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In Lakota mythology, Čanotila ("they live in a tree") are a race of forest-dwelling creatures, similar to fairies.

The Canotila are forest spirits of Sioux folklore, usually appearing as sprites or dwarves. "Canoti" literally means "tree dweller," and "canotila" means "little tree dweller." They were considered messengers from the spirit world and often appeared to Sioux people in dreams.

Tribal affiliation: Dakota and Lakota tribes

Alternate spellings: Canoti, Can Oti, Canotina, Chan-o-te-na, Can'otial, C'an Do't'idah, Can Hotidan, Chanhotina, Can-o-tila, Cano'ti'na, Hohno'gicidan , Chahoterdah , Oh-no-ge-cha, Oglugechana, Ungnagicaca

Pronunciation: varies by dialect. Canotila is pronounced chawn-oh-tee-lah.

Also known as: Tree Dwellers, Woods Elves