Chattooga River (Alabama–Georgia)

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Chattooga River
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ coordinates34°35′56″N 85°20′44″W / 34.59891°N 85.34544°W / 34.59891; -85.34544
 ⁃ coordinates
34°15′21″N 85°33′59″W / 34.25580°N 85.56650°W / 34.25580; -85.56650Coordinates: 34°15′21″N 85°33′59″W / 34.25580°N 85.56650°W / 34.25580; -85.56650

The Chattooga River runs 64.4 miles (103.6 km)[1] through northwest Georgia and northeast Alabama in the United States. The river begins in Chattooga County, Georgia and flows into Weiss Lake on the Coosa River in Alabama. This river is one of two rivers named Chattooga in the state of Georgia. The other Chattooga River forms part of the boundary between Georgia and South Carolina.


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