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Sarapatel em Baga (Goa).jpg
A Sarapatel from Goa.
Place of originIndia
Region or stateGoa
A Sarpotel, a Goan dish, from Algés, Portugal.
A pork Sarapatel.

Sarapatel (Portuguese pronunciation: [sɐɾɐpɐˈtɛɫ], Brazilian Portuguese: [sɐɾɐpɐˈtɛw]), or Sorpotel, is a dish of Portuguese origin now commonly cooked in the coastal Konkan region of India, primarily Goa, Mangalore and East Indians of Mumbai, The former Estado da Índia Portuguesa colony. It is also prepared in northeastern Brazil. Ingredients include meat and offal, which varies depending on region from pork to lamb and even beef. The meats are first parboiled, then diced and sauteed before being cooked in a spicy and vinegary sauce. Some people also use the animals' blood for boiling.

The flavourings and spices differ from region to region, for example, some use more vinegar. The size of the pieces also varies, as does cooking technique: some sautee the meat prior to cooking it in the sauce, while others add the diced parboiled meat directly to the sauce.

In Goa and Mangalore, Sorpotel is often accompanied by "sanna" - a spongy, white, and slightly sweet steamed rice and coconut bread. However, it can also be enjoyed with bread, on rice, or in a bun as a sandwich.

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