Pokegama Bay

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Pokegama Bay
Pokegama Bay is located in Wisconsin
Pokegama Bay
Pokegama Bay
Pokegama Bay is located in the United States
Pokegama Bay
Pokegama Bay
LocationDouglas County, Wisconsin
Coordinates46°41′26″N 92°10′02″W / 46.69056°N 92.16722°W / 46.69056; -92.16722Coordinates: 46°41′26″N 92°10′02″W / 46.69056°N 92.16722°W / 46.69056; -92.16722
River sourcesSt. Louis River
Surface elevation604 feet (184 m)

Pokegama Bay is a small bay in northwestern Douglas County, Wisconsin, United States, which the St Louis River flows.[1] It makes up part of the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. Pokegama River, named after the bay, flows into this bay.

Artist Eastman Johnson built a small cabin at Pokegama Bay while living in Wisconsin.


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