Dehra Compass

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Dehra Compass
Dehra Compass is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Dehra Compass
Elevation5,450 m (17,881 ft)
Coordinates34°55′41″N 78°41′32″E / 34.928192°N 78.69214°E / 34.928192; 78.69214Coordinates: 34°55′41″N 78°41′32″E / 34.928192°N 78.69214°E / 34.928192; 78.69214

Dehra Compass, also known as Kompas La, is a mountain pass in Aksai Chin, under Chinese control, and claimed by India. 'Dehra' is derived from the Punjabi and Seraiki language word 'dera', meaning camp, while 'Compass' comes from the name of a survey officer, Kompas-Walla.[1] Chinese troops occupied Dehra Compass in 1961.[2][3]


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