Clerk of the New York Court of Appeals

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The Clerk of the New York Court of Appeals was one of the statewide elected officials in New York from 1847 to 1870. He was also ex officio a clerk of the New York Supreme Court. The office was created by the New York State Constitution of 1846.[1] The first Clerk was elected at the 1847 New York special judicial election, and took office on July 5, 1847, when the Court of Appeals succeeded the Court for the Correction of Errors and the Court of Chancery.


Name Took office Left office Party[2] Notes
Charles S. Benton July 5, 1847 December 31, 1853 Democratic two terms; elected on the Democratic ticket in 1847, and on the Democratic and Anti-Rent tickets in 1850
Benjamin F. Harwood January 1, 1854 March 30, 1856 Whig died in office
Russell F. Hicks March 30, 1856 December 31, 1859 Republican Deputy Clerk under Harwood, then elected
Charles Hughes January 1, 1860 December 31, 1862 Republican/American
Frederick A. Tallmadge January 1, 1863 December 31, 1865 Dem./Const. Union
Patrick Henry Jones January 1, 1866 December 31, 1868 Republican
Edwin O. Perrin January 1, 1869 December 19, 1889 Democratic re-appointed after the re-organization of the Court in 1870, died in office
Gorham Parks 1897 (son of Gorham Parks)
William H. Shankland 1898
Richard M. Barber –1921–
Joseph W. Bellacosa 1975 1983 Associate Judge of the Court of Appeals 1987-2000
Donald Sheraw 1983
Stuart M. Cohen November 15, 1996 November 23, 2010
Andrew Klein November 24, 2010 incumbent


  1. ^ see Article VI, § 19, NY Constitution of 1846
  2. ^ This is the party on which ticket the Clerk had been elected.


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