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Bensonhurst Park is a park in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, New York City.[1] The park stretches from the north border at Cropsey Avenue to the south border at Lower New York Bay. The park has a playground on the north-east side,[2] a field in the middle of the playground and several basketball courts on the west side.[3] There is also a bathroom in the northwest side of the park.


The first calls for a park at Bath Beach began in 1891. The initial 16 acres of parkland was acquired in 1895, followed by additional purchases in 1924 and 1944.[4]

In 2016, a $6.5 million renovation was announced for Bensonhurst Park.[5][6] Renovations are expected to begin in mid-2019.[7]


Bensonhurst Park's area is 0.789 square miles, while the perimeter is 3.84 miles. That area also includes the southern part of Bensonhurst Park (south of Belt Parkway). Without the southern part, this park would be only about 14 acres. Bensonhurst Park borders Cropsey Avenue to the north, Belt Parkway in the middle, Bay Parkway to the east, and 21st Avenue to the west. The park borders Gravesend Bay, part of New York Bay, as well.


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