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New York State Forests are administered by the Division of Lands and Forests of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC). New York State Forests include reforestation, multiple use, and unique areas; and state nature and historic preserves, with approximately 600,000 acres (2,400 km2) classified as reforestation areas and approximately 9,000 acres (36 km2) classified as multiple use lands. Land within the Adirondack Park or the Catskill Park is not included as part of the State Forest system.

State Forest Management[edit]

The purpose of state forest management in New York is to promote forest conservation, improve ecosystem health and biodiversity, provide recreational opportunities, and derive economic benefits from forests by employing sustainable management practices.[1] As of 2016, more than 787,000 acres (3,180 km2; 1,230 sq mi) of forests are managed by the NYSDEC; this includes areas designated as state forests, reforestation areas, multiple-use areas, and unique areas, but does not include forest preserve lands within Adirondack Park and Catskill Park.[2]

Permissible activities on New York state forest lands include hunting, trapping, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, cross-county skiing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, and camping, although some properties prohibit some of these activities.[2] Motorized vehicle use is prohibited except for on specified roads and trails. Camping for longer than three consecutive nights, or in groups of ten or greater people, requires a free permit issued by the NYSDEC; in addition, campsites must be located at least 150 feet (46 m) away from roads, trails, and streams unless previously established by the NYSDEC.[3]


Entrance sign for the East Otto State Forest in Cattaraugus County.

There are four categories of state forest lands established under New York State law; their descriptions are reproduced below.[4]

Reforestation areas[edit]

Lands obtained for reforestation and maintained for watershed protection, the production of timber and other forest products, and for recreation and related purposes. These areas must have at least 500 acres (200 ha) of contiguous lands that shall be forever devoted to the planting, growth and harvesting of such trees as shall be reforested.

Multiple use areas[edit]

Funded by the park and recreation land acquisition bond acts of 1960 and 1962 to provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, including public camping, fishing, hunting, boating, winter sports. Wherever possible, the multiple-use-areas should also serve multiple purposes involving the conservation and development of natural resources, including the preservation of scenic areas, watershed protection, forestry and reforestation.

Unique areas[edit]

Lands of special natural beauty, wilderness character, geological, ecological or historical significance; the unique areas may include lands within a forest preserve county outside the Adirondack and Catskill Parks.

State Nature and Historic Preserve[edit]

Lands dedicated to the State Nature and Historic Preserve (as referred to in Section 4 of Article XIV of the State Constitution) are declared to be put to their highest, best and most important use for one or more of the following purposes:

  1. As natural communities for maintaining plants, animals and natural communities;
  2. As reservoirs of natural materials and ecological processes that contribute to the state's biological diversity;
  3. As field laboratories for scientific research and education in the natural sciences, including the fields of biology, conservation, ecology, natural history and paleontology; and
  4. As places of natural and historical interest and beauty which provide the public with passive recreational opportunities including, where appropriate, fishing, hunting and trapping, or commercial fishing opportunities that are compatible with protecting the ecological significance, historic features and natural character of the area.[4]

List of New York State Forests[edit]

The following sortable table includes several classifications of state forests in New York. Those labelled as "State Forests" are managed for a variety of goals; many are reforestation areas that are intended for timber production and watershed protection, in addition to providing space for outdoor recreation. "Multiple Use Areas" are managed primarily to provide space for outdoor recreation, with the additional purpose of land conservation and protection. "Unique Areas" are intended to protect areas with significant geological, ecological, aesthetic, or historical features.[4]

