~~~ warfare,Socrates Journal,vol.
Journal,vol.4,2016 <ref>{{cite journal|url=|title=Marxist ideology and philosophy as inte ~~~

Antonio Bueno

opere,vol->opere, vol? context: ~~~ ogo generale delle opere,vol.
opere,vol.I, ed. Giorgio Mondadori, Milano, 1994.*T. BUENO, Mio padre, Bueno, ‘Arte’ Mondadori, settembre, Milano, 1994.*M. FAGIOLO DELL’ARCO, Il pittore ~~~

Pholela High School

athletics,volleyball,->athletics, volleyball,? context: ~~~ all]], athletics,volleyball,
athletics,volleyball, tennis and basketball represented by both boys and girls teams. Cultural activities, including chess, debating, team-speaking, choir, poetry and tradi ~~~

Sutter Union High School

football,volleyball,->football, volleyball,? context: ~~~ cess in football,volleyball,
football,volleyball, girls soccer, baseball and softball. These teams have each won a Northern Section Championship in the past season.{{when|date=June 2012}} and the wre ~~~

Banasthali Vidyapith

hockey,volleyball,->hockey, volleyball,? context: ~~~ s such as hockey,volleyball,
hockey,volleyball, tennis, yoga, martial arts and mass physical display activities. The Veer Bala maidan is used for horse riding and the Shakuntlam playground is the cr ~~~

St. Petersburg State Transport University

swimming,volleyball,->swimming, volleyball,? context: ~~~ tennis, swimming,volleyball,
swimming,volleyball, athletics, weightlifting, Darts, rhythmic gymnastics.The University Olympiad "first-Year Prize" is also held in 9 sports: mini-football, str ~~~

Little Rock Indian School

Tennis,Volleyball,Throwball,etc->Tennis,Volleyball,Throwball, etc? context: ~~~ nis,Volleyball,Throwball,etc.
Tennis,Volleyball,Throwball,etc.* Reprographic Centre for in-house printing jobs.* Science park.* A separate building for tiny tots-The Kindergarten.* Hostel facility for boys and gi ~~~

Bhavan's Lloyds Vidya Niketan

handball,volleyball->handball, volleyball? context: ~~~ ketball, handball,volleyball
handball,volleyball and also junior recreational facilities. The school also has excellent lab facilities including biology lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, social scie ~~~

Roi Et Province Stadium

pool,volleyball->pool, volleyball? context: ~~~ de, swimming pool,volleyball
pool,volleyball hall, badminton hall, tennis courts, petanque facilities and weight room. There are also park type of exercise municipality facilities.[[Category:Mult ~~~


current,voltage->current, voltage? context: ~~~ eady measure current,voltage
current,voltage and resistance all at once, these type of circuits are often used in [[digital multimeter]]s.==Precision ohmmeters==For high-precision measurements of ~~~

Alexander Gurevich

Artists,volume->Artists, volume? context: ~~~ Contemporary Artists,volume
Artists,volume 8, ICA Publishing. 2014* Colorida gallery, Lisbon, catalog 2015,* Leningrad Underground, New Museum,2015, Sn. Pet ~~~

Nonprofit studies

research,volunteering,->research, volunteering,? context: ~~~ based research,volunteering,
research,volunteering, and participatory action research can enhance the learning process by combining experiential learning and skill building with critical reflection on s ~~~


beer,voodoo->beer, voodoo? context: ~~~ luding diet root beer,voodoo
beer,voodoo (lemon-lime citrus) [[cream soda]], diet cream soda, grape pop, [[Orange soft drink|orange pop]], strawberry pop, [[ginger ale]], hip hop pop (Raspber ~~~

Bravery, Repetition and Noise

guitar,vox->guitar, vox? context: ~~~ 2-string electric guitar,vox
guitar,vox fuzz repeater*Frankie Emerson – guitar*Hunter Crowley – drums*David Koenig – bass*[[Bobby Hecksher]] – guitar*James Ambrose – vocals, guitar ~~~

El Protector (2019)

Metal,vs->Metal, vs? context: ~~~ o de Oro Jr., Death Metal,vs.
