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'Luv Puri is a political analyst and is an author of book- Across the Line of Control-. He started working for The Hindu in 2001 and is the first journalist who was given permission to physically cross the Line of Control, a boundary that divides the two parts of Jammu and Kashmir.


He studied in New York University and Delhi University.


In 2006,he won the European Commission Award for Human Rights and Democracy and in 2005, he was commended by International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) for promoting the values of tolerance and religious freedom.[1]

He is the recipient of the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship and was also a fellow of International Visitors Program of the US Government in 2004. Puri has also been given Appan Menon Award for his work on Himalayan tribes in 2004.


He authored the book Militancy in Jammu and Kashmir: The Uncovered Face, and had contributed several articles for academic publications. His second book Across the LoC: Inside Pakistan-administered Jammu and Kashmir, based on his work in Pakistan, was published by Penguin in November 2010 and Columbia University Press/Hurst in 2012. [2]


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