Sauquoit Creek

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Sauquoit Creek
Sauquoit Creek is located in New York
Sauquoit Creek
Location of the mouth of the Sauquoit Creek in New York State.
Sauquoit Creek is located in the United States
Sauquoit Creek
Sauquoit Creek (the United States)
CountryUnited States
StateNew York
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationParis
 ⁃ coordinates42°58′28″N 75°18′57″W / 42.97444°N 75.31583°W / 42.97444; -75.31583[1]
MouthMohawk River
 ⁃ location
 ⁃ coordinates
43°07′29″N 75°16′05″W / 43.12472°N 75.26806°W / 43.12472; -75.26806Coordinates: 43°07′29″N 75°16′05″W / 43.12472°N 75.26806°W / 43.12472; -75.26806[1]
Length17 mi (27 km)[2]
Basin size61.7 sq mi (160 km2)[2]

Sauquoit Creek is a 17.0-mile-long (27.4 km)[2] river in New York, United States. It lies within the southern part of Oneida County. The creek flows eastward, then turns sharply and flows generally northward through the Sauquoit Valley to the Mohawk River, entering the river on the east side of Whitesboro. It is therefore part of the Hudson River watershed.


The word Sauquoit is a form of spelling of the Oneida word Sa-da-quoit, which means "smooth pebbles in a stream".[3]

The first cotton mills in the area were located on the Sauquoit at New York Mills in 1804.[4]


Sauquoit Creek offers trout fishing along 5.6 miles (9.0 km) of Public Fishing Rights easements. The stream is stocked annually approximately 6,000 yearling brown trout, in addition to 330 two-year-old fish. Wild brown and brook trout are found in the stream's headwaters.[5]


The Sauquoit Creek Basin Intermunicipal Commission (SCBIC), which consists of municipalities, agencies and organizations who are signatories to an intermunicipal agreement, addresses issues related watershed management, flooding, and stormwater along Sauquoit Creek.[6]

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