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Douglaston Park Golf Course
Douglaston Park Golf Course.jpg
Club information
Coordinates40°45′09″N 73°43′57″W / 40.75250°N 73.73250°W / 40.75250; -73.73250Coordinates: 40°45′09″N 73°43′57″W / 40.75250°N 73.73250°W / 40.75250; -73.73250
LocationDouglaston, Queens, New York City, New York, USA
Total holes18
Douglaston Park Golf Course
Length5,469 yards
Course rating65.5
Course record60 by Gabe Lee (7/11/2010)

Douglaston Park is a public park located in the Douglaston section of Queens, New York City. It contains a golf course named Douglaston Park Golf Course.

According to The New York Times it is also the name of the surrounding residential area, one of five other distinct subsections of Douglaston.[1][2] More specifically, the Douglaston Park neighborhood is the area located between Northern Boulevard and Interstate 495 (I-495, also known as the Long Island Expressway/LIE).[1]

Douglaston Park Golf Course[edit]

The country club's clubhouse, known as Douglaston Manor,[citation needed] is an elaborate Spanish/Mission revival structure, designed by architect Clifford C. Wendehack.[citation needed] The front entrance and sole parking lot at the club is available at the north end of Commonwealth Boulevard and the intersection with Marathon Parkway. It is the former location of the North Hills Country Club.[citation needed]


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