Viceroy Dress Company

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Viceroy Dress Company was a Manhattan, New York-based women's apparel business located at 1457 Broadway. It relocated to 101 West 37th Street in 1929. The firm was incorporated in October 1928.[1] Its capital was increased by one hundred shares no par in January 1930.[2]

Multiple ventures of founder[edit]

The retailer is noteworthy as one of several establishments launched by L. Sinreich in Manhattan in the 1920s. Among other companies founded and funded by this entrepreneur was Lowe Service, a Manhattan mail advertising establishment he helped start in May 1924. Its initial capital outlay was $100,000 in capital.[3] Others were the Palandel Corporation, a merchandising concern begun with 10,000 common, no par, in January 1927,[4] and Review Barber Shop, located at 149 Broadway.[5]


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