Metal,vs. Latino, Neza Kid|stip4=El Protector 2019 seeding [[Battle royal (professional wrestling)|battle royal]]|match5= Ángel Tormenta and [[Villano V Jr.]] ~~~

Defence Services Command and Staff College

RSP,VSV,USP,ndc,psc,Isc->RSP,VSV,USP,ndc, psc,Isc? context: ~~~ nghe RSP,VSV,USP,ndc,psc,Isc.
RSP,VSV,USP,ndc,psc,Isc.DSCSC Course No 1 commenced immediately after the inauguration ceremony with 36 Student Officers from the Army, 8 Student Officers from the Navy and 1 ~~~

Triangle mesh

hvk,vti->hvk, vti? context: ~~~ identifying an edge hvk,vti
hvk,vti where vk is called the keep vertex and vt is called the throw vertex. The triangles that share this edge are removed from the mesh. The vertex vt is a ~~~

Mobile membranes

ux,vy->ux, vy? context: ~~~ \! V, u,v,x,y \in V^*, ux,vy
ux,vy \in V^+</math> '''(phago)'''\noindent where <math>M_1</math> is a multiset and <math>M</math>, <math>N</math&gt ~~~

Mobile membranes

ux,vy->ux, vy? context: ~~~ ux,vy
ux,vy \in V^+</math> '''(pino)'''<math>[[M]_{a\;\|\;u}\;\|\;N]_{\overline{a}\;\|\;v} \rightarrow M\;\|\;[N]_{u\;\|\;v\;\|\;x}</math>, for ~~~


,waadhida,cabdho->,waadhida, cabdho? context: ~~~ Gobdhahanle ,waadhida,cabdho
,waadhida,cabdho diirshe, daalalay, Nune, jameco, Bardo, Bakaylelay, Tur’awl, Jabsa, Hajinada (Hajin weyne and Hajin yare), Danlahelay ,Ges-qabad, Dabagorayo, Gala- ~~~

Rajgurunagar (Khed)

preschool,wada->preschool, wada? context: ~~~ *Small wonder preschool,wada
preschool,wada road, Rajgurunagar* Mahatma Gandhi Vidyalaya, Rajgurunagar* Sheth Kesharchand Parakh Prathmic Vidyalaya, Rajgurunagar* Prangan Nursery School,wada ~~~

Rajgurunagar (Khed)

School,wada->School, wada? context: ~~~ Prangan Nursery School,wada
School,wada road,Rajgurunagar.* Little Champs English Medium School* KTES English Medium school, Rajgurunagar* Z P School, Tinhewadi NO.1/2* Trimurti Vidyalaya, T ~~~

Bodwad railway station

office,waiting->office, waiting? context: ~~~ d reservation office,waiting
office,waiting room, retiring room and book stall.{{cn|date=February 2019}}==Trains=====Daily express trains===Several daily express trains stop at Bodwad station as ~~~

Kolkata Derby

competitive,walk->competitive, walk? context: ~~~ s including competitive,walk
competitive,walk overs and friendlies matches data have been retrieved as far as possible. Though the data is just an approximation, it is believed that the tally of ~~~


mounds,walls->mounds, walls? context: ~~~ ater jars,house mounds,walls
mounds,walls nd a big gate found on its Ocean floor with the Spiritual Guardian of Vuniivilevu who normally illuminates that sacred seafield with its big lights(30 ~~~

Red Nail Polish

family,wants->family, wants? context: ~~~ , Mother of the family,wants
family,wants to send Akram to Arak (a city), but she doesn't accept it. Akram is a sixteen years old girl who should struggle with financial and social problems in ~~~

Ampasayya Naveen

Kendram,warangal,2010->Kendram, warangal,2010? context: ~~~ ignana Kendram,warangal,2010
Kendram,warangal,2010 20. Life Time Achievement Award from Abyudaya Foundation, Kakinada, 2011.21. Life Time Achievement Award from Samskruthi,Guntur,2012.22. Best Short ~~~

Container Corporation of India

operator,warehouse->operator, warehouse? context: ~~~ erminal]] operator,warehouse
operator,warehouse operator & MMLP operation.{{fact|date=September 2019}}==References=={{Reflist}}==External links==*[ Container Corporati ~~~

María Fernanda Heredia

affection,warmth->affection, warmth? context: ~~~ a sense of affection,warmth
