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IndustryMedical equipment
Founded1982; 38 years ago (1982)
FounderCarlo Castellano
ProductsMagnetic resonance imaging

Esaote SpA is an Italian company operating in the biomedical sector that deals with the design, production, sale and maintenance of equipment for medical diagnostics.


Esaote was founded in Genoa in 1982 as a division of Biomedical Electronics Ansaldo Ansaldo SpA. In 1984, its activities with those of Elsag SpA converge in Esacontrol. In 1986 STET acquires Tuscan Officine Elettromeccaniche Biomedica - OTE Biomedica Elettronica SpA and in 1988 moved to the Finmeccanica which shall merge it with the biomedical sector Esacontrol, giving rise to Esaote Biomedica SpA, created by Elsag, Selenia and Ansaldo (hence the ' acronym ESA). Privatized by the state in 1994, it changed its name to Esaote SpA and two years later was listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, which was released in 2003 following a takeover bid for 100% of the share capital sponsored by Bracco SpA, already the majority shareholder since 1998 through Bracco Holding NV.

In May 2016, Esaote opened a new office at the Erzelli science and technology park of Genoa.

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