Carroll Park

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Carroll Park
Mount Clare Museum House, rear (21592230272).jpg
Mount Clare Mansion
TypePublic park
Location1500 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21230[1]
Coordinates39°16′34″N 76°39′14″W / 39.276°N 76.654°W / 39.276; -76.654Coordinates: 39°16′34″N 76°39′14″W / 39.276°N 76.654°W / 39.276; -76.654
Area117 acres
Operated byCity of Baltimore

Carroll Park is a nearly 117-acre (47 ha) public park located in the historic Washington Village-Pigtown neighborhood in southwestern Baltimore, Maryland. The park is bordered by Washington Boulevard to the south, Monroe Street to the west, Bayard Street to the east, and the Mount Clare Branch of the Baltimore Terminal Subdivision railroad to the north. The park also extends westward beyond the Montgomery Ward Warehouse and Retail Store to include the Carroll Park Golf Course.


Acquired by the City of Baltimore in 1890, Carroll Park is Baltimore's third oldest urban park.[2] The park's namesake comes from the historic Carroll family, who owned the property surrounding Mount Clare Mansion. After the Carrolls left Mount Clare in 1840, German immigrants leased the land for private use under the name of Schuetzen Park.[3] Once under city ownership, the property was landscaped for public use by Frederick Law Olmsted.

The Carroll Park Golf Course is notable for being one of the first golf courses racially integrated in 1951 due to civilian protests.[4]

Carroll Park features the historic Mount Clare Museum House, a golf course, basketball courts, baseball fields, and a skate-park.[3][1]

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