Forest County[5][6] Classification Area[7] Notes
Albert J. Woodford Oneida State Forest
Allen Lake Allegany State Forest 2,421 acres (9.80 km2)
Altmar Oswego State Forest 959 acres (3.88 km2)
Ambler Chenango State Forest 629 acres (2.55 km2)
Andersen Hill Tioga State Forest 554 acres (2.24 km2)
Arctic-China Delaware State Forest 2,959 acres (11.97 km2)[8]
Armlin Hill Schoharie State Forest Managed as part of the 2,400-acre (9.7 km2) Keyserkill State Forest Complex, which also includes Keyserkill State Forest and Gates Hill State Forest.[9]
Arnold Lake Otsego State Forest 1,266 acres (5.12 km2)
Ashland Pinnacle Schoharie, Greene State Forest 948 acres (3.84 km2)
Baker School House Cortland State Forest 1,277 acres (5.17 km2)[10]
Bald Mountain Allegany State Forest 764 acres (3.09 km2)
Balsam Lewis State Forest 559 acres (2.26 km2)
Balsam Swamp Chenango State Forest 2,679 acres (10.84 km2)
Barbour Brook Delaware State Forest 768 acres (3.11 km2)
Bare Hill Yates, Ontario Unique Area 393 acres (1.59 km2)
Basswood Chenango State Forest 938 acres (3.80 km2)
Basswood Pond Otsego State Forest 720 acres (2.9 km2)
Bates Schoharie State Forest 1,139 acres (4.61 km2)
Battenkill Washington State Forest 535 acres (2.17 km2)[11]
Battle Hill Oswego State Forest 1,738 acres (7.03 km2)[12]
Beals Pond Delaware State Forest 1,116 acres (4.52 km2)
Bear Creek Cattaraugus State Forest 547 acres (2.21 km2)
Bear Swamp Cayuga State Forest 3,316 acres (13.42 km2)
Bear Swamp Otsego State Forest 1,750 acres (7.1 km2)
Bearpen Mountain Greene, Delaware State Forest 2,848 acres (11.53 km2)
Beartown Lewis State Forest 7,211 acres (29.18 km2)
Beaver Creek Madison State Forest 3,484 acres (14.10 km2)
Beaver Creek St. Lawrence State Forest 3,694 acres (14.95 km2)
Beaver Dam Tioga State Forest 1,148 acres (4.65 km2)
Beaver Dams Steuben, Schuyler State Forest 534 acres (2.16 km2)
Beaver Flow Chenango, Broome State Forest 1,028 acres (4.16 km2)
Beaver Meadow Chenango State Forest 5,816 acres (23.54 km2)
Beaver Pond Broome State Forest 791 acres (3.20 km2) Formerly known as Page Pond State Forest.[13]
Beebe Hill Columbia State Forest
Beech Hill Delaware State Forest 1,116 acres (4.52 km2)[8]
Berlin Rensselaer State Forest
Big Brook Oneida State Forest 3,895 acres (15.76 km2)[14]
Big Buck Mountain Putnam State Forest 146 acres (0.59 km2)
Birdseye Hollow Steuben State Forest 3,446 acres (13.95 km2)
Black Creek Herkimer State Forest 998 acres (4.04 km2)[15]
Black Creek Ulster State Forest 595 acres (2.41 km2)
Blenheim Hill Schoharie State Forest 783 acres (3.17 km2)[16]
Bobell Chenango State Forest 2,156 acres (8.73 km2)
Bog Brook Putnam Unique Area
Bombay Franklin State Forest 2,747 acres (11.12 km2)[17]
Bonaparte's Cave Lewis State Forest 1,435 acres (5.81 km2)
Bonner Lake St. Lawrence State Forest 98 acres (0.40 km2)
Boutwell Hill Chautauqua State Forest 2,944 acres (11.91 km2)
Boyce Hill Cattaraugus State Forest 971 acres (3.93 km2)
Brandow Point Greene Unique Area
Brasher St. Lawrence State Forest 19,751 acres (79.93 km2)[17]
Brokenstraw Chautauqua State Forest 951 acres (3.85 km2)
Brookfield Railroad Madison State Forest 848 acres (3.43 km2)[18]
Bryant Hill Cattaraugus State Forest 509 acres (2.06 km2)
Buck Hill Oneida State Forest 1,692 acres (6.85 km2)[19]
Buck's Brook Chenango State Forest 2,178 acres (8.81 km2)
Buckton St. Lawrence State Forest 1,092 acres (4.42 km2)
Bucktooth Cattaraugus State Forest 2,248 acres (9.10 km2)
Bully Hill Allegany State Forest 3,513 acres (14.22 km2)
Bumps Creek Chenango State Forest 528 acres (2.14 km2)[20]
Burnt Hill Clinton State Forest 1,575 acres (6.37 km2)[21]
Burnt-Rossman Hills Schoharie State Forest 9,788 acres (39.61 km2)[16]
Burt Hill Steuben Multiple Use Area 403 acres (1.63 km2)
