Throgs Neck Light

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Throgs Neck Lighthouse
Throgs Neck Lighthouse in 1890
Throgs Neck Light is located in New York
Throgs Neck Light
LocationThrogs Neck in New York
Coordinates40°48′16″N 73°47′26″W / 40.80444°N 73.79056°W / 40.80444; -73.79056Coordinates: 40°48′16″N 73°47′26″W / 40.80444°N 73.79056°W / 40.80444; -73.79056
Year first constructed1827
Year first lit1906
Tower shapeSquare pyramidal
Markings / patternWhite
Tower height17 metre Edit this on Wikidata
Focal height18 metre Edit this on Wikidata
Original lens1890: Fifth Order Fresnel lens, 1906: Fourth Order Fresnel lens
CharacteristicFixed Red
Fog signalBell every 15 seconds
ARLHS numberUSA-846 [1]
USCG number1-21520 [2]

Throgs Neck Lighthouse in the Bronx, New York, United States was a wooden lighthouse that was replaced by an iron skeletal tower that is still there. The lighthouse protects ships in the Long Island Sound from running up against the rocks

The lighthouse is located on the northeasterly side of Fort Schuyler, southeasterly end of Throgs Neck and on the northerly side of the entrance from Long Island Sound into the East River.

  • Tower Shape / Markings / Pattern: White, square, pyramidal,
  • skeleton iron tower; lantern, black (1890); Red brick cylindrical tower (1906)
  • Height: 64 14 feet (19.6 m) (1890); 35 feet (11 m) (1906)


  • Original wooden lighthouse established in 1827. It was torn down during the construction of the fort.
  • A new wooden tower replaced the original lighthouse in 1835. It remained in service until 1890.
  • Replaced by a skeletal tower in 1890.
  • An oil house was built in 1896.
  • Skeletal tower replaced in 1906 with a 35-foot red brick tower. Its location was 700 feet (210 m) southwest of the old light.
  • Light discontinued in 1934 and replaced by a small skeleton tower surmounted with a small signal lamp.


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