Cruiser and Transport Force

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The Cruiser and Transport Service was a unit of the United States Navy's Atlantic Fleet during World War I that was responsible for transporting American men and materiel to France.


On 1 July 1918, the Cruiser and Transport Force was composed of the following ships:[1]

Organization Cruiser And Transport Force United States Atlantic Fleet 1 July 1918 Rear Admiral Albert Gleaves Commander

Cruiser Force[edit]

Squadron One[edit]

Cruiser Force, Squadron One, was under the command of Rear Admiral Albert Gleaves

Squadron Two[edit]

Cruiser Force, Squadron Two, was under the command of Rear Admiral Marbury Johnston

French Navy warships[edit]

The Dupetit-Thouars

French cruisers of the Naval Division of the Atlantic operating with Cruiser Force under the command of French Rear Admiral Marie Gaston Grout[2]

Transport Force[edit]

New York Division[edit]

Transport Force, New York Division, was under the command of Rear Admiral Albert Gleaves

Newport News Division[edit]

Transport Force, Newport News Division, was under the command of Rear Admiral Hilary P. Jones

Foreign vessels[edit]

Foreign vessels operating with the Transport Force Newport News Division


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