Summer in Mississippi

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Summer in Mississippi
Directed byBeryl Fox
Produced byBeryl Fox
Written byBeryl Fox
CinematographyRichard Leiterman
John Foster
Grahame Woods
Edited byDon Haig
Distributed byCanadian Broadcasting Corporation
Release date
1965 (Canada)
Running time
27 minutes

Summer in Mississippi is a 1965 Canadian documentary short from Beryl Fox, produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and first shown on This Hour Has Seven Days.


Director/producer Beryl Fox travelled to Mississippi after the bodies of the three civil rights workers working for the Mississippi Summer Project were found in August 1964. Painting a vivid picture of the time and place where the hot summer sun seemed to inflate the emotions of the entire state, this cinéma-vérité documentary was made for the popular television news magazine program This Hour Has Seven Days.[1]

It has all the immediacy and depth of feeling Fox later brought to The Mills of the Gods: Viet Nam, and is characteristic of the developing CBC documentary style of the period.[2]


Canadian Film Award – TV Information


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