Bush Hill Cattaraugus State Forest 3,278 acres (13.27 km2)
Cadyville Clinton State Forest 371 acres (1.50 km2)
Cairo Lockwood Greene State Forest 48 acres (0.19 km2)
Calhoun Creek Otsego State Forest 727 acres (2.94 km2)
California Hill Putnam State Forest 982 acres (3.97 km2)
California Road St. Lawrence State Forest 1,410 acres (5.7 km2)
Cameron Steuben State Forest 1,990 acres (8.1 km2)
Cameron Mills Steuben State Forest 54 acres (0.22 km2)
Camillus Forest Onondaga Unique Area 355 acres (1.44 km2)[22]
Canacadea Steuben State Forest 1,623 acres (6.57 km2)
Canada Creek Oneida State Forest 627 acres (2.54 km2)[19]
Canaseraga Livingston State Forest 1,287 acres (5.21 km2)
Carpenter Falls Cayuga Unique Area 36 acres (0.15 km2)[23]
Cascade Valley Broome State Forest 533 acres (2.16 km2)
Castle Rock Putnam Unique Area 129 acres (0.52 km2)
Cat Hollow Broome State Forest 759 acres (3.07 km2)
Catherineville St. Lawrence State Forest 1,623 acres (6.57 km2)
Catlin Chemung State Forest 613 acres (2.48 km2)
Cattaraugus Cattaraugus State Forest 1,059 acres (4.29 km2)
Charles Baker Madison State Forest 9,400 acres (38 km2)
Charleston Montgomery State Forest 3,954 acres (16.00 km2)[24]
Chateaugay Oswego State Forest 3,465 acres (14.02 km2)
Chautauqua Gorge Chautauqua State Forest 538 acres (2.18 km2)
Chazy Highlands Clinton State Forest 5,261 acres (21.29 km2)
Cherry Valley Otsego State Forest 1,460 acres (5.9 km2)
Chestnut Woods Washington State Forest 801 acres (3.24 km2)[11]
Cinnamon Lake Schuyler, Steuben State Forest 1,786 acres (7.23 km2)
Clapper Hollow Schoharie State Forest 818 acres (3.31 km2)
Clark Hill Oneida State Forest 2,872 acres (11.62 km2)[19]
Cliffside Schuyler State Forest 977 acres (3.95 km2)
Clinton Clinton State Forest
Cobb Brook Oneida State Forest 690 acres (2.8 km2)[14]
Cobb Creek Lewis State Forest 2,185 acres (8.84 km2)
Cold Creek Allegany State Forest 501 acres (2.03 km2)
Cold Spring Brook St. Lawrence State Forest 1,068 acres (4.32 km2)
Cole Hill Albany State Forest 876 acres (3.55 km2)
Columbia Lake Delaware State Forest 700 acres (2.8 km2)
Coon Hollow Schuyler State Forest 2,456 acres (9.94 km2)
Cottrell Lewis State Forest 473 acres (1.91 km2)
Cotton Hill Schoharie State Forest
Coventry Chenango State Forest 1,156 acres (4.68 km2)
Coyle Hill Allegany State Forest 2,343 acres (9.48 km2)
Coyote Flats Jefferson State Forest 553 acres (2.24 km2)
Crab Hollow Allegany State Forest 1,154 acres (4.67 km2)
Crary Mills St. Lawrence State Forest 587 acres (2.38 km2)
Croton Gorge Westchester Unique Area 21 acres (0.085 km2)
Cuyler Hill Cortland, Chenango State Forest 5,507 acres (22.29 km2)
Daketown Saratoga State Forest 506 acres (2.05 km2)
Danby Tompkins State Forest 7,337 acres (29.69 km2)
Daniel's Road Saratoga State Forest 523 acres (2.12 km2)
Dannemora Clinton State Forest
Decatur Otsego State Forest 582 acres (2.36 km2)
Deer River Franklin State Forest
Degrasse St. Lawrence State Forest 1,180 acres (4.8 km2)
Depot Hill Dutchess Multiple Use Area 260 acres (1.1 km2)
DeRuyter Madison State Forest 972 acres (3.93 km2)
Dobbins Cattaraugus State Forest 1,100 acres (4.5 km2)
Dog Hollow Cortland State Forest 723 acres (2.93 km2)
Donahue Woods Cortland State Forest 1,165 acres (4.71 km2)[10]
Downerville St. Lawrence State Forest 1,443 acres (5.84 km2)
Dry Run Schuyler State Forest 1,062 acres (4.30 km2)
Dunkin's Reserve Clinton State Forest 2,433 acres (9.85 km2)
Dutch Settlement Schoharie State Forest
Dutton Ridge Schoharie State Forest 1,248 acres (5.05 km2)
Earlville Madison State Forest 634 acres (2.57 km2)
East Branch Fish Creek Lewis State Forest 1,350 acres (5.5 km2)
East Osceola Lewis State Forest 1,975 acres (7.99 km2)
East Otto Cattaraugus State Forest 1,354 acres (5.48 km2)
