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City Of Waterfalls
Khopoli is located in Maharashtra
Location in Maharashtra, India
Coordinates: 18°47′20″N 73°20′35″E / 18.789°N 73.343°E / 18.789; 73.343Coordinates: 18°47′20″N 73°20′35″E / 18.789°N 73.343°E / 18.789; 73.343
Country India
61 m (200 ft)
 • Total108,648
 • OfficialMarathi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
410203 410204 410216
Vehicle registrationMH-46

Khopoli is an industrial city in the Khalapur taluka of Raigad district, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, at the base of the Sahyadri mountains. Patalganga River which is the tailrace channel of Tata Hydroelectric Power station flows through Khopoli.[1][2]

It is a municipal council and is a part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Khopoli Municipal council covers an area of 30 km2.[3]

Khopoli is served by a railway station connected to the Mumbai suburban railway by a single line from Karjat. The distance between CST to Khopoli is 114.24 km along the Central Railway Suburban Line which is a broad gauge line carrying electric locomotives.[4][5]

Initially, Khopoli railway station was employed with a single platform for the up and down movement of local trains. In 2019, Khopoli station was revamped with an additional platform for the up and down movement of local trains in the Central railway system.

It is also located on NH 4,[6][7] about 80 km south of Mumbai. Khopoli is located approximately at a distance of 80 km from Pune. Khopoli is considered to be located in between Mumbai and Pune with both cities located approximately at the same distance. The industries are developed due to strategic importance of the region as Mumbai - Pune national highway passes through the city. The city is nicknamed as a city of waterfalls due to number of waterfalls attractions seen in the rainy season. Due to presence of industries, city has attracted migrants from the states across India. Tourism industry has been flourished in the city from past few years.

Khopoli is home to various Marathi, English, Hindi and even International schools started in 2017. Khopoli has seen rapid growth in economic and industry sectors.

Geography and history[edit]

Khopoli was called Campoolie during the British Raj. Khopoli is located at 18°45' N, 73°20'.[1] It is situated at about 61 m above mean sea level.[8] It falls under three Pin codes Khopoli 410203, Khopoli Power House 410204 and Jagdish Nagar 410216.[9] STD code for Khopoli is (0)2192.[10]

A colonial source describes Khopoli as follows:


There was an annachatra or a free feeding house, in the vicinity of the Mahadev temple, but by 1882 all that remained of it were huge grinding stones.[12] The GIPR line was extended to Khopoli in 1856.[5][13]

Khopoli is the site of the first privately owned hydroelectric power station in India built by Tatas.[14]


In the 2011 India census, Khopoli had a population of 1,08,648. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Khopoli has an average literacy rate of 74%, higher than the national average of 59.5%. Male literacy is 80%, and female literacy is 68%. Thirteen per cent of the population is under 6 years of age.[15]

Industries in Khopoli[edit]

The factories in Khopoli Municipal Limits are:

  • Alta Laboratories Limited, a leading bulk chemical manufacturer and a pioneer and still India's largest producer of Salicylic Acid and its various derivatives.[16]
  • Bohler-Uddeholm India Limited[17]
  • Bombay Oxygen Limited
  • Government Milk Scheme, Khopoli.[18]
  • India Steel Works Limited, Bright Bar Division[19]
  • Innovassynth Technologies Limited (Formerly Indian Organic Chemicals)[20]
  • Isibars Limited, Special Steels Division[21]
  • Mahindra Sanyo Pvt Ltd
  • Mohan Rockey Spring Water Breweries Limited[22]
  • Paper & Pulp Conversions Ltd (PAPCO), a pioneering paper & paperboard mill started by industrialist Baburaoji Parkhe. The first industry in Khopoli which brought electricity to the town. Started operations in Khopoli in 1949 and closed down in 1990.
  • SANPlast PVT LTD Limited[23]
  • Tata Hydro Electric Power Supply Company Limited[24]
  • Tata steel BSL
  • Wärtsilä India Limited,[25] Wärtsilä Corp, its parent company, is a Finland-based equipment provider; it plans to convert this unit into a global manufacturing and sourcing unit by 2012.[26]
  • Wheelabrator Alloy Castings Limited[27]
  • Zenith Steel Pipes Limited[28]

Educational institutions in Khopoli[edit]

Various institutions run schools, colleges and a polytechnic.

Khalapur Taluka Shikshan Prasarak Mandal[edit]

Khalapur Taluka Shikshan Prasarak Mandal runs the following institutions in Khopoli[29]

  1. Shishu Mandir Khopoli (English Medium School)
  2. Janata Vidyalaya Junior College
  3. Janata Vidyalaya (Marathi Medium School)
  4. Khopoli Hindi Vidyalaya (Hindi Medium School)
  5. K. M. C. College (Affiliated to Mumbai University)[30][31]
  6. Khopoli Polytechnic[32][33]
  7. Sahyadri Vidyalaya
  8. Zenith High School (English medium School)
  9. Gagangiri English International School, Khopoli

Culture, religion and Tourism[edit]

Khopoli has a "fine oval shaped reservoir" and a temple of God Mahadev as Vireshwar built by Nana Phadnavis. The reservoir is built of solid and strong black rock and is oval shaped. The circumference of the reservoir is about 1207 m and it covers an area of about 75000 sq m. The reservoir holds excellent water throughout the year. The reservoir has surrounding walls also built in stone and are of a width of about 1.5 m to 1.8 m. The reservoir has stone steps leading to the water. The temple is of a height of about 22.9 m m from the base to the top and the foundation measures 12.2 m x 6.1 m. Inside is the image of God Shiva. The Sabha mandap measures about 6.1 m x 3.1 m. At the entrance of the temple is a samadhi. A fair is held in honour of the temple deity on Mahashivaratri day - Maagha Vadya 13.[1][12]

The PAPCO Mill complex has a Parashurama temple and Fire temple or Agni Mandir which was built in 1971.[34][35] The Gagangiri Maharaj Ashram is located in Khopoli, it is here that Gagangiri Maharaj died on 4 February 2008.[36]

The Akhil Bharatha Ayyappa Seva Sangham, includes the Ayyappa Temple, in its list of Ayyappa temples in India and abroad.[37]

The major tourist attractions in the city include Adlabs Imagica which is considered to be Disneyland of India, Mahad ganpati temple, Zenith waterfalls, Gangangiri Maharaj Ashram etc. Lonavala is just 8 km away from the city.


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