Mubarak Shah (Sayyid dynasty)

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Mubarak Shah
Sultan of Delhi
Coin of Mubarak Shah of the Delhi Sultanate (Sayyid dynasty).jpg
Coin of Mubarak Shah
Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate
Reign21 May 1421 – 19 February 1434
PredecessorKhizr Khan
SuccessorMuhammad Shah
Died19 February 1434
Mubarak Shah's tomb in Kotla Mubarakpur.[citation needed]

Mubarak Shah (r. 1421–1434) was the second monarch of the Sayyid dynasty which ruled the Delhi Sultanate. He succeeded his father, Khizr Khan to the throne. The Sayyids were subservient to Timur's successor, Shah Rukh, and while Khizr Khan did not assume the title of sultan, Mubarak Shah was acknowledged as one by Sirhindi. However, it is also known that Mubarak Shah received a robe and a chatr (a ceremonial parasol) from the Timurid capital of Herat which indicates that the fealty continued in his time. He was murdered in 1434 and succeeded by his nephew, Muhammad Shah.[1][2]

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