Erwin Hollow Steuben State Forest 531 acres (2.15 km2)
Erwin Mountain Steuben State Forest 507 acres (2.05 km2)
Eldridge Swamp Washington State Forest 515 acres (2.08 km2)[11]
Elkdale Cattaraugus State Forest 422 acres (1.71 km2)
English Hill Allegany State Forest 1,395 acres (5.65 km2)
Exeter Otsego State Forest 1,957 acres (7.92 km2)
Fairfield Tioga State Forest 815 acres (3.30 km2)
Fall Brook Oneida State Forest 4,456 acres (18.03 km2)[14]
Farmersville Cattaraugus State Forest 1,144 acres (4.63 km2)
Featherstonhaugh Schenectady State Forest 697 acres (2.82 km2)[24]
Fire Fall St. Lawrence State Forest 1,570 acres (6.4 km2)
Fish Creek Oneida State Forest 678 acres (2.74 km2)[25]
Five Streams Chenango State Forest 6,353 acres (25.71 km2)
Flat Rock Clinton State Forest 1,931 acres (7.81 km2)[26]
Florence Hill Oneida State Forest 1,361 acres (5.51 km2)[14]
Fort Jackson St. Lawrence State Forest 914 acres (3.70 km2)
Frank E. Jadwin Lewis State Forest 20,412 acres (82.60 km2)
Franklin 10 Franklin State Forest
Frozen Ocean Cayuga State Forest 754 acres (3.05 km2)
Furnace Creek Oneida State Forest 1,395 acres (5.65 km2)[14]
Gas Springs Allegany State Forest 2,263 acres (9.16 km2)
Gates Hill Schoharie State Forest Managed as part of the 2,400-acre (9.7 km2) Keyserkill State Forest Complex, which also includes Keyserkill State Forest and Armlin Hill State Forest.[9]
Gee Brook Cortland State Forest 878 acres (3.55 km2)[10]
Genegantslet Chenango State Forest 3,181 acres (12.87 km2)[27]
General Jacob Morris Otsego State Forest 1,190 acres (4.8 km2)
Gillies Hill Allegany State Forest 2,332 acres (9.44 km2)
Glenmeal St. Lawrence State Forest 826 acres (3.34 km2)
Gobbler's Knob Orange State Forest 303 acres (1.23 km2)
Golden Hill Cattaraugus State Forest 2,283 acres (9.24 km2)
Goose Egg Washington State Forest 456 acres (1.85 km2)[11]
Gorton Lake Madison, Oneida State Forest 500 acres (2.0 km2)
Gould Corners Jefferson State Forest 2,045 acres (8.28 km2)
Groundry Hill Schuyler State Forest 2,112 acres (8.55 km2)
Granger Lewis State Forest 734 acres (2.97 km2)
Grant Powell Lewis State Forest 8,077 acres (32.69 km2)
Grantville St. Lawrence State Forest 775 acres (3.14 km2)
Greenwood Steuben State Forest 906 acres (3.67 km2)
Greenwood Creek St. Lawrence State Forest 1,009 acres (4.08 km2)
Griggs Gulf Cortland, Tioga State Forest 2,365 acres (9.57 km2)
Gulf Clinton Unique Area 605 acres (2.45 km2)[26]
Hall Island Oswego State Forest 2,079 acres (8.41 km2)[12]
Hammond Hill Tompkins, Tioga State Forest 3,618 acres (14.64 km2)
Hand Hollow Columbia State Forest 518 acres (2.10 km2)
Hannacroix Greene Unique Area
Harris Hill Chautauqua State Forest 2,271 acres (9.19 km2)
Hartwick Otsego State Forest 1,242 acres (5.03 km2)
Harvey Mountain Columbia State Forest
Hatch Creek Chautauqua State Forest 1,283 acres (5.19 km2)
Hawkins Pond Broome State Forest 539 acres (2.18 km2)
Hemlock Ridge Ulster Multiple Use Area 83 acres (0.34 km2)
Hemlock-Canadice Livingston, Ontario State Forest 6,849 acres (27.72 km2)
Henderson Shores Jefferson Unique Area 1,160 acres (4.7 km2)
Hewitt Cortland State Forest 937 acres (3.79 km2)
Hickok Brook Sullivan Multiple Use Area 1,036 acres (4.19 km2)
Hickory Lake St. Lawrence State Forest
High Flats St. Lawrence State Forest 2,018 acres (8.17 km2)
High Knob Schoharie State Forest 1,344 acres (5.44 km2)
High Towers Lewis State Forest 729 acres (2.95 km2)
High Woods Ulster Multiple Use Area 43 acres (0.17 km2)
Hill Higher Chautauqua State Forest 1,156 acres (4.68 km2)
Hiltonville Allegany State Forest 999 acres (4.04 km2)
Hinckley Herkimer State Forest 1,590 acres (6.4 km2)[15]
Hogsback Lewis State Forest 624 acres (2.53 km2)
Hogsback Oneida State Forest 1,115 acres (4.51 km2)[15]
