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A selfmade Score Four game

Score Four is a 3-D version of the abstract strategy game Connect Four. It was first sold under the name "Score Four" by Funtastic in 1968. Lakeside issued 4 different versions in the 1970s. Later Hasbro sold the game as "Connect Four Advanced" in the UK.

The object of Score Four is to position four beads of the same color in a straight line on any level or any angle.[1] As in Tic Tac Toe, Score Four strategy centers around forcing a win by making multiple threats simultaneously, while preventing the opponent from doing so.

Endgame in Score Four. Black to move. Game will end with a win for him due to Zugzwang.

Tic Stac Toe[edit]

The game has also been introduced as "Tic Stac Toe", but with the introduction of a blocker piece for each side. In the game of Tic Stac Toe, on a player's turn, he or she may place a blocker piece to defend a threat of the opponent, before placing one of his or her own pieces. The blocker piece is of neutral color and cannot complete a winning line.

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