Rishi Panchami

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Rishi Panchamī
Rishi Panchami.JPG
Rishi Panchami
Observed byHindus
TypeReligious, India and Nepal
Observancesworshipping Rishi
DateFifth day (Panchami) of the month of Bhadrapad month of the Lunar calendar
2019 date03 September 2019

Rishi Panchami is the fifth day, the next day after Ganesh Chaturthi day in Bhadrapad month of the Lunar calendar. It is a traditional worship of Sapta Rishi. The seven sages – Kashyapa, Atri, Bharadhvaja, Vishvamitra, Gauthama, Jamadagni and Vashishta. In some parts of Kerala the day is also observed as Vishwakarma Puja.[1][2]

In this vrata, the people express respect, gratitude and remembrance of the great deeds of those ancient Rishis, who devoted their life for the welfare of the society. The fast is to be observed by women.

Rishi Panchami is also celebrated as “Rakhi festival” by some Dadhich Brahmin and Maheshwari communities of Rajasthan. Sisters tie “Rakhi” or “Sacred Thread” and both brothers and sisters pray for the well being of each other and vow to protect each othpaher.


On Rishi Panchami, a ritual bath is taken in holy rivers, ponds or in other water masses. Lord Ganesh, Navagraha(nine planetary Gods), Saptarshis (seven Sages) and Arundathi are worshipped on this day. The women offer the 'Prasad' to Gods and wash husbands' feet.[3]

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