affection,warmth and wisdom in each situation. Also,her ~~~

Expansions of Eve Online

mechanics,warp->mechanics, warp? context: ~~~ , new hacking mechanics,warp
mechanics,warp acceleration changes, a new character selection screen and [[Twitch (service)|Twitch]] streaming. The update is also the first steps towards colonisat ~~~

List of radio stations in Nigeria

udu,warri->udu, warri? context: ~~~ *89.1 megafm udu,warri
udu,warri * 93.1 – Quest FM, Ughelli-Patani Road, Ogor<ref></ref>* 94.7 – Crown FM, Asaba* 95. ~~~

Thomas Howell (poet)

4to,was->4to, was? context: ~~~ ted, and amended,’ 4to,was
4to,was licensed for publication in 1567-8. An imperfect, undated copy, supposed to be unique, is preserved in the Capell collection ([[Trinity College, Cambr ~~~

Rakhine State

activist,was->activist, was? context: ~~~ a Sittwe-based activist,was
activist,was filed with public mischief charges under the Penal Code. Eight rakhine youths who were wounded in the protest were detained and charged under Article ~~~

Rii Sen

actress,was->actress, was? context: ~~~ short films.The actress,was
actress,was also a contestant of ‘Bigg Boss Bangla Season 2’,<ref name="KEDDK" />=== Film career ======= 2009—2011 ====Sen acted in ''Tepant ~~~

Bernard Nussbaum

again,was->again, was? context: ~~~ hat increase, once again,was
again,was phased in over a two and a half year period, which commenced on April 1, 2016 and concluded in 2018.==Watergate=={{BLP unsourced section|date=December ~~~

Belonger status

and,was->and, was? context: ~~~ e of eighteen years, and,was
and,was endorsed on a Permanent Residence Certificate; or** (c) the person is the child of a person who is the spouse of an Islander, who has not been adopt ~~~

Fort Center

area,was->area, was? context: ~~~ migration from that area,was
area,was a leap too far. The major disagreement then and now centered around a 365 m in diameter circular ditch at Fort Center referred to as the " Great ~~~

Kiveton Park Rural District

arms,was->arms, was? context: ~~~ e [[blazon]] of the arms,was
arms,was as follows:<br>''Quarterly ermine and azure, on a cross Or between in the first quarter a cock and a magpie combatant proper, in the second quar ~~~

Little London, Leeds

artist,was->artist, was? context: ~~~ ], (1861–1950), artist,was
artist,was born at 50 Camp Road==References=={{Reflist}}==External links=={{Commons category inline|Little London, Leeds}}{{NSEW|[[Potternewton]]|[[Leeds city ce ~~~

Galician independence

attacks,was->attacks, was? context: ~~~ for several bomb attacks,was
attacks,was made public.The [[Galician Nationalist Bloc|BNG]] and [[Anova-Nationalist Brotherhood]], the two nationalist/secessionist political parties, have 15 o ~~~

Baku Convention Center

Azerbaijan,was->Azerbaijan, was? context: ~~~ Government of Azerbaijan,was
Azerbaijan,was held in Baku Convention Center on the occasion of the 4th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue on May 4, 2017. The opening speech of the Forum was ma ~~~

History of the Jews in Cyprus

Britain,was->Britain, was? context: ~~~ First Bishop of Britain,was
Britain,was the brother of the Apostle Barnabas. Under the leadership of Artemion, the Cypriot Jews participated in the [[Kitos War|great rebellion]] against the ~~~

Gaetano Pollastri

brother,was->brother, was? context: ~~~ usto's]] younger brother,was
brother,was a professional violinist but after the first world war he devoted himself to violin making. He worked with the same company as his brother in via Cast ~~~

Battle of Assietta