Honey Hill Schoharie State Forest 1,017 acres (4.12 km2)
Hooker Mountain Otsego State Forest 801 acres (3.24 km2)
Hoxie Gorge Cortland State Forest 2,115 acres (8.56 km2)[10]
Huckleberry Ridge Orange State Forest 1,450 acres (5.9 km2)
Huntersfield Schoharie, Greene State Forest 1,300 acres (5.3 km2)
Hunts Pond Chenango State Forest 1,397 acres (5.65 km2)
Independence River Lewis State Forest 673 acres (2.72 km2)
Indian Pipe Lewis State Forest 597 acres (2.42 km2)
Italy Hill Yates State Forest 1,899 acres (7.68 km2)
Jackson Hill Oneida State Forest 1,409 acres (5.70 km2)[19]
James Kennedy Cortland State Forest 4,422 acres (17.90 km2)
Jenksville Tioga State Forest 1,349 acres (5.46 km2)
Jersey Hill Allegany State Forest 1,088 acres (4.40 km2)
Junius Ponds Seneca Unique Area
Karr Valley Creek Allegany State Forest 1,917 acres (7.76 km2)
Kasoag Oswego State Forest 909 acres (3.68 km2)
Keeney Swamp Allegany State Forest 2,408 acres (9.74 km2)
Kerryville Delaware State Forest 698 acres (2.82 km2)
Ketchumville Tioga State Forest 503 acres (2.04 km2)[28]
Kettlebail Cortland State Forest 588 acres (2.38 km2)
Keyserkill Schoharie State Forest Managed as part of the 2,400-acre (9.7 km2) Keyserkill State Forest Complex, which also includes Armlin Hill State Forest and Gates Hill State Forest.[9]
Kings Park Suffolk Unique Area
Klipnocky Allegany State Forest 2,634 acres (10.66 km2)
Klondike Oswego State Forest 867 acres (3.51 km2)
Knapp Station St. Lawrence State Forest 1,006 acres (4.07 km2)
Kowawese Orange Unique Area
Labrador Hollow Cortland, Onondaga Unique Area 1,474 acres (5.97 km2)[29]
Lafayetteville Dutchess Multiple Use Area 715 acres (2.89 km2)
Lake Desolation Saratoga State Forest 443 acres (1.79 km2)[30]
Lassellsville Fulton State Forest
Lebanon Madison State Forest 779 acres (3.15 km2)
Leonard Hill Schoharie State Forest 1,616 acres (6.54 km2)
Lesser Wilderness Lewis State Forest 13,793 acres (55.82 km2)
Lincklaen Chenango State Forest 4,655 acres (18.84 km2)
Lincoln Mountain Saratoga State Forest 993 acres (4.02 km2)[30]
Line Brook Lewis State Forest 1,116 acres (4.52 km2)
Lonesome Bay St. Lawrence State Forest 1,122 acres (4.54 km2)
Long Pond Chenango State Forest 3,254 acres (13.17 km2)
Lookout Lewis State Forest 3,915 acres (15.84 km2)
Lost Nation Allegany State Forest 1,344 acres (5.44 km2)
Lost Nation St. Lawrence State Forest 1,907 acres (7.72 km2)
Lost Valley Montgomery State Forest 750 acres (3.0 km2)[24]
Ludlow Creek Chenango State Forest 3,197 acres (12.94 km2)[27]
Lutheranville Otsego, Schoharie State Forest 1,817 acres (7.35 km2)
Lyon Brook Chenango State Forest 528 acres (2.14 km2)
Macomb Reservation Clinton State Forest 1,068 acres (4.32 km2)[26]
Mad River Oneida State Forest 2,929 acres (11.85 km2)[14]
Mallet Pond Schoharie State Forest 2,525 acres (10.22 km2)[16]
Maple Hill Chemung State Forest 604 acres (2.44 km2)
Maple Valley Otsego State Forest 804 acres (3.25 km2)
Marisposa Madison State Forest 3,002 acres (12.15 km2)
Marsh Pond Broome State Forest 893 acres (3.61 km2)
Maxon Creek Cortland State Forest 908 acres (3.67 km2) Also known as Pease Hill State Forest.[31]
McCarty Hill Cattaraugus State Forest
McCarthy Hill Steuben State Forest 794 acres (3.21 km2)
McDonough Chenango State Forest 6,772 acres (27.41 km2)[27] Also known as Bowman Creek State Forest.[27]
Meads Creek Steuben State Forest 1,452 acres (5.88 km2)
Melondy Hill Chenango, Broome State Forest 5,417 acres (21.92 km2)
Michigan Hill Delaware State Forest 619 acres (2.51 km2)
Michigan Hill Tioga State Forest 1,180 acres (4.8 km2)
Middle Ground Flats Greene Unique Area
Middle Grove Saratoga State Forest 576 acres (2.33 km2)[30]
Milford Otsego State Forest 512 acres (2.07 km2)
