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Districts of Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir consists of two divisions: Jammu Division and Kashmir Division and is further divided into 20 districts:[1]

This excludes the Pakistani administered region of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (13,297 km2). The remaining 42,241 km2 is administered by India.[2]


Princely state of Kashmir[edit]

Prior to 1947, Kashmir was a princely state under the paramountcy of the British Indian Empire. The central part of the princely state was administratively divided into the provinces Jammu and Kashmir. In addition there were frontier districts and semi-autonomous jagirs (principalities). They were subdivided as follows:[3]

The Gilgit district and the frontier ilaqas were administered by the British administration as the Gilgit Agency, which were returned to the princely state prior to the Partition of India.


Following the independence of India and Pakistan, in October 1947, there was an attack by mercenaries sponsored by Pakistan in the western districts of the princely state coupled with a tribal invasion, both of which were supported by the newly independent Dominion of Pakistan. The princely ruler acceded to the Indian Union in return for armed assistance. India and Pakistan fought the First Kashmir War that lasted through 1948, at the end of which large parts of the three western districts of Mirpur, Poonch and Muzaffarabad, the whole of the Gilgit Agency and the Skardu sub-district of Ladakh came under Pakistani control. The remainder of the princely state has been organised as a state of the Indian Union under the name Jammu Kashmir.

Inside India[edit]

Districts of the former Jammu and Kashmir state (1949-2019) the following former districts in letters: A. Gilgit B. Aksai Chin/Ladakh C. Gilgit Wazarat D. Chilas E. Tribal territory F. Muzaffarabad G. Punch H. Mirpur

The territory under the Indian control include:[4][5]

The districts were reorganised by 1968, breaking up some of the larger districts.[7] In 2006, eight new districts were created: Kishtwar, Ramban, Reasi, Samba, Bandipora, Ganderbal, Kulgam and Shopian.[8]

In August 2019, the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act was passed by both houses of the Indian Parliament. The provisions contained in the bill reorganised the state of Jammu and Kashmir into two union territories; Jammu and Kashmir (union territory) and Ladakh with effect from 31 October 2019.


Jammu Division[edit]

Name of District Headquarters Area (km²) Population
2001 Census
2011 Census[9][10]
Doda District Doda 2,306 320,256 409,576
Jammu District Jammu 3,097 1,343,756 1,526,406
Kathua District Kathua 2,651 550,084 615,711
Kishtwar District Kishtwar 7,737[11] 190,843 231,037
Poonch District Poonch 1,674 372,613 476,820
Rajouri District Rajouri 2,630 483,284 619,266
Ramban District Ramban 1,329 180,830 283,313
Reasi District Reasi 1,719 268,441 314,714
Samba District Samba 904 245,016 318,611
Udhampur District Udhampur 4,550 475,068 555,357
Total 10 26,293 4,430,191 5,350,811

Kashmir Division[edit]

Name of District Headquarters Area (km²) Population
2001 Census
2011 Census
Anantnag District Anantnag 3,984 734,549 1,069,749
Bandipora District Bandipora 398 316,436 385,099
Baramulla district Baramulla 4,588 853,344 1,015,503
Budgam District Budgam 1,371 629,309 755,331
Ganderbal District Ganderbal 259 211,899 297,003
Kulgam District Kulgam 1,067 437,885 423,181
Kupwara District Kupwara 2,379 650,393 875,564
Pulwama District Pulwama 1,398 441,275 570,060
Shopian District Shopian 612.87 211,332 265,960
Srinagar District Srinagar 294 1,027,670 1,236,829
Total 10 16,351 5,514,092 6,894,279


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