Mashrak–Thawe Extension Railway

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Mashrak–Thawe Extension Railway
SuccessorOudh and Tirhut Railway
Founded12 January 1931
Defunct1 January 1943.
Area served
Northern India
ServicesRail transport

Mashrak–Thawe Extension Railway was owned by the Government of India and worked by Bengal and North Western Railway.


The 39-mile-long (63 km) metre gauge line from Mashrak to Thawe was opened 12 January 1931. The Mashrak-Thawe Extension Railway was merged into the Oudh and Tirhut Railway on 1 January 1943.

Conversion to broad gauge[edit]

The railway line was converted to 1,676 mm (5 ft 6 in) broad gauge in 2017.


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