Mohawk Springs Lewis State Forest 1,210 acres (4.9 km2)
Montrose Point Westchester State Forest 51 acres (0.21 km2) Managed cooperatively with the Westchester County Parks Department.[32]
Moon Pond Clinton State Forest 786 acres (3.18 km2)
Morgan Hill Onondaga, Cortland State Forest 5,284 acres (21.38 km2)
Morrow Mountain Madison State Forest 1,290 acres (5.2 km2)
Moss Hill Steuben State Forest 1,815 acres (7.35 km2)
Mount Hayden Greene State Forest 844 acres (3.42 km2)
Mount Hunger Oneida State Forest
Mount Loretto Richmond Unique Area 241 acres (0.98 km2)[33]
Mount Pisgah Greene, Schoharie State Forest 650 acres (2.6 km2)
Mount Pleasant Chautauqua State Forest 1,522 acres (6.16 km2)
Mount Tom Washington State Forest 1,724 acres (6.98 km2)[11]
Mount Washington Steuben Multiple Use Area 440 acres (1.8 km2)
Muller Hill Madison State Forest 3,090 acres (12.5 km2)
Murphy Hill Delaware State Forest
Nanticoke Lake Broome Multiple Use Area 338 acres (1.37 km2)
Nelson Swamp Madison Unique Area 574 acres (2.32 km2)[34]
Neversink River Sullivan Unique Area 6,580 acres (26.6 km2)
Newfield Tompkins State Forest 1,552 acres (6.28 km2)
Nimham Mountain Putnam Multiple Use Area 1,023 acres (4.14 km2)
Nine Mile Creek Cattaraugus State Forest 3,162 acres (12.80 km2)
North Harmony Chautauqua State Forest 2,561 acres (10.36 km2)
Nutten Hook Columbia Unique Area
O'Hara Oswego, Oneida State Forest 1,064 acres (4.31 km2)[12]
Oak Ridge Ulster Multiple Use Area 96 acres (0.39 km2)
Oak Ridge Chenango State Forest 576 acres (2.33 km2)
Oakley Corners Tioga State Forest 1,025 acres (4.15 km2)[28]
Ohisa Herkimer State Forest
Old Westbury Nassau Unique Area
Onjebonge Lewis State Forest 1,835 acres (7.43 km2)
Onondaga Escarpment Erie Unique Area 52 acres (0.21 km2)[35]
Orebed Creek St. Lawrence State Forest 791 acres (3.20 km2)
Orton Hollow Oswego State Forest 507 acres (2.05 km2)
Ossian Livingston State Forest 1,303 acres (5.27 km2)
Otselic Chenango State Forest 1,043 acres (4.22 km2)
Otsquago Herkimer State Forest
Otter Creek Lewis State Forest 1,206 acres (4.88 km2)
Painter Hill Sullivan Multiple Use Area 104 acres (0.42 km2)
Palmer's Pond Allegany State Forest 3,645 acres (14.75 km2)
Panama Chautauqua State Forest 1,224 acres (4.95 km2)
Papish Pond Cortland Multiple Use Area 193 acres (0.78 km2)[10]
Partridge Run Albany State Forest 880 acres (3.6 km2)[36]
Patria Schoharie State Forest
Patriot's Hollow Suffolk State Forest
Peck Hill Fulton State Forest
Penn Mountain Oneida State Forest 3,725 acres (15.07 km2)[19]
Perkins Pond Chenango State Forest 1,895 acres (7.67 km2)[37]
Petersburg Schoharie State Forest
Pharsalia Woods Chenango State Forest 9,164 acres (37.09 km2)[37] Formerly known as New Michigan State Forest.[38]
Phillips Creek Allegany State Forest 2,709 acres (10.96 km2)
Pigeon Hill Chenango State Forest 736 acres (2.98 km2)[37]
Pigtail Hollow Steuben State Forest 998 acres (4.04 km2)
Pinckney Lewis, Jefferson State Forest 2,091 acres (8.46 km2)
Pine Hill Cattaraugus State Forest 1,139 acres (4.61 km2)
Pine Hill Delaware State Forest 1,089 acres (4.41 km2)[8]
Pine Ridge Chenango State Forest 274 acres (1.11 km2)
Pitcher Springs Chenango State Forest 1,836 acres (7.43 km2)[37]
Pittstown Rensselaer State Forest
Plainfield Otsego State Forest 1,403 acres (5.68 km2)
Plattekill Delaware State Forest
Pleasant Lake St. Lawrence State Forest 963 acres (3.90 km2)
Plumbottom Allegany State Forest 1,666 acres (6.74 km2)
Pochuck Orange State Forest 503 acres (2.04 km2)
Point Rock Oneida State Forest 1,202 acres (4.86 km2)[19]
Popple Pond Oneida State Forest 2,446 acres (9.90 km2)[15]
Potato Hill Tompkins State Forest 915 acres (3.70 km2)
Pulpit Rock Jefferson State Forest 1,603 acres (6.49 km2)
