Lake Mindemoya

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Lake Mindemoya
LocationManitoulin Island, Ontario
Coordinates45°45′43″N 82°12′32″W / 45.762°N 82.209°W / 45.762; -82.209Coordinates: 45°45′43″N 82°12′32″W / 45.762°N 82.209°W / 45.762; -82.209
Basin countriesCanada
IslandsTreasure Island

Lake Mindemoya is a lake of Ontario, Canada. It is located within Manitoulin Island, which is the world's largest island in a freshwater lake (Lake Huron).[1] Mindemoya Lake is located near the town of Mindemoya on Manitoulin Island, co-ordinates Lat. 45° 45' 41" Long. 82° 12' 07". The lake is the third largest on Manitoulin Island. It has a perimeter of 33.5 km (20.8 miles), its marl clay base imparting to a deep blue to light green colour. The lake reaches depths of 21 m (69'), while the average depth is 7.3 m (24'); the surface area is 3,869 ha (9,562 acres). Mindemoya is a moderately fertile lake that favours a warm water fishery; brook and rainbow trout can be caught in the Mindemoya River, which exits the lake on the south side and flows into Providence Bay. A concrete public boat launch is located along Ketchankookem Trail on the east side of the lake. The major fish species include smallmouth bass, walleye, yellow perch, whitefish and northern pike. Mindemoya Lake is located within Fisheries Management Zone 10.

Mindemoya Lake contains Treasure Island, which is the largest island in the world in a lake on an island in a lake.

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