Tirhut Railway

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Tirhut Railway
SuccessorOudh and Tirhut Railway
Defunct1 January 1943.
Area served
Northern India
ServicesRail transport

Tirhut Railway (originally Tirhoot State Railway) was originally owned by the Darbhanga raj and later by the provincial government. Its ownership was later transferred to the Government of India which operated it as part of the Indian State Railways from opening to late 1886, as the Tirhoot Railway from late 1886 to 30 June 1890 and by the Bengal and North Western Railway from 1 July 1890. Tirhoot Railway absorbed the Segowlie-Raxaul Railway in around 1920. The Tirhut Railway was merged into the Oudh and Tirhut Railway on 1 January 1943.

The first railway line in Tirhoot was laid from the Darbhanga palace compound (where the place is still marked by the now Kameshwar Singh University) to Bajitpur in Sakri. A second line was laid down from Darbhanga to Samastipur as the first line for general transport in Tirhoot division.

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