Punkeyville Oneida State Forest 535 acres (2.17 km2)[15]
R. Milton Hick Otsego State Forest 1,293 acres (5.23 km2)
Raecher Cattaraugus State Forest 832 acres (3.37 km2)
Ralph Road Warren State Forest 515 acres (2.08 km2)[30]
Raymondville St. Lawrence State Forest 641 acres (2.59 km2)
Raywood Lewis Unique Area 307 acres (1.24 km2)
Red Brook Chenango State Forest 601 acres (2.43 km2)
Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve Erie Unique Area 292 acres (1.18 km2)[39]
Relay Delaware State Forest
Rensselaerville Albany, Schoharie State Forest 2,849 acres (11.53 km2)[36]
Robinson Hollow Tioga, Tompkins, Cortland State Forest 1,938 acres (7.84 km2)
Rock City Cattaraugus State Forest
Rock Creek Steuben State Forest 704 acres (2.85 km2)
Rockwood Fulton State Forest
Roeliff Jansen Kill Dutchess Multiple Use Area 128 acres (0.52 km2)
Rome Sand Plains Oneida Unique Area 1,700 acres (6.9 km2)[40]
Roosa Gap Sullivan State Forest 680 acres (2.8 km2)
Roseboom Otsego State Forest 620 acres (2.5 km2)
Rural Grove Montgomery State Forest 1,289 acres (5.22 km2)[24]
Rush Creek Allegany State Forest 1,404 acres (5.68 km2)
Rush Oak Openings Monroe Unique Area 230 acres (0.93 km2)
Saint Regis Franklin State Forest
Salmon River Oswego State Forest 2,033 acres (8.23 km2)[12]
Salmon River Falls Oswego Unique Area 112 acres (0.45 km2)
Sand Bay Lewis State Forest 326 acres (1.32 km2)
Sand Flats Lewis State Forest 2,532 acres (10.25 km2)
Sandy Creek Oswego State Forest 538 acres (2.18 km2)
Scott Patent Schoharie, Albany State Forest 1,220 acres (4.9 km2)
Sears Pond Lewis State Forest 5,648 acres (22.86 km2)
Shawangunk Ulster Multiple Use Area 58 acres (0.23 km2)
Shawangunk Ridge Ulster, Sullivan State Forest 1,411 acres (5.71 km2)
Shindagin Hollow Tompkins, Tioga State Forest 5,266 acres (21.31 km2)
Silver Hill St. Lawrence State Forest 783 acres (3.17 km2)
Skinner Hill Chenango State Forest 1,666 acres (6.74 km2)
Skyline Drive Broome State Forest 533 acres (2.16 km2)
Slader Creek Allegany State Forest 1,229 acres (4.97 km2)
Snow Bowl St. Lawrence State Forest 797 acres (3.23 km2)
Sodom St. Lawrence State Forest 1,426 acres (5.77 km2)
Sonyea Livingston State Forest 922 acres (3.73 km2)
South Bradford Steuben State Forest 1,819 acres (7.36 km2)
South Hammond St. Lawrence State Forest 2,086 acres (8.44 km2)
South Hill Chenango State Forest 1,314 acres (5.32 km2)
South Hill Delaware, Otsego State Forest 521 acres (2.11 km2)
South Hill Oneida State Forest 522 acres (2.11 km2)[19]
South Mountain Schoharie, Greene State Forest 1,498 acres (6.06 km2)
South Valley Cattaraugus State Forest 4,227 acres (17.11 km2)
Southville St. Lawrence State Forest 551 acres (2.23 km2)
Split Rock Onondaga Unique Area 29 acres (0.12 km2)[41]
Spring Brook Clinton State Forest 1,157 acres (4.68 km2)
Squaw Island Ontario Unique Area 0.2 acres (0.00081 km2)[42] Managed by the DEC Bureau of Wildlife.[42]
Stammer Creek St. Lawrence State Forest 460 acres (1.9 km2)
Steam Mill Delaware State Forest 5,618 acres (22.74 km2)[8]
Steuben Hill Herkimer State Forest
Stewart Orange State Forest 6,700 acres (27 km2)
Stid Hill Ontario Multiple Use Area 847 acres (3.43 km2)[43]
Stissing Mountain Dutchess Multiple Use Area 590 acres (2.4 km2)
Stockton Chautauqua State Forest 977 acres (3.95 km2)
Stone Barn Oneida State Forest 621 acres (2.51 km2)[25]
Stone Hill Oswego State Forest 866 acres (3.50 km2)
Stone Store Schoharie State Forest 732 acres (2.96 km2)
Stoney Pond Madison State Forest 1,469 acres (5.94 km2)
Sugar Hill Schuyler State Forest 9,085 acres (36.77 km2)
Summer Hill Cayuga State Forest 4,355 acres (17.62 km2)
Susquehanna Otsego State Forest 423 acres (1.71 km2)
Swancott Hill Oneida, Lewis State Forest 2,012 acres (8.14 km2)[14]