butchery,was->butchery, was? context: ~~~ rderly then the butchery,was
butchery,was portended.The one-sided character of the slaughter was apparent.French casualties totaled 6,400 including 400 officers,<ref>{{Cite book|title=I ~~~

R. Sivabhogam

Chennai,was->Chennai, was? context: ~~~ ellington School Chennai,was
Chennai,was a student of Sister Subbalakshmi in field of Social Service and graduated from The Queen Mary’s College Chennai. She participated in non cooperation ~~~

Cap and Bells (horse)

Chree,was->Chree, was? context: ~~~ h-bred mare Ben-My-Chree,was
Chree,was a daughter of Ulster Queen, making her a close relative of [[Louvois (horse)|Louvois]] ([[2000 Guineas]]) and Louviers (runner-up in the [[Epsom Derby ~~~

Delhi Public School Rohini

committees,was->committees, was? context: ~~~ me with three committees,was
committees,was organised in 2019, on 7 and 8 August. The current Secretary General is Ananya Gupta, and the current Deputy Secretary General is Mrityunjay Sharma.== ~~~

Battle of Marianna

Company,was->Company, was? context: ~~~ , Sr., Norwood's Company,was
Company,was severely wounded and died of bullet wounds at his home on September 29, 1864.Bassett, Henry O., Norwood's Company, killed outright.Sullivan, Solomon, ~~~

Qi County, Kaifeng

composer,was->composer, was? context: ~~~ asty]] poet and composer,was
composer,was born shortly before 178 in Yu Prefecture ({{lang|zh-hant|圉縣}}), Chenliu Commandery ({{lang|zh-hant|陳留}}), in what is now Qi County, Kaifeng, H ~~~

Confraternity of the Immaculate Conception

Conception,was->Conception, was? context: ~~~ he Immaculate Conception,was
Conception,was declared in 1854.[ Through the centuries the Church has become ever more aware tha ~~~

Sacramento Senators (soccer)

defender,was->defender, was? context: ~~~ rlos Azevedo, a defender,was
defender,was later entered into the Sacramento Hall of Fame in 1989.==Year-by-year=={| class="wikitable"!Year!Division!League!Reg. Season!Playoffs!Open C ~~~

Pljevlja Gymnasium

education,was->education, was? context: ~~~ ning of modern education,was
education,was organized in [[Church (building)|Church]]es and [[Monastery|monasteries]].The [[Holy Trinity Monastery (Pljevlja)]] became of great significance of cu ~~~

VDL Berkhof

employees,was->employees, was? context: ~~~ r year and 500 employees,was
employees,was acquired. The total staff number of employees of the Berkhof Groep now reached 1,200.In 1997, the company changed its name from ''Berkhof Groep'' to ' ~~~

Belgut Constituency

entrant,was->entrant, was? context: ~~~ # Benjamin (new entrant,was
entrant,was from somewhere in Chemamul)By then Kiptarus Kirior who later became the Member of Parliament for Belgut was by then the Councillor for Soin Ward and s ~~~

Vidya Charan Shukla

excesses,was->excesses, was? context: ~~~ o the Emergency excesses,was
excesses,was stunned when V. C. Shukla owned entire responsibility for the functioning of his ministry.<ref name=k>{{cite news|title=A memorable evening with ~~~

Frederick Lewis Davis

Ferndale,was->Ferndale, was? context: ~~~ Lewis Davis of Ferndale,was
Ferndale,was selected as president of the association. Shortly afterwards, Lewis Davis was invited by the Association to be its parliamentary candidate and defeate ~~~

Sekhar Das

festivals,was->festivals, was? context: ~~~ rnational film festivals,was
festivals,was also jury for the national awards in India, and he was selected as one of the selection committee members for nominating Indian film to Oscar.==Early ~~~

June 1943

flight,was->flight, was? context: ~~~ heduled passenger flight,was
