1980 United States gubernatorial elections

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1980 United States gubernatorial elections

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15 governorships
13 states; 2 territories
  Majority party Minority party
Party Democratic Republican
Last election 31 governorships 19 governorships
Seats before 31 19
Seats after 27 23
Seat change Decrease4 Increase4

1980 Gubernatorial election map.svg
  Democratic holds
  Republican holds
  Republican pickups

United States gubernatorial elections were held on November 4, 1980 in 13 states and two territories. The Republican party had a net gain of four seats in this election, with the Senate, House elections and presidential election. This was the last election in which a Democrat won the gubernatorial contest in Utah and also the last election in which a Republican won the gubernatorial race in the state of Washington.

Election results[edit]

A bolded state name features an article about the specific election.

State Incumbent Party Status Opposing candidates
Arkansas Bill Clinton Democratic Defeated, 48.1% Frank D. White (Republican) 51.9%
Delaware Pierre S. du Pont, IV Republican Re-elected, 70.7% William J. Gordy (Democratic) 28.5%
Lawrence Levy (Libertarian) 0.8%
Indiana Otis R. Bowen Republican Term-limited, Republican victory Robert D. Orr (Republican) 57.7%
John A. Hillenbrand (Democratic) 41.9%
Cletis Artist (American) 0.4%
Missouri Joseph P. Teasdale Democratic Defeated, 47.0% Kit Bond (Republican) 52.6%
Helen Savio (Socialist Workers) 0.3%
Montana Thomas Lee Judge Democratic Defeated in primary, Democratic victory Ted Schwinden (Democratic) 55.4%
Jack Ramirez (Republican) 44.6%
New Hampshire Hugh Gallen Democratic Re-elected, 59.0% Meldrim Thomson, Jr. (Republican) 40.7%
James Pinnaird (Libertarian) 0.3%
North Carolina Jim Hunt Democratic Re-elected, 61.9% I. Beverly Lake (Republican) 37.4%
Robert Y. Emory (Libertarian) 0.5%
Douglas A. Cooper (Socialist Workers) 0.2%
North Dakota Arthur A. Link Democratic-NPL Defeated, 46.4% Allen I. Olson (Republican) 53.6%
Rhode Island John Garrahy Democratic Re-elected, 73.7% Buddy Cianci (Republican) 26.9%
Utah Scott M. Matheson Democratic Re-elected, 55.2% Bob Wright (Republican) 44.4%
Lawrence Rey Topham (American) 0.4%
Vermont Richard A. Snelling Republican Re-elected, 58.7% M. Jerome Diamond (Democratic) 36.6%
Daniel E. Woodward (Independent) 2.5%
Bruce Cullen (Independent) 1.1%
John Potthast (Liberty Union) 0.9%
Washington Dixy Lee Ray Democratic Defeated in primary, Republican victory John Spellman (Republican) 56.7%
Jim McDermott (Democratic) 43.3%
West Virginia Jay Rockefeller Democratic Re-elected, 54.1% Arch A. Moore, Jr. (Republican) 45.4%
Jack Kelley (Libertarian) 0.4%

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