Syrus of Genoa

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Saint Syrus of Genoa
Polittico S Siro 01.jpg
Bishop of Genoa
DiedJune 29, 381 AD
FeastJune 29; July 7 (translation of his relics; in Genoa)
AttributesA blackbird

Saint Syrus of Genoa (Italian: San Siro di Genova) (died around June 29, 381 AD) was a priest and later bishop of Genoa during the fourth century AD.

Born at Struppa, he had a reputation for holiness and zeal. He died at an advanced age of natural causes and was buried in the city. He is the main patron of the city of Genoa.

One tradition states that he succeeded St. Romulo,[1] another that he was succeeded by him.[citation needed] St. Lawrence Cathedral, founded probably in the 5th or 6th century AD, was originally dedicated to Syrus. Later a church devoted to the Twelve Apostles was built, which was in turn flanked and replaced by a new cathedral dedicated to St. Lawrence martyr, in Romanesque style.


As a boy, Saint Syrus is reputed to have brought his pet blackbird back to life by means of his saliva. Later, walking with his father in the hills above, he wished that a boat making for port might be still, whereupon the wind died and the ship came to a halt as if at anchor. Asking his father for permission to go on board, St. Syrus expressed his wish the boat might land, whereupon the wind returned and the boat freely entered the harbor.[2]


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