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Wakura is located in Jammu and Kashmir
Location in Jammu and Kashmir, India
Wakura is located in India
Wakura (India)
Coordinates: 34°05′N 74°47′E / 34.09°N 74.79°E / 34.09; 74.79Coordinates: 34°05′N 74°47′E / 34.09°N 74.79°E / 34.09; 74.79
DistrictGanderbal district
1,619 m (5,312 ft)
 • OfficialUrdu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Distance from Delhi858.9 kilometres (533.7 mi)[1]
Distance from Mumbai2,206.7 kilometres (1,371.2 mi)[2]

Wakura is the village located in Ganderbal district, Jammu and Kashmir. In 2013 it was given the status of Tehsil with Tehsil headquarters located in the same village.


Wakura is located 34°05′N 74°47′E / 34.09°N 74.79°E / 34.09; 74.79 12 km towards west from District headquarters in Ganderbal, 20 km from State capital Srinagar. Wakura is divided into two Patwar Halqas viz; wakura and rakh-i-rabitar. Dab irrigation canal flows through the village dividing the village almost into two parts. Another irrigation canal called locally as Pout Kul also flows but its flow is restricted through inhabited area of the village. Several springs here are known for their water quality but some springs have disappeared over the course of time due to garbage dumping.


The Thesil Wakura has the population of 5625. Males constitute 51% of the total population while female constitute 49% of the total population. Agriculture and Horticulture are the mainstay of the population. Urdu is the official language here, people also speak their native language (Kashmiri) as well as English.[3] The population of Wakura consists of Muslims which are in majority and some Hindu families. On the administrative level Wakura is divided into two Panchayat Halqas viz; Wakura-A and Wakura-B.

Reduced Level[edit]

The Reduced Level of the area is 1619 m above mean sea level.[4]


  • Baby's Land Public High School Wakura.
  • Govt Higher secondary school wakura.
  • Govt Girls secondary school Wakura.
  • Saadat valley Educational institute Wakura.
  • Govt Primary school Kumar Mohalla Wakura.
  • Education Guarantee Scheme School wakura.


  • The office of the Block Development Officer is also located in Wakura.
  • Two banks namely J&K Bank and Ellaquai Dehati Bank also function in this village.
  • An ATM of J&K Bank is open 7×365.
  • People from nearby villages visit this village frequently to buy the items of their daily need as the village has a small but good market.
  • A Primary Health Center(PHC) functions 24×7×365.
  • The Office of Block Medical Officer is also present in the premises of the PHC.

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