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Grand Wizard was the title given to the head of the Reconstruction era Ku Klux Klan which existed from 1865 to 1869.[1]


In 1915, the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were created along the lines of a fraternal organization. The highest-ranking leader of that latter-day organization was the Imperial Wizard. National officers were styled "Imperial" officers. State or "Realm" officers were styled "Grand" officers. A "Grand Dragon", for example, was the highest-ranking Klansman in a given state.

Following World War II, dozens of people have assumed the "Wizard" title as leaders of the numerous, independent, Klan-oriented organizations that have existed since then, the majority of which lack historical significance.

Grand Wizards or Imperial Wizards[edit]

This list excludes those Grand or Imperial Wizards of post-war, independent Klan factions:

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