flight,was shot down over the [[Bay of Biscay]] during an encounter with by eight German [[Junkers Ju 88]]s. All 17 persons aboard perished, including the film ~~~

The Salvation Army, Sydney Congress Hall

group,was->group, was? context: ~~~ contemporary vocal group,was
group,was active in the 1990s. The group was used both in meetings and for outreach into the Sydney community.==See also==*[[The Salvation Army, Australia Easte ~~~

Noy (film)

him,was->him, was? context: ~~~ nitially discouraged him,was
him,was forced to agree. He covered Senator Aquino's campaigns from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, everytime, from sunrise to midnight, from live coverage to re ~~~

Reportedly haunted locations in the San Francisco Bay Area

House,was->House, was? context: ~~~ Manrow’s House,was
House,was built in 1851 by J.P. Marrow, a successful civil engineer and also a judge advocate of a vigilance committee with high reputation in the city. He repo ~~~

Robert Kerr (architect)

houses,was->houses, was? context: ~~~ Victorian country houses,was
houses,was Bear Wood (now [[Bearwood College]]) near [[Wokingham]], [[Berkshire]], built 1865–74 for the owner of ''[[The Times]]'' newspaper, [[John W ~~~

Damien O'Hagan

Joe,was->Joe, was? context: ~~~ 'Hagan's father,John-Joe,was
Joe,was also a footballer, winning 2 All-Ireland Minor medals and 2 Ulster Senior titles.<ref> ~~~


Lahore,was->Lahore, was? context: ~~~ a Ranjit Singh of Lahore,was
Lahore,was appointed as Risaldar Major.{{cn|date=February 2018}}* Raja Ali Bahadur Khan (Died in 1908) was a Provincial Darbari and served ad Extra Assistant Com ~~~

Winlaton Youth Training Centre

Leawarra,was->Leawarra, was? context: ~~~ ia. A hostel, Leawarra,was
Leawarra,was opened in December 1959 to provide accommodation for inmates who were close to release and were attending outside schools or employment.<ref>Chi ~~~

John William Little

Little,was->Little, was? context: ~~~ r. George Wilfred Little,was
Little,was a businessman,sportsman ~~~

Cyprian Lucar

Lucar,was->Lucar, was? context: ~~~ is father, Emanuel Lucar,was
Lucar,was a member of the Merchant Taylors' Company.<ref name="auto">{{cite web|url=,_Cyprian_(DNB00)|title= ~~~

Chandrashekarendra Saraswati

Mahalakshmi,was->Mahalakshmi, was? context: ~~~ . His mother Mahalakshmi,was
Mahalakshmi,was also a [[Kannadiga]] Brahmin who belonged to the village of Icchangudi near Tiruvaiyaru.Swaminathan was the second child of his parents.<ref name=& ~~~

Werneth, Greater Manchester

Mill,was->Mill, was? context: ~~~ 2-1858) of Wallshaw Mill,was
Mill,was the first [[alderman]] elected for the Werneth Ward of Oldham Council. He was a [[Conservative]] and was "elbowed" out in 1852 after which h ~~~

Buildings of the Swat (princely state)

mosque,was->mosque, was? context: ~~~ te to Allho Akbar mosque,was
mosque,was built by [[Miangul Abdul Wadud(Badshah Sahib)|Miangul Abdul Wadud]] (Wali of Swat) 1927. The building consisted of an OPD, and one Medical Officer l ~~~

Lab quarters

Prasad,wasankar,Neelang->Prasad, wasankar,Neelang? context: ~~~ vi J Prasad,wasankar,Neelang
Prasad,wasankar,Neelang Trivedi,Suman,Vivek, Sahu,Pradeesh, Yadagiri,Srikant are some of the many stars turned Galaxies.Player turned Cricket commentary tycoon 'Parthraj Trip ~~~

Swan Lake

maidens,watch->maidens, watch? context: ~~~ o transform to maidens,watch
maidens,watch as Siegfried and Odette ascend into the Heavens together, forever united in love.===1877 libretto synopsis===Act 1: Prince Siegfried, his friends, and ~~~