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Radio Kashmir
Broadcast areaJammu & Kashmir
SloganGhar Ghar Ki Awaaz
Language(s)Kashmiri & Urdu
OwnerPrasar Bharati

Radio Kashmir was a Broadcasting Ministry owned radio station operating in Jammu and Kashmir.[1]

Now it has been renamed as AIR Jammu, AIR srinagar and AIR Leh. All India Radio Jammu broadcasts in Dogri, Urdu & Hindi and All India Radio Srinagar in Kashmiri, Urdu & Hindi.


It was established on 1 July 1948 when Sheikh Abdullah, then the Prime Minister of Kashmir, inaugurated the Radio Kashmir Srinagar station[2] near the Tourist Reception Centre in Srinagar. Its broadcasting station is still located in Srinagar near Zero or Abdullah Bridge.[3] J.N. Zutshi was the first Director General of Radio Kashmir. He was also the Secretary to Information & Broadcasting to J&K Government. Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din was the first head of the station. Radio Kashmir Srinagar became most popular when Pushkar Bhan's Zoon Dab was aired for more than nineteen years from the Radio Kashmir station,[4] and became a usual medium of entertainment for the people who used to listen the Radio Kashmir 24/7.


After 1953 when Kashmir's political power began to change, observers[who?] say that Radio Kashmir Srinagar, shortly after its establishment, came under the control of All India Radio to counter the Radio Azad Kashmir. Observers also say that both these stations were used to counter programmes aired by each other. When the Azad Radio Kashmir used to air Zarb e qaleem, it was countered by Srinagar station's Jawabi hamla.[5][6]


Radio Kashmir Srinagar contributed a lot towards the traditional music of Kashmir. It became home of people like Ghulam Hassan Sofi, who used to sing Kashmir's traditional songs which provided relief to the disturbed minds of Kashmiri people.[7] Radio Kashmir also aired Kailash Mehra's collection[8] which people liked most. Ghulam Nabi Dolwal was one of the noted artist who showed his talent through Radio Kashmir. Nowadays his daughter Jahan Ara Janbaz reaches her fans through Radio Kashmir. Radio Kashmir is believed to be the only medium which is broadcasting the audio of Kashmiri traditional songs, thus keeping Kashmiri musical tradition alive and contributing towards the Kashmiri society.[9]

Floods of 2014[edit]

During floods in Srinagar in September 2014 Radio Kashmir Srinagar station was only medium of communication between flood affected victims and the then Chief Minister of State Omar Abdullah led government who also reached to affected through Radio Kashmir. Even after the flood wiped the Doordarshan Kendra Srinagar which led to wind up its broadcast, just next door to it, Radio Kashmir Station survived much more than any other radio or Internet service. Radio station in floods started Short Message Service so affected people could be rescued while its building was itself submerged. Finally the flood reached the first floor where in studios were affected and radio too closed its broadcast and announcer promised to restore the service as soon as possible. Later news and interaction programmes were aired from makeshift transmitting station on Shankaracharya Hill.RKS started a Helpline on 4 September 2014 when south kashmir started submerging..Once RKS itself was under water the program staff climbed on to Shankracharya Hill and continued Helpline with bare minimum resources.[10][11][12]


Radio Kashmir's news section holds a responsibility whenever political crisis appear, or some other violences appeared during Kashmir conflict. Shehar Been is among top of the news program broadcast by Radio Kashmir Srinagar.[13] However, in extreme terrorism inside Kashmir, the officials and newscasters of sister department of Prasar Bharti newsroom reportedly received death threats so for some time news was aired from Delhi for Radio Kashmir, it was like this "ye radio kashmir hai ab ap sunye nayi delhi se khabrein".[14]

Religious contribution[edit]

Radio Kashmir also serves in the holy months of Muslims by producing such programs related to particular holy months like Muharram and for Ramadan. Radio Kashmir aired in 1980's the voice of Mirza Abdul Ghani Beigh,[15] the prominent Kashmiri Noha reciter and writer. Shia people across the valley remained in waiting for the programme of such religious Noha chanter personalities. Radio Kashmir broadcasts necessary announcements related to different sects living in Kashmir.

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