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This article is about the video game market and culture in Belgium.

Consumer availability[edit]


Distribution in Belgium is usually done by publishers that cover the entire Benelux, although some of the publishers' offices are located in Belgium. Since not every publisher has a separate office for the Benelux, certain publishers take care of multiple labels, including those of other publishers.


Belgium supports the PEGI rating system but there is no legislative basis. PEGI was developed and is owned by the Interactive Software Federation of Europe which is based in Brussels.[1]


In 2011, the Belgian consumer bought 6.54 million games. More than 84% of those games were console games. The sales generated a revenue of 220 million euro, which means they stayed stable compared to 2010.[2]

Belgium's appearance in video games[edit]

Belgium as a setting[edit]

Belgium is not often used as an originally created setting for video games, although it does appear in some types of simulation games.

World War II games

The famous Battle of the Bulge is featured in the following video games:

  • Battle of the Bulge, various wargames simulating the battle.
  • Call of Duty: United Offensive, the American campaign is set during the Battle of the Bulge.
  • Medal of Honor: European Assault, the final campaign is set at the start of the Battle.
  • Bulge '44 (HPS Simulations) An operational level strategy wargame, covering many scenarios, both historic and alternative.
  • Call of Duty: WWII, Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes map in multiplayer
Racing games

Belgian video game characters[edit]

Video games based on Belgian works[edit]

Many video games are based on Belgian comic books:

Video game development[edit]


The Belgian Entertainment Association (BEA) is the organization that represents the interests of the music, video and video game industries in Belgium.

The Flemish Games Association (FLEGA) represents the Flemish video game industry, the Walloon Games Association (WALGA) represents the Walloon video game industry.

Game developers from Belgium[edit]


There are 64 game developers registered with the Flemish Games Association.[5] Some of the game development studios in Belgium include:

Company Location Founded Type
Apocalypse Hunters Brussels and Namur 2015 Location Based and AR mobile games
Hellion Cat Mons 2016 indie games
Invisible Ink Studios Wavre 2015 indie games
God As A Cucumber Kortrijk 2016 game development and visualizations
Pajama Llama Games Ghent 2015 indie games
Studio Raef Turnhout 2014 indie games
TerraNovita Software Rumst 2005 indie games
Happy Volcano Leuven 2015 indie games
Bunnycopter Leuven 2014 indie games
Bazookas Bruges 2012 serious, educational and entertainment games
Firewolf Engineering Hasselt 2012 game development and visualizations
FrostyFroggs Bruxelles 2015 indie games
Crazy Monkey Studios Kontich 2011 indie games
Quantum Game Studio Ostend 2013 indie games
Abrakam Creative Entertainment Liège 2013 core games and indie games
I-Illusions Brussels 2011 indie games
Rusty Bolt Bruges 2011 indie games
Monkube Brussels 2010 indie games and mobile games
Larian Studios Ghent 1996 core games and educational games
CatLab Interactive Ghent 2009 web and mobile games
Newfort Ghent 2002 (as Endrone) online and mobile games
Neopica Ghent 2007 casual games
Playlane Drongen 2007 custom games and serious games
Nuclide Antwerp 2001 casual and mobile games
Sakari Games Antwerp 2008 game content
AIM Productions Hove 1994 online games, custom games
PreviewLabs Kontich 2009 rapid prototyping
Fishing Cactus Mons 2008 mobile and downloadable games
DAE Studios Kortrijk 2010 3D visualizations and serious games
Fresh3D 2004 indie games and game services
Visual Impact Brussels 1994 handheld games and localization
Belle Productions Mont-Saint-Guibert 1996 serious games and advergames
LuGus Studios Genk 2011 serious games and experimental games
Triangle Factory Ghent 2010 virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile games
Sileni Studios Antwerp 2012 browser games
Vetasoft Studio Mons 2009 social and mobile games
Hyperion Entertainment 1999 porting Windows games to Linux, Mac OS and Amiga OS
Daoka Gosselies 2013 motion games and core games
Gabitasoft Interactive Kapellen 2006 indie games
Salty Lemon Entertainment Kortrijk 2018 indie games

Defunct game developers[edit]

Company Founded Ended
10 Tacle Studios 2003 2008 founded as elseWhere Entertainment, filed for bankruptcy in August 2008
Appeal 1995 2002
Hippo Point Interactive 2008 2010 filed for bankruptcy
AMA Studios 2009 2013 fused with key people from Appeal to form Daoka
Tale of Tales 2002 2016 liquidated

Games developed in Belgium[edit]

Game publishers from Belgium[edit]

Company Location Founded Type
Big Ben Interactive Belgium Tubize 1992 (as Atoll Soft) publishing and accessory distribution
Transposia Ghent 1994 localization and edutainment



University college[edit]

Program School City Degree
Digital Arts & Entertainment Howest Kortrijk Bachelor
Bachelor en Techniques Infographiques (Video Games) ESIAJ Namur Bachelor
Communication and mediadesign, profile game art & design LUCA Genk Master


Syntra LIMBURG offers multiple video game courses.[7]


Print media[edit]

Magazine Publisher Since
Gameplay (formerly known as PC Gameplay) Tarsonis 1994
Officieel PlayStation Magazine Think Media 1996
9lives (formerly known as Gunk) T.Vgas 2004
Chief Think Media 2007



Title Channel Since
Gamepower JIM 1996
Gametown TMF 2010

Defunct Programs[edit]

Title Channel From Until
Shrimp tv TMF 2001 2003
GUNK TV TMF and VT4(from 2008) 2004 2009
Luna Park[disambiguation needed] RTBF 1993 1996

Defunct Channels[edit]

Online media[edit]


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