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Postal codes are not used within Hong Kong. China Post has allocated the postal code 999077 to Hong Kong, however this is never used domestically and not used internationally.[1]


Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China. From 1841 to 1997 Hong Kong was under British administration. Hong Kong operates its own domestic postal service, Hongkong Post, which is independent from the Chinese postal system.

Given the compact size, post codes have never been introduced as it was thought that postal workers can effectively manage without.[1]

In 2000 city officials considered a post code system for the city, but the idea was abandoned.[2][3][4]

China Post has earmarked the post code 999077 to be used for Hong Kong.[1]

Addressing postal items[edit]

Hongkong Post recommends to address letters using recipient name, flat number, building name, house number, street and village or district.[5]

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