Neversink Preserve

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Neversink Preserve
Neversink River at Cuddebackville.jpg
Neversink River at Cuddebackville
Map showing the location of Neversink Preserve
Map showing the location of Neversink Preserve
Map of New York
LocationDeerpark, Orange County, New York
Coordinates41°26′02″N 74°36′44″W / 41.434°N 74.6121°W / 41.434; -74.6121Coordinates: 41°26′02″N 74°36′44″W / 41.434°N 74.6121°W / 41.434; -74.6121[1]
Area550 acres (220 ha)
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The Neversink Preserve is located in Deerpark, Orange County, New York. It was created in 1993 by The Nature Conservancy. They purchased 170 acres (69 ha) of land on the Neversink River and created the Neversink Preserve in order to protect the newly discovered and federally endangered species of mussel, the dwarf wedge mussel.[2] Over time they have purchased more land so that the Neversink Preserve covers 550 acres (220 ha). Theodore Gordon, considered the father of modern American fly-fishing, perfected his dry-fly techniques here in the 19th century. Nearly 15 million people rely on the waters of the Delaware River Basin for drinking water and industrial use making the Neversink Preserve a top priority of The Nature Conservancy.[3]








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