Barabanki–Lucknow Suburban Railway

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View of Barabanki-Lucknow MEMU train at Barabanki Jn railway station's platform no. 2.

Barabanki–Lucknow Suburban Railway is a commuter rail service operated by Northern Railways, North Central Railway and North Eastern Railway to connect Lucknow with Barabanki. These services are mostly run using EMU and MEMU rakes. However it does not have dedicated suburban tracks but share the tracks with long distance trains. Locally it is called BL meaning Barabanki Lucknow (while LC means Lucknow Cawnpore).

Distance and time[edit]

  • Distance between Lucknow (LKO) and Barabanki Jn (BBK) is 28–29 km (NR route).
  • Distance between Lucknow Jn (LJN) and Barabanki Jn (BBK) is 36–37 km (NER route).
  • Most of the LSB trains cover the whole journey within 50 minutes via NR route (28–29 km) (NR route).
  • Most of the LGB trains cover the whole journey within 1 hour 30 minutes via NER route (36–37 km) (NER route).
  • Intercity and other Superfast trains take 40 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes. (Amrapali Express takes exactly 40 minutes for whole journey while Ganga Sutlej Express takes exactly 1 hour 10 minutes.)

MEMU/EMU and passenger trains[edit]

Barabanki to Kanpur[edit]

NR route[edit]

Stations Distance from source Event 64231
Barabanki Jn 0 km Departute 10:10
Safedabad 7 km Departute 10:21
Jugaur 11 km Departute 10:28
Malhour 16 km Departute 10:35
Lucknow 28 km Arrival 11:00

NER route[edit]

Stations Distance from source Event 64271
Barabanki Jn 0 km Departute 13:10
Safedabad 7 km Departute 13:21
Jugaur 11 km Departute 13:27
Malhour 17 km Departute 13:37
Gomati Nagar 21 km Departute 13:43
Badshahnagar 25 km Departute 13:50
Daliganj 29 km Departute 17:40
Lucknow City 31 km Departute 13:58
Aishbagh 34 km Departute 14:04
Lucknow Jn 36 km Arrival 14:45

Lucknow to Barabanki[edit]

NR route[edit]

Stations Event 2LSB 4LSB
Lucknow Departute 11:05 13:40
Malhour Departute 11:26 14:03
Jugaur Departute 11:33 14:12
Safedabad Departute 11:39 14:20
Barabanki Jn Arrival 11:38 14:35

NER route[edit]

Stations Event 64274
Lucknow Jn Departute 18:15
Aishbagh Departute 18:26
Lucknow City Departute 18:40
Daliganj Departute 18:46
Badshahnagar Departute 19:07
Gomati Nagar Departute 19:15
Malhour Departute 19:24
Jugaur Departute 19:30
Safedabad Departute 19:36
Barabanki Jn Arrival 19:45

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