Swancott Mill Lewis State Forest 744 acres (3.01 km2)
Swift Hill Allegany State Forest 1,569 acres (6.35 km2)
Taconic Hereford Dutchess Multiple Use Area 917 acres (3.71 km2)
Taconic Ridge Rensselaer State Forest 3,834 acres (15.52 km2)
Tassell Hill Oneida State Forest
Taylor Creek St. Lawrence State Forest 1,860 acres (7.5 km2)
Taylor Valley Cortland State Forest 4,639 acres (18.77 km2)[10]
Terry Mountain Clinton State Forest 4,739 acres (19.18 km2)[21]
Texas Hill Madison State Forest 704 acres (2.85 km2)
Texas Hollow Schuyler State Forest 937 acres (3.79 km2)
Texas School House Otsego State Forest 1,245 acres (5.04 km2)
Three Springs Madison State Forest 797 acres (3.23 km2)
Tibbetts Rensselaer State Forest
Titusville Mountain Franklin State Forest
Tomannex Delaware State Forest
Toothaker Creek St. Lawrence State Forest 709 acres (2.87 km2)
Tracy Creek Broome, Tioga State Forest 512 acres (2.07 km2)
Tracy Creek Steuben State Forest 569 acres (2.30 km2)
Tri-County Oneida State Forest 1,290 acres (5.2 km2)[14]
Triangle Broome State Forest 661 acres (2.67 km2)
Trout Brook Oswego State Forest 622 acres (2.52 km2)
Trout Lake St. Lawrence State Forest 1,087 acres (4.40 km2)
Trout River Franklin State Forest
Tug Hill Jefferson, Lewis State Forest 12,242 acres (49.54 km2)
Tuller Hill Cortland State Forest 2,440 acres (9.9 km2)
Turkey Hill Tioga State Forest 1,108 acres (4.48 km2)
Turkey Point Ulster State Forest 139 acres (0.56 km2)
Turkey Ridge Steuben State Forest 676 acres (2.74 km2)
Turnpike Allegany State Forest 4,744 acres (19.20 km2)
Urbana Steuben State Forest 2,690 acres (10.9 km2)
Ushers Road Saratoga State Forest 88 acres (0.36 km2)[30]
Vandermark Allegany State Forest 2,384 acres (9.65 km2)
Vernooykill Ulster State Forest
Wagner Farm Otsego State Forest 463 acres (1.87 km2)
Wassaic Dutchess Multiple Use Area 488 acres (1.97 km2)
Webster Hill Oneida State Forest 1,064 acres (4.31 km2)[19]
Wellman Chautauqua State Forest 447 acres (1.81 km2)
West Branch Oneida State Forest 527 acres (2.13 km2)[19]
West Hill Steuben State Forest 887 acres (3.59 km2)
West Mountain Dutchess State Forest 830 acres (3.4 km2)
West Oscela Oswego, Lewis State Forest 1,900 acres (7.7 km2)[12]
West Parishville St. Lawrence State Forest 792 acres (3.21 km2)
Whalen Chautauqua State Forest 1,325 acres (5.36 km2)
Whaupaunaucau Chenango State Forest 1,188 acres (4.81 km2)
Whippoorwill Corners St. Lawrence State Forest 1,281 acres (5.18 km2)
Whiskey Flats St. Lawrence State Forest 2,533 acres (10.25 km2)
White Pond Putnam Multiple Use Area 276 acres (1.12 km2)
Whittacker Swamp Broome State Forest 812 acres (3.29 km2)
Wiley Brook Chenango State Forest 1,240 acres (5.0 km2)
Windfall Creek Cattaraugus State Forest 968 acres (3.92 km2)
Winona Jefferson, Oswego State Forest 9,233 acres (37.36 km2)
Witch's Hole Ulster Multiple Use Area 451 acres (1.83 km2)
Wolf Brook Sullivan Multiple Use Area 585 acres (2.37 km2)
Wolf Lake St. Lawrence State Forest 4,316 acres (17.47 km2)
Woodhull Oneida State Forest 567 acres (2.29 km2)[15]
Wurtsboro Ridge Sullivan State Forest 1,139 acres (4.61 km2)
Yatesville Falls Montgomery State Forest 714 acres (2.89 km2)[24]
Yellow Barn Tompkins State Forest 1,289 acres (5.22 km2)
Yellow Lake St. Lawrence State Forest 751 acres (3.04 km2)
Zoar Valley Cattaraugus, Erie Multiple Use Area 3,014 acres (12.20 km2) Acreage includes lands designated as the Zoar Valley Unique Area, which is contained within the Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area.
Zoar Valley Cattaraugus, Erie Unique Area 1,492 acres (6.04 km2)[44] Covers the gorge and a buffer area within the Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area.[45]

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