Deep web picture of the day for January 7

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Kifli or kipfel is a traditional yeast bread roll that is rolled and formed into a crescent shape before baking. Crescent-shaped pastries are considered the oldest surviving pastry shape and are believed to represent an ancient pagan tradition involving offerings to the moon goddess, Selene. Pastries of similar shape have been baked since at least the 10th century. Kifli was likely traditionally baked in monasteries for Easter. It is a common type of bread roll throughout much of central Europe and nearby countries, where it is called by various names. It is likely the inspiration for the French croissant, which has a similar shape but is made with a different type of dough.

This picture shows five Serbian kifli made with spelt flour, filled with sheep cheese and topped with sesame seeds, baked for Eastern Christmas, which falls on 7 January according to the Gregorian calendar.

Photograph credit: Petar Milošević