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Coordinates: 34°03′00″N 74°34′41″E / 34.050°N 74.578°E / 34.050; 74.578 Rathsoon or Rathsun is one of the village and block in the Beerwah tehsil of the Budgam district in Jammu and Kashmir, India.[1] The village population is over 7,500, being one of the largest in tehsil Beerwah. Rathsoon has a shrine of one Sufi Saint Baba Hanifuddin Reshi (Baab Sab), located on the hill top known as Daraish.Baab Sab is a kashmiri saint associated with reshi order.Hs place of birth is unknown.he does not have any foreign origin. Baab Saab used to meditate in a cave near his shrine. A famous legend associated with baab Saab is that his skin became so hard as that of an elephant. One day the people form the locality came for his blessings while he was busy with the meditation but people urged him to come out of the cave,but all of a sudden a large snake came out and people feared so much that they didn't come back for three days. This incident furthered their respect towards him.neighboring village is Ohangam Beerwah. The village is 27 km away from Srinagar. The nearest town is Magam, 4.5 km away.


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